What Is StartPartTimeJob.com – Is StartPartTimeJob.com Scam or Legit?

By | November 10, 2018

What Is StartPartTimeJob.com – The Fastest Way To Make Money? – No.

This article is going to show you why they are a scam site and not to be trusted. What Is StartPartTimeJob.com? Is StartPartTimeJob com fake, dishonest, crooked, filled with malware, scam or is StartPartTimeJob good, safe, real, genuine, legit and paying out? This Start Part Time Job review is not just about that site, but about all the their other fake sites, such as PayHourlyWork.com, MyWeeklyWork.com, MyPaidJob.com, EasyWorkApp.com, DoPartTimeJob.com, MyMonthlyJob.com among many others scamwitness.com has exposed. It is just another referral scam site where there are some threats at cash out to get money out of you. Below is how we first determine they are fake and then ow the scam works.

It might be surprising to you that one site could so brazenly say this about another and with such conviction. Actually, this is not the only site exposing the many scam sites being generated by ‘The Fastest Way To Make Money’ scam network. However, as disappointing as this maybe to some, there are great ways to earn money online. Those interested in being their own full time boss for full time earnings are welcome to check out my #1 Recommendation. They are called Wealthy Affiliate and they can teach anyone how to earn online. There is no requirements to sign up but only a laptop, internet connection and a passion to succeed. Lets continue with this StartPartTimeJob.com review.



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What Is StartPartTimeJob.com – Full Report.

Already you know they are a scam site. I don’t like to string visitors to my site along wondering on the final answer. This is only to save you time. Those still reading then really are interested in the ‘why’ of it all and so this is for you 🙂 . As said, let us now dig into the why I firmly believe you are dealing with a scam site called Start Part Time Job.

The founder details is where my investigation goes first. Where these details are ‘mysteriously’ absent then it is a reliable clue to our suspicions of calling them fake. No legit and honest companies, who provide paid work to people online, have any reasons to hide such basic data. 


StartPartTimeJob.com Site




When sites register they have the incredibly clear options of putting in their founder names, where their business is physically located and the all important contact information such as email and phone numbers. However, when the aforementioned site was launched none of this info was left behind. The date listed online was the 10/04/2018 and only online for 1 year. Now, I have said this 100’s of times on this website, but where you see a site claiming to offer paid work from home jobs then 1 YEAR is not enough time! 

Legit companies, that REALLY DO offer work from jobs, will more than normally list their site far longer than one year. There is also real world start up costs and a website is only one aspect of the overall running of such a company. So now its easy to see that one year sites, that offer paid work as mentioned, is another clue you are not dealing with a real legit site. However, there are the rare cases where the owner just wants to see if its worth their while – its only an indicator and not the only scam sign to look out for.

You may go to their site and notice that there is no founder name either. NO real world address and their emails are always fake. You simply can’t deliver any communication online to them. They have a contact form but that is only for data harvesting where your personal info is stored and then sold onto scammers. That is just another side to how online scammers earn from their members and its very common.

Where we find all online identity hidden for a website then you really need to continue to do further research. It is usually a sign that you are dealing with dishonest people. This is so when the site owner sees a drop in their traffic, and their site is no longer worth running, they can shut down their site or re-direct to a new version and run off into the sun set with all the profits – Scot-Free! This is why it is so important to look into any data connected to any site offering paid work.




Here Is How Their Scam Works.


Complete Tasks. The bulk is only to share your referral link. The more you refer then the more you will earn. Average daily earnings is $200 to $5000 a month! Total lies and there is no payment proofs of even 1c to any member, from any of their sites, anywhere online! You can search but you won’t find any as they never pay out.

They welcome students, housewives, unemployed and talk complete rubbish on their home page where you actually don’t quite understand what they are saying. That garble they call ‘content’ is copied and pasted to all of their sites. Where ever you see a site with that ludicrously happy man, with his hands in the air and money flying everywhere, then you know it is only a copy of one of the biggest referral scams presently online.

Did you know – you can sign up to their site using a fake email address and is just another reliable clue you are dealing with a scam site. Anyways, just share your link and that is all and how you earn with them.

Cash Out!

Here you will see the scam in full swing. The cash out point is $300. Those that don’t know, that is a huge cash out point and you should only expect to see $100 to 1c, usually, under $10 to cash out on sites like these if they were legit. The reasoning for such a high pay out point is so you have to work for longer and so your actions are bringing in new people to their site. This gives them more opportunities to make money out of people.

But how do they make money out of people?

And here is the ‘why’! They will ask you to complete some ‘tasks’ to get your money. These ‘tasks’ could very well ask you, most of the time, to pay money out of your wallet/purse to complete this process. THAT THERE IS THE SCAM! That is HOW and the WHY of it all!! Don’t fall for it and don’t pay them a penny.

Those that pay are simply locked out of their accounts. Those accounts are active status for the whole duration of the sites life. They will only be deleted when their site shuts down.

They have so many sites because each one of their sites quickly develop a poop online rep as a scam site. In no time at all Start Part Time Job as several complaints for not paying people and only wasting their time. So, when the reputation of each site becomes bad then those sites are simply replaced with new versions. New versions means new URL’s and a clean slate with Google with no bad reports on them. 

Bad luck of this scam network as there is an army of online bloggers and You-Tubers exposing them fairly quickly after such releases which makes these scammers have to work harder. If too much hard work then they might just quit or have to shut down their whole network for being too commonly exposed in the past.











Final Thoughts.

SO they are a referral scam where they will or may ask you to fill out a survey, complete an offer or pay to upgrade to cash out. All these options may require payment from you to get your cash. Even if you are sent off to a third party site (another website) and you pay then these scammers will get some money for that. Personal data is harvested and sold on for a profit. It is not uncommon for personal identity details to be breached when you encounter and work on scam sites unknowingly. You can never cash out!

There maybe those that have some questions on What Is StartPartTimeJob.com? I would love to hear from you all so if you do have questions, reports of scams or opinions on anything written here or anywhere on this site then you are welcome to place that below in the comments. No matter anyone’s difficulties regarding earning online, even if you have failed in the past, my #1 Recommendation takes all difficulties into account to offer everyone a way to earn online. They are good and trusted and very well known as a legit platform online. Thank you all for clicking on this article in your own research and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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10 thoughts on “What Is StartPartTimeJob.com – Is StartPartTimeJob.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Ala uddin maruf

    Sir, i want to know that, this part time job site is really true…??? How can i Trust it.. ? Payment we will get….???

    1. Scam Witness

      Sorry to say Ala uddin maruf, they are not a legit site. They will never pay you. Let me know if you are still looking for a legit opportunity. Thanks for your comment as well.

    1. Scam Witness

      Sorry to say Shamim but they conned you. IF you provided your bank info to these people then please contact your bank in case they try to charge again. That is very important and you SHOULD make it YOUR FIRST PRIORITY!

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Shbbirbaqir,

      That is because they are a scam site. They are not legit and only wasting your time. There are many copies of their site and none pay out. Don’t waste anymore of your time and move onto something that is legit and will pay you for your time and efforts.


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