What Is Smnbk.com – Is ‘Smnbk’ Scam or Legit? Review

By | June 15, 2019

What Is Smnbk.com about? Our ‘Smnbk’ Review.

We see that Smnbk.com has the business email of support@jdonline.info. This autmatically qualifies this site as a scam as that is a well known fraudulent email. There are many sites proven to be fake using this email. There are other reasons we say ‘scam’ about ‘Smnbk’ and not legit. This short review quickly lays out why you should not waste your time and or cash at that site.

People who may have some experience with this site are welcome to let us know about that in the comments. Where there are many reviews alerting others to a fake site then we can help so many to save their hard earned cash. We look forward to hearing from you, and if you have reports about any other site, then you are welcome to alert us to their full URL.








Smnbk.com Review.

  • Smnkb.com is part of a huge e-store fraud network that include other sites like Electronicsbazaarn.Shop, NikeKp.com, Polozd.com, Svipromotion.Online, Nikebs.com, Kernitshop.com, ShunStore.Pro and NotKp.com of which there are many more. Anywhere you see the email of Support@jdonline.info then do not spend anything on that site and we would appreciate your reports about them as well.
  • ‘Smnbk’ registered online in 2019/06/04 and only for a year. That is normally considered too short to be a legitimately operating business. It could be we are looking at a site where the founder is working from home. That is possible, but not in this instance, as we know this scam network and we know they set up sites to be fraudulent.
  • As with all of their sites they never leave a real address and only use a proxy address. This has the effect of hiding the real location so they can not be tracked by authorities for their fraudulent activities. No founder name is expected to be found as that would definitely help to get them caught. Anything we may find resembling this is all to be expected to be fake.
  • There is nothing on their own website that helps identity who they are and where they are from. Only an email address that I doubt you will get any response from. We should seek to avoid buying anything from sites that are not open and transparent about who they are. 
  • Otherwise, we have no way of knowing the real intentions of the people we are giving over our payment information to. The risk of fraud is considered to be extremely high with their website. So, you should probably contact your payment provider and tell them you believe you have given your info to a fake site.
  • They will investigate and hopefully side with you if you were charged. Such fake sites tend to take payment well ahead of any processing of goods. Tracking Information is usually faked or none given. If a page like that is given then you should see the weight. Often fake sites will send out worthless products no where reaching the value of what you paid for them in order to win refunds. 
  • Receipts, or lack thereof, is another common scam sign to watch out for. We see by their shoddy site, that has only been copied and pasted over and over, that they are not professional and so we should not expect anything delivered, and if you do get anything, expect it to be low of quality of completely wrong goods.
  • Besides,  have you seen all the discounts they are offering from those high quality brand name sneakers? That alone is a scam sign that should have you very suspicious if you know normally the prices of such products. 
  • Their many sites have a high number of complaints against them and so be warned and also please help to warn others in the comments.





Final Thoughts.

Smnbk.com is going into our List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall of Shame. Let us know if you have questions about anything said here. We also show others how to earn online and so you may view our #1 Recommendation for those sick of being scammed out of your time for too little pay from your own job. Thanks for coming by and looking forward to hearing from you and others in the comments.


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