What Is ‘Storm Media Limited’? – Is ‘Storm Media Limited’ Scam or Legit?

By | November 6, 2019

What Is ‘Storm Media Limited’ really about – Were You Charged By ‘Storm Media Limited’?

‘Storm Media Limited’ have been found charging customers cards after some unwary people finding themselves purchasing from a scam site. There are several online scam sites that use ‘Storm Media Limited’ as the name on the bank statements. We are asking you your stories about them so as to build a record of their cyber-crimes. You may leave all the sites you suspect of being connected to ‘StoreMediaLimited’ in our Comments section or in our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame.

People who have been scammed by a site, then found said company name on their bank statements, should alert your payment provider now. ‘Storm Media Limited’ is the name of their scam network and they appear to be growing. Some sites include SurrealUnicorn.com, Esfranki.com, VanillaSnowBall.com, OneLastMall.com, Zarya Store, Zarya Labs, Smiley Homey, The Viral Best, Fancy Fancy, Makes Goodies, DreamBlessing, Mr Gadget, Lazy Lullaby. There maybe more.



'Storm Media Limited'.





‘Storm Media Limited’ Doing the Rounds Online / Social Media.

  1. We have done a review on SurrealUnicorn and noticed ‘Storm Media Limited’ was connected to it. I wanted to see how deep that rabbit-hole goes without taking all it takes to stay in the one spot i.e. finding out nothing. So we have found out there are more sites connected to ‘Storm Media Limited’ then I had initially expected. 
  2. People, it seems, are making purchases on a site be it via social media, an actual website, and then they are seeing statements of charges from a company by that name. So we see there are many warnings online by some of the biggest investigatory sites online like the BBB.org. 
  3. However, since we do not know which sites are ‘Storm Media Limited’ then no one knows until they have given their payment information and they get charged by the company name. There is a ‘Storm Media’ in South Africa but we are NOT writing about that ‘Storm Media’.
  4. The people behind such sites are making up new ones regularly. They could be re-directing old scam sites to new URL’s therefore ridding themselves of any links to that old sites bad online reputation. It should be said, we source our information for this article online, and where someone somewhere has made a mistake and pointed out the wrong site, then we are open to changing that if proven this is the case.
  5. WE are not here to hurt a legit business for the sake of any article on our site. You may address your concerns if any in the comments where I will be happy to respond accordingly.
  6. THE scam never changes with these sites as they steal the product images of others and pass them off as their own. These stores normally come with unreal discounts to entice more sales. They appear to be on Facebook and so all of the shares, likes and comments, are only making fake stores more and more popular. 
  7. I came across an e-store on Facebook with over 1 Million Likes / Followers. My first impression is that they could not no way be a scam with so many followers etc. When I looked into them further I could see many complaints on their own FB page by their own customers. Just goes to show… always do your own research before taking for granted what it is you are seeing. 
  8. Typically, fake sites like these will take the good names of others URL’s and change them slightly. They are now depending on your typos to get you to their site. This happens all the time. You may see one review of a major Nike scam network doing just this called Nikc.ga.
  9. But of course we know as well that such fake sites depend on social media heavily for lots of their traffic, which can grow very fast, because people believe them when it comes to their fake and often too-good-to-be-true-prices!
  10. Such sites will take payment very fast and well even before your shipping date. This is kinda of an odd practice as many customers do notice this early charging. So when we see companies charging you well ahead of your shipping date, then maybe something wrong could be afoot.
  11. Watch out for the sites that give you a fake tracking code page. You could be staring at that page for days or even weeks before realize somethings wrong. Typically, it does not change.
  12. They may give you a legit tracking code page to shut you for a while, which you may verify with the delivery company handling the logistics of that, and if so confirmed the scam company is more than likely send you out something entirely different from what you ordered.
  13. There have been reports about scam sites in general that just send someones order to the other side of the country! I do not know what that is about. If they are going to send out the product why don’ they then just send it to the person that paid for it? This is what I read lately and that order made it to the person because of the good person living on that address the scam company used.
  14. These fake sites normally have very limited means of communication with their customer base. Nearly always, the business address is not their own. The email / phone number is already connected to online scam reports of various kinds.
  15. Never do we see a founders name that has ever turned out to be legit. Sometimes a name but the cyber-crooks make sure you do not have the means to verify this.
  16. If in doubt – leave. It is the selling companies burden to convince you to buy, not your burden to find out what they do not want you to know by the very omission of such data.
  17. Those lucky enough to get responses may find that is of little help. The scam websites are designed for one purpose and it is only to be dishonest. The people behind such sites are well trained in being this way and so that is the only way they will treat you.
  18. Beware of abnormally rude / impatient customer service reps for any website. While we know that it is quite normal for customer reps to lose it a bit sometimes, relatively speaking, but not as a matter of norm. Watch out for the odd random swear word, general rudeness, impatience, acting dumb, tell you things like your order got lost in a hurricane or other such nonsense.
  19. Many times, especially when the order has gone wrong somehow, customers are desperate enough to fill out those ‘CONTACT FORMS’ on such scam sites. Unfortunately, these are only phishing forms. These forms, depending of course on the intention of the owner, can collect very efficiently all names, emails, home address, billing info etc, and that is left there for the founder to collate.
  20. When they have enough of these valuable bits of particulates they will simply sell them on to the highest bidder. This is typically done on the deep web, or by websites whose regions revel in online scams and so it appears normal on their site, and so do watch your accounts, emails etc for tricky spam mails.
  21. If you gave your cell phone, do not respond to any ‘local store deals’ without verifying with the store manager first. This is called Smishing when you get a spam text after being phished online. 
  22. You may find also with such fraudulent sites that they will only register their scam domains for 1 or 2 years. This is important because what company goes through the expense of setting up a business for just 12 months – 24 months? It can take that amount of time just to see regular traffic that converts to sales with honest sites.
  23. As said, 12 months is all the time scammers need because they know the lies to tell that gets them popular fast. Watch out for sites that are using the information that belongs to many other sites. This usually indicates a scam network and so it is one of the most reliable clues you are dealing with a fake site.
  24. Be sure to always visit an e-stores ‘ABOUT US’ sections. I have found many scam sites by copying and pasting their about us section, just the first paragraph without using their scam brand name, and enter it into Google.
  25. Sometimes you may see many sites using that content verbatim! 3xion.com is one such site that is connected by its ‘ABOUT US’ section to many other fake sites being run by the same cyber-crooks.






Final Thoughts.

There is no doubt by now that ‘Storm Media Limited’ is behaving fraudulently. They appear to be, whoever they are, the hub of their scam network. If you got a bank statement with them on it the company charging you, please think back, and let us know what website you were on that you may suspect of as being a scam.

We have given you some of our very best tips on how we spot fake e-stores and I hope it is of use to you. As I have said, if there is a company mentioned in this article, then that is not ‘me’ accusing. That is per our online research. Where mistakes have been made, if any, I will take the necessary action to correct.

The entire point actually of this article is to gather as much website names, under the name ‘Storm Media Limited’, and so build a list of the sites we know DEFINITELY not to go to that are connected to said company. That is all. I hope many of you will take the time to add to the list we have already compiled at the start of this article:-


  1. Esfranki.com.

  2. VanillaSnowBall.com.

  3. OneLastMall.com.

  4. Zarya Labs.

  5. Lazy Lullaby.

  6. Zarya Store.

  7. Smiley Homey.

  8. Makes Goodies.

  9. Fancy Fancy.

  10. DreamBlessing.

  11. The Viral Best Mr Gadget.

  12. SurrealUnicorn.com.





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