SpeciaTime.com Review – Is ‘SpeciaTime’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | November 16, 2019

Is SpeciaTime.com a Legit? – ‘SpeciaTime’ Scam Alert.

You are welcome to our SpeciaTime.com Review asking Is www.speciatime.com legit or is ‘SpeciaTime’ just a scam to avoid. So we see what appears to be a typo in their URL. Scammers will typically create URLs to attain traffic from peoples typing errors. Since we can not locate a similar site online then it is strange to say the least.

Those that know they were scammed by ‘SpeciaTime’ are welcome to report them to our comments section. Also, you can report them to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. Those that know of a work from home scam are welcome to let us know about that in our Online Work From Scam Sites List 2019 / 2020. Those looking for a viable and real way to earn online should read our Ways to Earn Online From Home – Free Start Up <- Black Friday Deals Apply!


do not login into www.speciatime.com!





SpeciaTime.com Exposed as Part of the “…love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that…is our core vision…” Scam Network.

Sorry for the long heading but you will soon see why. You may go and Google that exact quote above and you will see countless, and I do mean COUNTLESS, sites using that exact same quote. We have exposed so many of their sites and so, just like SpeciaTime.com, the following sites are part of their fake online shopping network such as Walverthampton.com, YopopStyle.com, Ragleagh.com, Modelands.com, Sosogo.Store, Psoyvj.myshopify.com, 3xion.com, EmytHall.com, Stylegos.com, DecenniumStruggle.com, MyPhotoWallet.com, WantBuy1.com, SoleGet.com, Actcat.Store, Bxcol, Babeysy.com, Irelia.Store, Next2Day.com, ToAnyCity.com, Fashionmeu.com, Holiyays.Store, LifeSpace.Shop, Dressiu.com, Remelala.com etc. I believe there are thousands.

  • Those reviews combined above is enough proof to know you should not shop anywhere that has that ‘inspirational’ quote. We will now do the scam-checking steps to prove further what we are saying is the truth.
  • We go to WHOIS and type into that search engine the URL we want to know about. We see their site was registered on 2019/07/22 simply for one year. Simply put that is not long enough at all. It is a new business with dreams of lasting only 12 months? I do not think so.
  • It can take several years before your site may take off and lead to fantastic levels of honest sales. This obviously takes time and a great deal of work. Once the effort is put in then you can relax and spend a few hours a week working. That is how it works.
  • So when we see 1 year registrations it runs completely against what we see when we view a legit business register online. It is part of a well trodden scam pattern laid out over the years.
  • So we see they are from China, as is all of their scam network is. We warn against e-stores from China as most of them have proven themselves to be fake. China is the largest manufacturer of fake shopping sites online in the world. I just feel sorry for the legit sites.
  • Anyways, as per usual with this scam network, and of course any scam network, the founders name is never left. If a name is left then it is never proven it is a real person. We see no business address or contact information. All of this is optional up site registration but really it is obligatory when it comes to business, for obvious reasons.
  • We go to their site and all we see is their email of cixjrc28@gmail.com. This email used to be used by a site called HBD-8.com. That site has since closed down and no doubt anyone of their scam sites. 
  • Always Google emails, names, phone numbers etc to see if they are attached to any scam reports and this is one of the primary ways we find new scam sites and new scam networks to expose.
  • There is nothing else on their site. No founders name, no address, no phone number. So why would anyone give a complete stranger their payment information at this rate? Well, it is all down to rushing and not taking your time to look for reviews.
  • I never give out my payment information to a site with limited forms of contact, where no name is given, no business credentials of any kind. The fact they are also from China is going to make refunds and returns near impossible. 
  • You may return the package but since the returns to China can cost more than your order then you are kinda stuck with it. You may give it to charity, give it to a friend as a gift, give it to the local charity store while taking a 5%, 10% discount from these cyber-crooks to appease you.
  • So this is how their sites work. They steal the images of others and put them up on their site and pretend they own the products. There is already one scam report abou ‘SpeciaTime’ – seem image below:-






Final Thoughts.

So SpeciaTime.com is nothing more than another fake site pretending to be legit. We would appreciate if you placed what you know about any of the sites in question in the comments below or anywhere on our site. Looking forward to your views.




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