What Is Sponilo.com – Is Sponilo.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 25, 2019

Find Out What Is Sponilo.com – The ‘Sponilo’ Review.

You are most welcome here to our article on What Is Sponilo.com situated at www.sponilo.com. Is Sponilo com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive and bogus or Is ‘Sponilo’ legal, safe, real and genuine? This www Sponilo com Review will attempt to answer if they are safe to use or not. Right now, our quick research has turned up quite a few worrying signs that may lead us to call them a scam site. Got a story about the site in question? Feel very welcome to add to this article by placing what you know in the comments below – thank you.

Many times we see fake sites in the shopping niche online coming out of China. Not always, but most times. When unwary customers place orders with fake sites then you run the risk of having your payment information stolen and misused. Contact your payment provider in this case so your card is not randomly charged. 

As well, customers find that their order is either completely wrong, damaged, counterfeit, replica, cheap and nearly worthless relative to purpose and price paid. Certainly usually no where close to the quality they advertise on such sites. So beware of glossy, high quality cloths (goods), at ‘low-low-prices’! <- Scam Sign!



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Sponilo.com Review – Has ‘Sponilo’ Got A High Trust Score?

There appears to be very little online written on Sponilo.com and that includes little by way of scam reports as well. So, for that reason, I am not in a position to call them a scam. But, can we recommend them or not? Where other resources and reports simply do not exist then we must rely on a few simple steps of research to decide for ourselves. We begin to ask who is the founder of www.sponilo.com, where is their real location business address, contact information and when did they register their site?


scam or legit

www.sponilo.com scam or not?


Scam sites will hidden up the first 3 points, or provide that information, but it is fake i.e. use a proxy, use someone else’s business address (usually reputed or from a reputed located) or use a fake Companies House Certificate.

Their site was registered in 2018/09/27 and 1 year is all they have allowed their domain to exist for. For sites that deal in selling merchandise then this is considered suspicious. That is because typically selling sites will register, or tend to, for much longer. And so sites that register for 1 or 2 years in this niche maybe deemed suspicious. Certainly any site that is as new as this should be approached with caution and suspicion.

A P.O Box is what they are using as their business address and that is another worrying sign. Real and honest going concerns have no problem providing their real location and not be using a proxy.

PANAMA‘ is where they are from generally. So as a general rule any site claiming to be from ‘PANAMA’ should set off your own ‘scam-alarm’ because that is typical, in my many hours of looking up sites, as that is an incomplete address and ‘PANAMA’ is just not good enough to fool us. WHOIS has these details for those interested.

info@sponilo.com is the only form of ‘contact’ I can see on their site. No founder name, location or phone number. That is a complete cover up and there is no reason for that whatsoever. Not when they are portraying themselves as a real business.







Final Thoughts.

Scamadvisor has the trust score for their site at 30% which designates them to the ‘HIGH RISK’ category. Its up to you but I am not recommending them at all. No legit business hides all that basic information about themselves unless they have something to hide. That is all on What Is Sponilo.com. Those with reports are welcome to place them in the comments below. Looking forward to your views.


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One thought on “What Is Sponilo.com – Is Sponilo.com Scam or Legit?

  1. anna

    I ordered from sponilo in march 2019, it is now june 2019 and still no items. they have been contacted several times and just assured me that it was due to the sheer number of products sold since it is all hand custom made, so i waited… i thankfully paid using paypal and have that guarentee with that. They did create a shipping label at the end of may, however, it’s been almost a month since it was created and still no update on that on the fedex website. The label was created and states it’s shipping out from ONTARIO, CA US. I will try calling them again – but each time i don’t get a person. So I’d honestly say they are a scam, which is sad since they are all over facebook…


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