What Is SportCheap.com – Is Sport-Cheap.com Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | April 9, 2019

Find Out What Is SportCheap.com – Our SportCheap.com Review.

Excellent research to find our short review on What Is SportCheap.com found at www.sport-cheap.com. Is SportCheap com a scam, fake, deceptive or Is ‘SportCheap’ real, safe, legit? This ‘Sport Cheap’ Review could be a scam alert. We have found a report stating so. Also, they have some scam signs that are standard for fake sites.

Those with customer reviews are asked to leave them in the comments below. They are 8 months old and so the more reviews we can get on them the better we can help others save their cash. Those that handed over payment information may find out they could receive shoddy, inferior products, or nothing at all. Contact your payment provider for advice.




www.sport-cheap.com scam alert!



SportCheap.com Reveiw – Scam Warning!

Their site began online in 2018/08/08 and just for 12 months they have registered their domain for. 1 year is not a long time for a business and so it could signify a hit-and-run site. It could also mean the founder wants to see if their site takes off and so they have the option to renew when the time arrives.

WHOIS details their sites information and so we see that they have failed to leave their founders name. It also states that they are from Hong Kong. On their website we do not see an exact address. No customer phone number and no founder name.

We should be very suspicious of e-stores that are not transparency like this.


Scam Signs!

The lack of information is a scam sign to beware of.

We see that their McAffee and other Trust Seals are not clickable. That is another bad sign. Those signs should open in an new tab to their respective brand name sites to verify they have been vetted as legit. But we do not see that happening.

Incredibly, there appears not to be even an email address. 

The link at the bottom of their site saying ‘My Address’ links only to a customer account login section. That is obviously another scam sign.




Final Thoughts.

We are not convinced they are legit and so you are welcome to detail to us below your own experiences. They are going into our Sites List of Internet Scammers. below.

List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!






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