Stevey.Store Reviews – Is ‘Stevey Store’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

By | January 14, 2020

What Is Stevey.Store – Our ‘Stevey Store’ Reviews / Customer Reviews.

We won’t keep you long here within our Stevey.Store Review. Is legit or is ‘SteveyStore’ good and genuine? So we are not saying they are legit or scam just yet! This review is going to be laying out very fast why we believe ‘Stevey Store’ is a scam and so put in for a refund and cancel your bank card for a new one. You are welcome to report them here, or any site, in our List of Scam Websites 2400+ Fake E-Stores

You may also report any scams to our comments and please, no matter where you wish to leave your own reviews online about any site, leave the FULL URL. This is to stop confusing with other potentially legit sites. Those taht may have images of goods received, perhaps of low quality, of welcome to use this SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. We will do the editing within your review just be sure to add as much content as possible for better rankings to help alert as many people as possible. Otherwise, the comments area is suited to you best. Lets start now our swift ‘SteveyStore’ Review and see comments for real customer reviews, if any at this time.





What Is Stevey.Store and Why they are a Fraud.

So we must look online for some information about Stevey.Store. On first impression they do have a similar template to sites that we have exposed as scams. That is a bad sign to start. They are also referring to themselves as ‘Adorable U’ within their ‘ABOUT US’ section and that is a huge scam sign. Why would a legit company not know their own company name? And so we are looking out for such scam signs to help us in our research.


Lets see if we can locate the founders name, their address to see if that is legit and theirs, contact info and also when they registered their URL. The founders name typically not disclosed when sites are fake. On some rare occasions we find some e-stores are run by people working from home for commissions. In this case they need not supply business info but must make sure they declare this to avoid suspicion.

2019-08-13 is their registration date and one year is all they have registered for. One year or two year registrations for online businesses is a mark of a scam. Not always, as yet again, there maybe e-store owners that want to see how things go. But for more serious and bigger brand names they will invariably register for far longer.

Anyways, they have failed to leave their owners name and nor is the one on their site. shows us an address of Shenzhen Riboda Technology Co.,Ltd. So they are from China and that address / company name is being used elsewhere online.

So that is suspicious anyways for their company name. Since most fake e-stores are from this region then we can say you must be more careful. Not all e-stores are fakes from this region but since now this region has a really bad rep online concerning such stores we have to be extra careful.

Their email is but we see no phone number and actually we do not see any address for their business either. calling themselves 'Adorable U'.




Final Thoughts.

Stevey.Store is a scam. They are far too alike too many other sites and also they have no company information on their site. Limited forms of contact is another big scam sign. They are also referring to themselves as ‘Adorable U’ and so that is enough to say they are not legit. Please leave your own reports about them in the comments and please also do report any scam sites to us – full URL please. Thank You.




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