What Is SplendidWig.com – Is SplendidWig.com Scam Or Legit Wig Store?

By | March 11, 2019

Find What Is SplendidWig.com Here – ‘SplendidWig’ Review.

Our review on What Is SplendidWig.com, located at www.splendidwig.com, will answer your questions on Is SplendidWig com a scam, fraudulent, bogus, fake or Is ‘SplendidWig’ legit, safe, real, genuine and trustworthy? This ‘Splendid Wig’ Review will gather data freely available online, and also leverage our own experience of exposing online scams, to try to reach a conclusion about them. 

Those with Customer Review of your own are welcome to land those reviews in the comments below. This will help others avoid a potential scam site. Conversely, if reviews are positive, will help highlight legitimate online stores. We will state our sources as we move forward in our short review so you may continue your research elsewhere if you wish.



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What Is SplendidWig.com About – Trustworthy or Deceptive?

Given the high volume of fake online stores it is now necessary to ‘vet’ as many as we can find. Even legit stores people have to ask if they are safe or not. That is how many fake e-stores there are circulating at anyone time. We begin to find out more on What Is SplendidWig.com by asking who is the found, where is their business located, what are their means of customer support and website registration date.



www.splendidwig.com on the up’n’up?


Where this information is covered up, you should know, that is considered to be a bad sign. 

Registration date was in 2018/10/29 and 1 year is the time they have registered their domain name. That is a short shelf life for an online business.

However, it is possible the founder will renew when the time comes and so we must keep that in mind. It does follow the scam pattern though of fake sites as they typically only set up for 1 or 2 years.

MD, CN is all they have stated at WHOIS for their location. That is not a good sign. But it could be considered that the founder does not want to be spammed forever by giving out their location.

Founder Name is not made visible and that is another bad sign. Most scam-busting sites say there is no real reason to hide this information if you are indeed a legit and honest online business. I have to agree…

Heading to their website we see an address of 617 Crown House North Circular Road London England NW10 7PN. When we Google that address we see a ‘617a Crown House…’ address. Incidentally, whether by human error or not, we do not see any returns for that exact address in Google.

That address is actually listed on as ‘Suite 617a Crown House…’ as belong to Claire Marie TANKER. There is a Companies House Certificate for that address and nowhere does it state that address belongs to ‘SplendidWig’. You may view that report HERE.

Another Report HERE states the address with the ‘a’ present and again no ‘SplendidWig’ name attached to the address. Moreover, it appears to belong to a company called Advice Trade Group LTD.

The Phone Number for their customer support, once Googled, throws up some interesting returns page 1 of Google. There is a site called Boutice.com that is using that exact same phone number. How can 2 separate companies be using the same phone number? That is very suspicious. Their number is 0592-9469135. 

You may read our YouthWigs and Boutice Reviews Here. Those two sites were connected as owned by the same people. So now we can see that there are now 3 websites possibly being run by the same people.




Final Thoughts.

OnlineThreatAlerts, once we Googled the aforementioned Phone Number, called Boutice.com. ‘Boutice’ has the very same number as the site we are reviewing right now. You may view their report HERE for they say ‘Boutice’ appears to be an untrustworthy online store.

The address they claim is theirs appears not to be. The site owners, as detailed in their ‘CONTACT US’ page are listed exactly in other websites. 

For me, I can not at this moment recommend this company. There is not enough transparency that checks out for us. If we get many positive reviews then we will be very happy to recommend.

If we get many negative customers reviews then we must ‘slot’ them into our List of Internet Scammers.

Those with reviews, complaints, reports are welcome to leave them below to help others out in their own research. Those with questions are welcome to ask us below in the comments.

That is all for now as we hand over this forum to you and others. Hoping to hear from you all on What Is SplendidWig.com below.







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