What Is SmartKip.com – Is ‘SmartKip’ Scam Or Legit E-Store?

By | March 19, 2019

Find Out What Is SmartKip.com – The ‘SmartKip’ Review.

Our review is to answer What Is SmartKip.com at www.smartkip.com. Is SmartKip com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, dishonest or Is ‘SmartKip’ safe, genuine, legit, good and trustworthy? This www SmartKip com review is to potentially warn you against them. Those with customer reviews are welcome to leave them in the comments to help warn others. 

There is an ever growing awareness of fake shopping sites, where are most, are coming from China. It should be said that not all shops from China are fakes. However, it has be so bad that it has now become a scam-point to monitor. Many times goods received are not what people have paid for. Lets find out more our short review.



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SmartKip.com Review – What Has Your Experience Been?

So we are going to find out some information like who the owner is of this site. What is their business address and contact information? Does it check out, as in, is it their address or stolen a legit businesses address. That happens a where shopping sites are fake. So this is an important aspect to answer What Is SmartKip.com in our ‘SmartKip’ Review. 



www.smartkip.com scam alert?



Registration, and other attached site related data can be sourced at WHOIS, was in 2017/08/08 and 2 years they have registered for. That is a short time for any business to set up shop for. Scam sites will typically set up a bad selling site, get really successful fast due to lying about their prices in relation to the quality of their goods, and then vanish without a trace.

However, we have said this many times and it is always worth repeating. There are times when founders will set up their sites for this short time span to see how things work out. They have of course the option to renew.

Now we can see there is no founder  name registered with their site. We can see 96 Mowat Ave is not their address. That address has been taken by many other websites. How can so many businesses have the same address? Of course they can not. So they are using a proxy address that hides their real location.

So that sounds bad, and it is only intentional if they have actually intended to hide their really location, but it can be that the founder is trying to avoid being spammed.

Looking at their site then we can see that they have an email of support@smartkip.com. There appears to have no business address and also no founder name! There is no real reason to have all of that very important customer service data to be hidden! 

So now there is no trace online, that we can find, of this business information that customers kind of need to make contact with such businesses in cases of problems. An email address simply is just not that professional and gets me alarmed that we could be dealing with a fake site.

We do have a phone number though and that is 800.515.5124. We Googled that phone number and does link back to their site. It does not link to any business address though. Do not be surprised where you see that the phone number is not active or you do not get a response.


No founder name!

Zero business address and a ‘dodgy’ looking phone number that shows up no other information barring 3 Google pages of their site. That is unusual and rare to see it.

Nothing on their site regarding who they are and where they are from. This is all bad signs.





Final Thoughts.

They have no trust seals such as McAffee! That is important as we do not have a third party trusted authority to let us all know they have been ‘vetted’ and are safe and secure.

They offer PayPal payment we do not recommend you buying anything from that site!! 

They want all of your information for shipping. That is bad news as when sites are fake then they can sell on that personal information for fast and easy cash.

I see a Hand Made Chunky Knit originally priced at $148.99. I know a lady that charges 120 euros for a blanket of that quality and size, and at that, she is cutting herself short by about 100 euros! So they are offering it for just $79.99!

Too-good-to-be-true-prices is nearly always a sign of  a scam site. We deem them not to be real or legit but only a scam. You may get a delivery, but we imagine, it will not be the quality you ordered. It may be so poor that the ‘low price’ you paid then you may have over paid vastly in comparison to product received.

You are welcome to leave your own reports below.

Would you recommend them?

Positive Reviews?

All views are welcome below. For us they are too cheap, they have blanked out all of their business information and why the mystery on no founder name. Too many things wrong here.

That is all on What Is SmartKip.com and we hope this review has answered some of your questions. Looking forward to your comments below. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers.


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