What Is SoloPopGo.com – Is SoloPopGo.com Scam or Legit? SCAM ALERT!

By | December 16, 2018

What Is SoloPopGo.com And Why You Need To Avoid Them.

I knew they were a scam site the second their site loaded! Good researching to find out What Is SoloPopGo.com (www.solopopgo.com). Is SoloPopGo com fake, scam, dishonest, bad, crooked or Is SoloPopGo good, legit, real, safe, genuine, honest? This Solo Pop Go Review has already exposed one of their other sites, proven to be a raging scam, called BeaLoving. Typically, these fake shopping sites will manufacture low quality goods, and ship those to you, instead of the high quality items on their fake sites. Please report them below this article in the comments section if you have a SoloPopGo Scam Report – Thank You.

Most shopping sites, that turn out to be illegal, are from China. So is the one under question. This is our first ‘signal’ to be sure they are real and not out to get your cash for shoddy items. Goods they make are just inferior to what they are advertising on their site. They hover around social media platforms (e.g. Facebook) like specters to advertise their illegal sites. Beware of sites that ship to you outside your own country. 




What Is SoloPopGo.com – All The Things That Make Them An Online Scam To Avoid.

As said, do stay away from BeaLoving.com as well! What Is SoloPopGo.com has already been answered – they are fake. Seek a refund right now. Take screen shots of all communication so PayPal and your bank has proof and good reason to give you a refund. There are 1000’s of fake shopping sites always out to get unwary customers. Any reports on other fake shopping sites are very much welcome to be reported below this article.


SoloPopGo.com Review

don’t buy anything from www.solopopgo.com!


We start off questioning who the founder is first. Where we can not locate founder name, where they are located without  contradictions and their contact info, then we can begin to assume they can’t be legit. There is no reason why legit businesses would hide such information, unless of course, they don’t want to get arrested for their online crimes of fraud.

www.solopopgo.com was registered within WHOIS database in 2018/06/11. They have paid for their online registration to last two years. Fake sites typically will only ever register their domains for that period of time, but mostly, for just one year. In that time they can defraud a great number of people.

With your help i.e. your scam reports concerning SoloPopGo, they will be forced to shut down sooner!

Their address is bogus as it reads 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, US. That address has many other scam sites using it. How can multiple (1000’s!!!!) of other companies be using the same address? They can’t. So, already they look like people doing their level best to hide who they are.

Speaking of which, Founder Name is Not Revealed ANYWHERE Online. That is a typical online scam tactic and one that always crops up when exposing online scams.

On their website, in their ‘CONTACT US’ section you will see an Address From China! Why do we have two addresses for the same company? Something is not right wrong at all.

Their Phone Number is 86 1769 5191866. Yet, in WHOIS registration database it is +1.4806242599 – that is the SAME NUMBER AS BEALOVING.COM!! Actually, that number can be traced to many other scam sites online, as I mentioned, they have identical sites running right now.




How Their Scam Works – Don’t Order From Their Site!

As said, these kinds of sites will usually steal images from other peoples websites who have permission to sell these products, or own them. Fake sites from China seem to normally have their own way to manufacture rubbish goods for your hard earned cash. Items so poor in quality that sometimes people just throw them into their rubbish. Once again, seek a refund as soon as you can. Below are a few points that you may have encountered while on Solo Pop Go’s website:-

  • Were you on Facebook, or another social media platform, when you first clicked on their scam ad? It is very common for scammers to get a lot of unwary customers from such sites.
  • When you paid for your item you may have noticed that they took your cash quicker than what they said they would. This is common with online scam sites. Per my research companies may take payment once your item is shipped, not before hand.
  • Check your account and make sure you have not been over charged. Brazen scammers will or may try to charge your card multiple times in the hopes you don’t notice. You may have to cancel our current card and order a new one. That will put an end to that.
  • Those that received an order to their door will probably find it is not worth what you paid for it. Worse, still, it could be damaged, wrong size, color or writing is ‘off’, spelling errors where text is present on cloths, low quality materials used in the manufacturing process.
  • Shipping Returns you will be made to pay because that is how scammers operate. Even if they are at fault, their psychopathy is such a strong trait in their line of work, they will still insist you foot that bill. Report them at SCAMWITNESS.COM, BBB.ORG, IC3!! Don’t let them get away with it.




Scam Signs – How To Detect A Fraudulent Shopping Site.

Fraudulent Shopping Sites tend to operate similarly. They have a cheap manufacturing process set up with cheap cloths. Such sites may also be set up to produce shoddy electronics goods as well. Actually, pretty much anything you can think of they will replicate, make inferior versions of and then pretend to sell you a high quality item. The truth is revealed when the order reaches your door step, however.

What is ‘ITSFASHION’ about? They continuously call themselves ‘ITSFASHION’ which is NOT their sites URL name. Where there is obvious differences in URL name and Site Logo name, then that is another sign, you have bumped into an online scam. What has occurred is that scammer forgot to do his illegal job properly and take out the old site name. So, they copy and past their new sites from old sites.

For the high quality items advertised, their prices are far too low to call real.

Address and other contact info is either fake and or connected to other online scams. Their site is just one copy from the same scam network.

Owner can’t be located. Only happens when owners know they are doing wrong and don’t want to be held account for their actions.

Fake shopping sites will make you pay shipping charges, when when they mess up the order.

Support are prone to ignoring your emails or will do delaying tactics surrounding your order.

Tracking info can go missing sometimes. They may issue another but that is probably going to be fake as well.









Final Thoughts.

They won’t deliver your order or they won’t deliver a good quality item. Payment is typically immediate and sometimes multiple. Contact your payment provider to get a refund. They are going into my sites section of List of Internet Scammers.

I hope that has answered your curiosity on What Is SoloPopGo.com. If not you are welcome to place your questions below. Of particular interest is your experience with the site just exposed. Did you get your order? Refund? Recommend or not? Thank you all for coming to my site and I am looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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7 thoughts on “What Is SoloPopGo.com – Is SoloPopGo.com Scam or Legit? SCAM ALERT!

  1. Annette

    Just coming across this – ordered something from them November 2018. Never received the product. Couldn’t get a hold of anyone. Money is gone.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      2018? I don’t even think your bank would refund such an old payment now. But, you never know. Why not try for a refund in case it is possible Annette.

  2. angela pindell

    My credit card company has “completed their investigation” and found that I engaged in the transaction therefore I am liable for the charge. Any other ideas on how to get a refund? What type of wording should I be using?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I don’t know what to say except you were duped out of your money by a fraudulent site.

      I mean, why have that feature in the banks because they could say the same to ALL SCAM VICTIMS! It makes no sense to me and only sounds like an excuse to refund you.

      Oh boy, I would have to change banks if that were me I’d so mad. Sorry I can’t be any help to you Angela. So say you were duped out of your cash by a fraudulent site but, somehow, that is your fault that someone else online was running a scam site? I don’t agree with their reasoning at all.

  3. Melissa Coutu

    J’ai commander sur ce site un walking pad depuis novembre je n’ai jamais reçu la.commande au montant de 139,99$! Comment faire pour me faire rembourser!?!?

      1. Giovanni castello

        Ho acquistato il 6 novembre 2018 un walking pad per 124,30 € che non è stato mai recapitato .Alla ricerca del sito solopopgo.com non ho trovato riscontri del mio acquisto nonostante il prelievo fosse stato effettivamente effettuato.Comd posso fare per essere rimborsato?


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