What Is SopShoes.com – Is ‘SopShoes’ Scam Or Legit Online Store?

By | March 18, 2019

Find Out What Is SopShoes.com Here – The ‘SopShoes’ Review.

Here is our review on What Is SopShoes.com at www.sopshoes.com. Is SopShoes coma a scam, fraudulent, fake, bogus or Is ‘SopShoes’ legit, genuine, trustworthy and safe? Our www SopShoes com review is a scam alert! There are enough online customer reviews complaining about that site. Those with their own customer reviews are welcome to report them below in the comments below this article.

We recently wrote about a site called ReeShoes.com. You can read our ReeShoes.com Review Here. The email support address of cs4@customerservicehome.com is being claimed by several other online companies. So how can so many other websites be using the same email address? This is what is connecting these sites on Google. Let us find out more below in this review.



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What Is SopShoes.com About – cs4@customerservicehome.com Scam Connect?

So you may see our review of ‘ReeShoes’ and you may see some similarities and also some additional research we won’t be including in this short review. If you compare both of these sites then you can see similar to identical items being sold. But also, their sites are very much alike as well. Certainly they are using the same email address of cs4@customerservicehome.com. Per online reports, we can only conclude, the answer to What Is SopShoes.com is that they are a scam site.




www.sopshoes.com scam alert!



  • We will try to find out who the owner is and their contact physical address. We also need some contact information like a telephone number and also when their site was registered online. Where we are not able to know this information then that is the beginning of our suspicions. Honest selling businesses do not have a problem in this area.
  • However, it should be noted that when we do not see that information reflected inside WHOIS (website that shows registration details for sites) it maybe that the owner does not want spam. 
  • Date of registration was short and that was in 2018/11/21 and ends in 2019 same date. I can see they updated and so they could be online already for a second year. Sites that only register for 1 or 2 years run to a scam pattern of hit-and-run-sites.
  • However, and  yet again, it could be that the owners want to see how their online business will fair and so decide later on whether to renew or not. 
  • No founder name listed online, that we could see, and so that is another bad sign. Looking to their site we can see that there is no listed we can see on their site. No telephone number either. 
  • We have found plenty of complaints about their site HERE for your own consideration. Those with reports are welcome to report them here also.
  • ScamAdviser.com gives them a Trust Score of O%! Case Closed…





Final Thoughts.

For us this is a clear cut case of a scam site. People report that they are getting their goods, but they are the wrong sizes etc, and so exchanges and refunds looking are a complaint.

They are going into our sites List of Internet Scammers for now. Should we receive many positive reviews then we will be happy to change that.

That is all on What Is SopShoes.com and we hope this article has saved you some time and potentially cash as well.

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