What Is SmartlyFunds.com – Is SmartlyFunds.com Scam or Legit?

By | September 5, 2018

What Is SmartlyFunds.com – Your Guide to Invest or Not.

Querying What Is SmartlyFunds.com (www.smartlyfunds.com)? Asking is SmartlyFunds com a scam, fake, fraud, or is SmartlyFunds genuine, real, good and honest investment with 100 no-named traders helping you earn money out of thin air? In this Smartly Funds Review I have taken  look at their offer, their claims of having handled 2Billion Dollars of transactions in 30 markets, been operating since the 1920’s and their dubious connection to the UK. All can be disproved by their own contradictory words. In a nutshell, legit and professional companies don’t make such errors and I believe it is a scam site. The following is presented for you to make up your own mind and to help others be better informed to do the same.

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What Is SmartlyFunds.com and it’s Veneer of Legitimacy Shattered.

SmartlyFunds.com Site

The following will fully answer What Is SmartlyFunds.com. With claims of having started up in the 1920’s fixing bicycles, equipment and then switching to Forex Trading and Stocks just does not make any sense. They claim they were founded in the UK, and then in their ‘About Us’ page, they harp on about their name comes from a famous bridge in Venice (they refer to that as their ‘roots’) and so the confusion of where they are from is further warped.

OK, I did a real back ground check on the owner of SmartlyFunds to get to the bottom of where they are really from. 

Their site says they are from:-

24 Kingsway West,



United Kingdom,

PR1 0JA.

A quick search for info connected to their site upon its registration turns up the following address used for site registration:-

PO BOX 639,

C/O smartlyfunds.com,


WA <- Western Australia?

US <- USA? – As we can see the two addresses given out by founder is at odds. Where we see multiple contradictions is a deliberate attempt to mask owner ID – I see it all the time online.

The Founders Name is not submitted on their site or at their website registration. So, no legit ID could be found online.

Have they really been involved in more than 2 Billion Dollars Worth of Transactions?

That would be very impressive because they only registered their website online since 30/08/2018 and is registered for just one year. Sites that offer paid work, or legit investments etc, will usually make a site for a lot longer. This only tells me that they are a hit-and-run site i.e. scam as many as they can before they rep gets so bad then there is no more new investors.

This is the point they will shut down. This can happen in only a few months and even a few weeks. So we can see that they have not been in business long enough to be involved in that kind of success.

What do they Offer?

There is quite a lot of information on their site about Deposits, Loan, Payments, Withdrawals. They speak on Deposit’s‘ as a legit source of finance for banks. Yes, but SmartlyFunds is not a bank and so that is a generic statement that does not make any sense.

On their ‘Loan’ section they are talking about property sales and rentals. I thought they were Forex Traders? Again, another thing that does not lead to any conclusive transparency to what they are really about. All designed to give out an impression of legitimacy, professionalism and trust.

Withdrawal‘ quickly talks about the ‘opportunity to purchase a vehicle’. That make no sense either. So the word ‘vehicle’ may imply some kind of way of employing a financial method to earn. Scam sites will make up their own terminology loosely related to other ideas but can still be used in many different ways. Incidentally, occult’s do the same thing i.e. the alteration of commonly used words to fit round their own ideology. Anyways, that is a whole other scam – back to Smartly Funds.

So, all those sections as mentioned above, all link to the same generic page of saying they ‘work rigorously with partners’ etc. 

They want you to invest!! That is the real purpose here. Not in ‘Forex’, or ‘bicycles’, or ‘Stocks’ but in a PONZI SCHEME! Of this I have no doubt.

What is a Ponzi Scheme and How Does it Operate?

Ponzi Schemes are means to extract money from unsuspecting people to invest in fake products or services for a higher than normal financial yield. It is completely kept afloat by new investors, who maybe unknowingly, are paying older investors. The new investors must wait for new money to come in so they may get their profits plus investment.

When no more new sign ups then the whole operation collapses. They last wave will constitute the majority of investors thus making sure of a maximum fraudulent outcome i.e. over 90% will lose all their money.



Further Scam Signs.

Scammer Defrauding You!

1). Can not locate founder.

2). Loans, Withdraws, Deposits, Payment linking to the same page.

3). The people named in their images as employees are just Internet Stock Archive Photos. Found those pictures on other websites as well.

4). No product or service in exchange for money.

5). Its a Ponzi Scheme.

6). Lied about their success relative to time in business online.

7). Can not prove their actual address – contradictory data.

8). Their stats are static and not changing. ‘Days Online’ is still at ‘0’ – see date of this post and you know they should have that slightly higher.

9). Payment Proofs are not reliable and only the founder knows if they are real.

10). Endorsement Images at the bottom of their website don’t link to anywhere.

11). Their Companies House Registration is not true. They are not a legally registered business in the UK.

12). The FAQ’s do not give out any information once you click on them.

13). The lady top left of their home page is a ‘Promotional Model’ image and has nothing to do with SmartlyFunds.




Final Thoughts.

I am nowhere near convinced that they are a legit and honest company to deal with. Honest and good companies will have their founder clearly identifiable. This means unwary investors will be handing over real world currency to an unknown person without guarantee of returns, and certainly, nearly zero chance of getting their money back. Given their business model is not legal and most members will lose their investment, because the scheme will become unstable due to ineviatable lack of sign ups, I am satisfied that they are a scam site.


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  1. Yvette Clayton

    Thank you for this great article, Philip. It is very informative and to let people know about these scamming sites is very important. I’ve personally never heard of SmartlyFunds.com. However, after your careful review, I now know enough about the company to steer clear. That’s what makes your site so valuable to others – helping your readers make smart decisions.

    Once again, thank you for this informative review.

    Kind Regards,


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