What Is SMNBB.com – SMNBB.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | March 12, 2019

Find Out What Is SMNBB.com Here – The ‘SMNBB’ Review. 

Welcome to this review on What Is SMNBB.com located at www.smnnb.com. Is SMNBB com a scam, fraudulent, fake, dishonest, crooked or Is ‘SMNBB’ legit, safe, real, good, genuine and trustworthy? This www SMNBB com Review is a scam alert! Those that gave payment info to that site are advised to alert your payment providers. Perhaps you must cancel your in case cyber-crooks randomly charge it for any amount they want.

Those that have been scammed by that site are welcome to report them below in the comments. There are copies of this site online and so any site that looks like theirs maybe a scam as well. They are selling Salomon Shoes, a brand name I don’t know, but I am sure they do not have permission to sell those goods from the brand owner.

Below is our research to show you why they are not legit and therefore why its just best to stay clear of them.



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What Is SMNBB.com About – Here Is Why You Should Not Buy From Them!

Never 100% trust a selling site that is new just because they ‘look’ legit, or are being advertised on Facebook or any other social media platform, as they is not proof of being genuine. We need to find out the owner is, the location of their actual physical business, contact information like phone numbers and when they registered their site. Where this is not presented then we should be worried and minimally use ‘CAUTION’, until we know more (in this case) What Is SMNBB.com (www.smnbb.com).







  • Registration for their domain was in 2018/12/19 and 1 year their registration expires. They can of course renew but 1 year is typical of fake sites. That is enough time to generate income and vanish without a trace.
  • However, we must also consider that some website selling owners may just want to see how their first year in online business goes before committing themselves further.
  • WHOIS website stores information that is attached to all sites online, but very shockingly, the registration date is all there is on their site. That is absurd that a site that deals in online business can set up a site without proper verification of who they are.
  • There is no business address and certainly no founder name. We have to go their site now to see if they have left that information for their unwary customers.
  • No address on their own website nor is there a founder name. Now people run the risk of giving their payment information to a complete stranger online whom we do not know the real intentions of.
  • There is not even a phone number for customer service and only a contact form that you may never get a response from.



www.SMNBB.com Scam Signs.

  • There are near exact copies of this www.SMNBB.com website online. When their older sites shut down due to too many scam reports, leading to a decrease of online trust reputation, or they shut down because they were not popular for 1 reason or another, then new copies will make up for that lost illegal revenue.
  • The sharing icons bottom of their site are fake. They do no link to anywhere and only for show. That is only to make it look like they have a social media influence and are popular. I believe they are popular though and sometimes some of their sites can do some real fraudulent damage online.
  • The reasons why fake sites get popular so fast is because they are complete liars when it come to stating their prices.



  • And so we can plainly see that they only started last month in 2018 and already they can give a way products priced into the $$$’s for $30+ or $40+ price marks! That is crazy and ludacris, and if their original prices were even real (which they are not!), they would be out of business and also in debt.
  • It takes some time to make any profits online and so they can not afford to be giving such discounts so soon in their own online business career concerning that one site. As mentioned, those that handed over payment information really should contact their payment providers ASAP.
  • This is by no means ‘me’ being ‘insulting’ or anything of that nature, but their site design is a little shoddy. So professional selling sites will definitely put in more effort regarding design etc. It is a real scam sign is all and not intended to be offensive.
  • Again, this is not intended to be rude or offensive, but their English is a little ‘off’ and that is another scam sign that is obvious to see. You may view their ‘CONDITIONS’ section to see what I mean.
  • Fake sites, when your goods are lost or damaged during transit to you, are usually not refunded or even replaced. This sites ‘CONDITIONS’ say that if your order is lost or stolen they will replace it. Has this happened to anyone here and did they keep their word on this?

THEIR IMAGES ARE STOLEN! And we can prove it!


  • We Googled one item called ‘WHITEBREEZE DOWN JK M’ Jacket and a website called Salomon.com came up. Salom.com has been online since 1995 and has a good reputation online if Bergefreunde.eu is anything to go by. Rated at 4.8 OUT OF 5, you may read some of those reviews HERE.
  • SO! We see that jacket is also being sold on Salom.com and priced at, actually, that product is not sold online after double checking.
  • We checked on several more and every time Salomon.com is coming up with the exact same jacket! If you are interested in buying these jackets from the legit and legal vendor then you should just click HERE. That is the correct site for these goods.





Final Thoughts.

SCAM! There is no doubt as we have exposed sites like theirs before. We know they are scam soon as their page loads and so we must thank OnlineThreatAlerts for making us aware of this. Their report is also HERE

Those that were duped out of their cash are asked to spare a few moments of your time and report them in the comments below. The more negative customer reviews tehy get then the quicker they maybe likely to shut down, or at the very least, save many their own hard earned cash.

It is possible nothing will arrive for your payment. If something does then it is probable it will not be the goods you have paid for. When this happens it is usual you may receive shoddy, inferior, counterfeit goods.

Alert you payment providers for a refund!

That is All on What Is SMNBB.com and I hope it has saved you some cash. If So, we would love to hear about it 🙂 in the comments below. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers below.


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