What Is Sleepious.com – Is Sleepious.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | November 25, 2018

Read Here First To Know What Is Sleepious.com.

I can only hope you have researched first What Is Sleepious.com before losing your money to their site at www.sleepious.com. Is Sleeious com fake, dishonest, scam, crooked, bad or Is Sleepious genuine, safe, legit, real, good? This Sleepious Review is going to shed a lot of light on why I am calling their site fake and indeed highly fraudulent. They are too similar to known scam sites such as HobbiLaunch, GoodsZily, NonnaLand (shut down), FarmZily, NannaThread and others like it. Do report sites that look like Sleepious and others like it in the comments below – Thank You.

So you are very welcome to scamwitness.com where I expose all types of online scams. Many that this site has covered have been Ponzi Schemes, Binary Options Scams etc and also a number of fraudulent shopping websites. Having become highly proficient now in recognizing fake shopping sites this article is going to share with you how to recognize one for yourself. However, this website also shows others how to earn online. I mention this to save many from asking in the comments below, as it is a frequent question posed to me. Only for those interested, you can have a brief look at Wealthy Affiliate to see if that suits you. Free to sign up, no cc to begin, with two free websites and 20 free training videos. No obligation to stay or pay anything. Does have premium options for those that are serious about earning online. Let us now continue with this Sleepious Review.


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What Is Sleepious.com and Should You Really Trust Them? – Scam & NO!

As mentioned, do stay far clear of HobbiLaunch, NannaThread, FarmZily, GoodsZily as they are all scams run by same scam owners. Already you have your answer on What Is Sleepious.com. The following is going to show you some scam signs to let you know how to spot such a site that is fake. But also, you may find that the points listed may be indicative of your experience with Sleepious. If so, then you then know for yourself that they are indeed a false site not to buy from.

Furthermore, click on the links in the intro of this article and you will see a striking resemblance, point being, where you have multiple near-duplicate sites then you are dealing with a scam network. Let us begin with the founder to really see if they are a legit business or not.


Sleepious.com Site

don’t buy anything from www.sleepious.com!


All sites have to register some basic info depending on the nature of their sites. Bloggers don’t need to give out their home address in order to earn online. Sites that offer paid work from home need to give out a real world address, contact info and founder name. That last one holds true for all sites that deal with some form of monetary transaction.

Briefly heading off to WHOIS you will see such information on any site online. I see that Sleepious was created 2018/09/25 and set up for exactly 1 year online. I have said this many times before, but 1 YEAR for an online business is just bogus – most of the time. Some will just like to see how things go. Most online businesses, considering they have already paid good money for their real world business infrastructure, will invariably register for a lot longer e.g. 5/10 years if not more. 

Founder Name is mysteriously absent which is very normal for a scam site. Its not like the scammers want to get arrested knowing they are being fraudulent. Their Address is also just a PO BOX Number of 0823 03441 and PANAMA is all their real world location address gives out. That is insufficient as a legit form of contact. No contact information registered like a email address either. That is a cover up for identity and a bad sign already we are dealing with a deceptive site.

Heading to their actual site 3102 Sunnyview Road NE, Salem, Oregon 97301, United States appears to be a residential house property and not an office space. It is very common that scam sites, that are not located in the States, UK etc, to steal other peoples addresses that have nothing to with them. So, their provided address on their site is stolen and not legit.



How Their Scam Works To Con People Out Of Cash.

Admittedly, there is not a whole lot of complaints online regarding Sleepious. That is because it takes time for such complaints to surface. Their site was given to me via a comment on my site. Given that the style of communication, similar products advertised from previous scam sites they own, the far too similar site template etc, I had to conclude that it belongs to the same scam family. Below is a few pointers on how to recognize such sites, and also, the probable fashion in which they will operate their scam to defraud you out of money.

When you order something from their site then they will take payment very fast. Once that is complete you will get your tracking information and a set time of delivery. Remember, that they promise to deliver in 2 or 3 weeks, but I bet, that will be more like 2 months to 10 weeks if you get anything delivered at all.

Take a good look at their home cover photo. They are full of skulls and other such images. Yet, when you go to their ‘Happy Customers’ section, you will see images completely different in design. Why not pull one of those images and drop it into Google Images. I did and one turned out to be from media. pagefly. io. So, that is proof that they are stealing images elsewhere online and passing them off as their own.

Anyways, it should be also noted, their Happy Customers is just names with a few lines of thanks given for the products. They appear to me to be false customer reviews.

Once you have ordered then expect to wait a considerable amount of time. After contacting their customer service you may find them very vague and unhelpful, and even after some time, plain rude. When they get rude then expect to be ignored.

Those that receive items will no doubt receive items that are NOT the ones advertised on their site. Also, these items I expect to be of far less quality than what was advertised as well and so this is how they are profiting with their website.




Watch out for multiple charges to your credit cards. It is not uncommon for such sites, once you hand over your bank details, to charge you several times. And even they may try to get you to pay recurring monthly fee’s. This is just a common point among such fake sites but definitely is one looking out for.

Contact your bank, PayPal etc and get them to investigate. Once you put in a dispute there is a chance you will be refunded your money.


Those that were scammed by the sites mentioned are asked to leave those reports in the comments below. This will have the positive effect of helping others avoid this scam. But also, such comments will get their site shut down sooner. If we all work together then we can make a difference. Thank You.

Where mistakes have been made, including the Verdict below, such mistakes are not intentional and will be corrected where proven.












Final Thoughts.

There is one report online of Sleepious ripping off a customer. One lady ordered some items, after two weeks there was a follow up, and she was given a bogus tracking number. That report you can find here at this Review of HobbiLaunch – in the comments section. Stay away from all the sites that are fake shopping sites as mentioned through out this article. They are all fake and will only give you no item for your money, or an inferior one but certainly not the one advertised on their site. For the reasons mentioned in this article they are going into the List Of Internet Scammers section of this website.

Do you have questions on What Is Sleepious.com that was not covered by this article? Perhaps you know of another site that is being operating by the same scam network? All comments are welcome, and as mentioned, if you believe you were scammed by the aforementioned site(s) please do leave that report below to help others. Lastly, don’t forget for those interested, there is a way to earn online that is a free start up. You can learn to build a site like mine and learn to earn from it from home full time. Thank you all for stopping by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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51 thoughts on “What Is Sleepious.com – Is Sleepious.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. Cheryl

    I was scammed also to the tune of $150 for two quilts, never received any tracking info, emailed them no response I sent in a dispute to PayPal. Paypal has responded with a DHL tracking number I checked and that shipment is coming from China not Oregon. I feel like such a fool!!
    We need better security on Facebook how many people must be robbed before they implement it.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Cheryl,

      Facebook says that sites like that when they advertise on Facebook don’t break their policies. I swear, they are going to get fined 100’s of millions if they don’t do something soon. Its only a matter of time before gov’s get annoyed and finally bring the hammer of common sense down on this net giants and force them to do ‘something’. Thank you kindly Cheryl for your Sleepious Scam Report.

  2. Geri

    I was also scammed I ordered two quilts and was told they would be shipped in seven days and never heard anything again. I have sent serval email and no response. I will be contacting my bank to disputed the charges and to close my account. I can’t believe I got scammed off Facebook. Facebook should have to check these places out before letting them post stuff.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Geri,

      Facebook don’t care as long as the ad or advertiser is not breaking Facebook’s policies. In essence, they are helping the proliferation of online scams on their own platform by their omission to take action and try to stamp it out. Worse still, the authorities and world is not saying a whole lot about it.

      If people came to my site and got scammed daily – I’d be in prison! NO TWO WAYS ABOUT THAT!! But not so with the big platforms and is just another example of double standards in our world. Actually, we can’t have a ‘standard’ if we can’t uphold basic laws online.

      Thanks Geri for your Sleepious Scam Report – I know it really will help warn others.

  3. Connie Kunaschk

    I was also scammed by this company ordered a blanket for my grandson for Christmas on November 23 2018. They took my money but I never received the blanket they won’t answer my Emails either.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Connie,

      Try to put in a payment dispute to get your money back. They are a rampant scam site. You may receive your order but such poor quality it may be unfit for purpose. Maybe ring your bank and cancel your card if you paid by card.

    2. Steve Erickson

      Hi Connie ,
      I also ordered a blanket for my granddaughter the same day.
      Charge showed up on my AMEX as LNZ Media. Did yours say the same?
      Also no confirmation order number was sent. Thankfully i only spent $50
      on the site. Lesson learned the hard way.


  4. Angela M Ladd

    I too feel like an idiot for not doing research. Scammed out of $140.00 and 2 quilts. No response to multiple email’s and text. Will be spreading the word about Bruce and his fake company. Now I have to do damage control and try to find my son another gift. From now one is only Amazon for me.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Angela,

      It is not you who should feel bad but the people behind Sleepious. I want to thank you for helping expose that sites crooked ways. I know it will help others avoid such a scam site. Thanks again Angela 🙂 .

  5. Tasha Leigh-willetts

    I’ve ordered from the UK. Who do I contact regarding a refund?

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Tasha,

      Please contact your payment provider i.e. your bank, PayPal etc. Tell them you were scammed and they should investigate. IF THEY ARE ANY GOOD – you should receive a refund. Hope that helps Tasha 🙂 .

  6. Chris

    Adding to the negative reviews, we too have been scammed by sleepious and were forced to have our credit card company reverse the charges. We purchased a quilt on November 26 from an ad we saw on Facebook (thanks for nothing Facebook!) and never received anything. No replies to our numerous email inquiries. Hope they can be stopped.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Chris,

      Facebook keeps on cropping up as the first point of contact for scam sites like Sleepious. They REFUSE POINT BLANK to do ANYTHING but take the earnings generated by their platform users and nothing is done to protect them. Any wonder Facebook is nearly always in trouble for some kind of violation. Another fine example of double standards in this world.

      Thanks for your comment Chris as I know it really will help others avoid Sleepious scam company.

  7. Jenna

    I ordered a quilt and a set (duvet cover and pillow cases) from Sleepious. Things on the site said they were made in the USA, in Oregon. I only received the set and it came from China. The set looks nothing like the website; the picture is out of focus and blurry, the colors are smeared and it is hard to make out the picture. I contacted the company and they asked for pictures of the set, and said they would look into what happened with the quilt. I sent in pictures, and the rep, Bruce Parker, told me he thought it looked “fine” and he didn’t know what happened with the quilt. They have since stopped replying to my emails.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Jenna,

      Got a complaint about ‘Bruce’ before and you are not the first person he has lied to. Sorry to hear about this but thank you for helping raise awareness of the scam nature of Sleepious. Your time to leave your comment is much appreciated Jenna 🙂 . ~ Scam Witness.

  8. Phyllis Marie Pruitt

    I have sent a complaint in to the bbb and so has others and they now have found out that these people are not for real they even left a website to sent in compliant to the FBI that watches for internet scams…i found this under sleepious Bbb.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Phyllis,

      Thank you Phyllis and I am glad you sent in a complaint to the BBB. Also, I really do appreciate you putting your complaint on my website as well – it is much appreciated 🙂 . Yes, BBB.org, Internet Crime Center (IC3), and most importantly, ScamWitness.com ( 🙂 ) are the important areas to leave your complaints.

      Thanks again Phyllis for stopping by and leaving a comment here – it is very much appreciated – and I know it is going to help others save themselves some cash.

  9. M. Smith

    Same as everyone else. If there products are as nice as they look, they could be a legitimate business and profitable. They wouldnt have to scam people. Police Report filed in Spokane

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi M Smith,

      Those products don’t belong to them. They are stealing images from others and pretending those products are theirs in order to earn illegal money. If they send you out anything – it is most likely NOT going to be the item ordered.

      Definitely seek a refund from your payment provider.

  10. Lynne

    I received my order and the quality was expected based on what I paid for the quilt. It did take almost a month for the item to be delivered.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Lynne,

      Thank you for your comment about Sleepious products. I am glad you are happy with the product. Your time and comment is very much appreciated.

  11. Antonia Castro

    Hello All… unfortunately I too am a victim of the scammers at sleepious.com. I placed my order on November 16th for a basketball quilt for my son, who loves the sport & instantly admired the item. Received an email from “Bruce” promising a tracking number just as soon as one was provided by “the production company”. Much like a lot of the reviews I have read, they sent me a tracking number which FedEx has not been able to track. I was also sent some phony info from a scamming site called The Ravening Wolf. So long story short, I was scammed also! Currently have a dispute in motion with my card company.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Antonia,

      I have recently warned a lady on Facebook regarding The Ravening Wolf. She has decided to file for a refund as well.

      Thank you for reporting on Sleepious.com – your comment and time to help others in this matter is much appreciated Antonia 🙂

    2. M Love

      Same has happened to me. My daughter loves basketball and saw this quilt and being Christmas…I too fell for this. When I tried to contact http://www.sleepious.com it came back to The Ravening Wolf, which sounds terrible. I messaged this wolf and in all lower case letters they messaged me back demanded my tracking number, well I still haven’t received anything. The merchant listed for the charge is httpsskullnmoca LNZ Media. BEWARE. SCAM, disputing it now. I’ve also reported them.

      1. Scam Witness

        Hi M Love,

        Ia that a URL I see 🙂 . Don’t suppose you have the full domain URL M Love? Its not a dot com or net anyways. Thank you kindly for reporting on Sleepious and The Ravening Wolf Scammers – it is much appreciated.

  12. Vicki

    Yup, Sleepious got me too, a granddaughters Christmas gift ordered Nov 27 2018, I can’t get ANY replies to me emails. Filed complaint with my card company, lesson learned –research and use Paypal. Also filed claim with Oregon BBB, my home state consumer protection and will file with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at http://www.ic3.org and the FTC at http://www.ftc.gov.

    what RATS!

    1. Scam Witness

      Thank you kindly for reporting on Sleepious Vicky 🙂 . Your comment will help others keep their money in their own pocket instead of the scammers accounts. Much appreciated.

  13. Marti wall

    The Ravening Wolf is advertising quilts on Facebook & their contact is sleepious.com. Also, ecrafta & Emma cotton, ema cotton & Amelia cotton are advertising quilts on Facebook…..they are all scams

    1. Scam Witness

      Yes, I know of most of them, except for The Ravening Wolf – which I have quickly looked into. I see they are using sleepious.com as their website – sleepious.com is a known scam site!! Big giveaway there and so I second Marti by warning others to stay far and clear of The Ravening Wolf on Facebook.

      They are part of a scam network with multiple sites who have heartlessly stolen the image designs of talented and hard working quilters. They pretend to sell these quilts, that usually sell for over $700, at just $60 – where the materials cost $200 alone! Plus you must consider that it can take over 50 hours to make one of those quilts, and so, their prices is a dead giveaway that The Ravening Wolf on Facebook is being run by con artists who only want to rip off as many people as possible.

      Please do not refer anyone to their Facebook Page via Tagging or to their fake website as they have listed on the Facebook Page.

      Thank you kindly Marti – your comment has been vastly useful and very much appreciated 🙂 . ~ Scam Witness.

  14. Dee

    I wish I had done some research before ordering from them. Order was placed on 11/24 and when I followed up with them via email, I was told it’s the Christmas season. Well I feel I ordered in advance of the last minute shoppers and thought I’d be getting this gift which I ordered for my aunt – a huge basketball fan! I’ve even tried to reach them on Facebook messenger and for a week now get a message that the person is unavailable. Can’t even comment on their posts so think I was blocked. I’ve sent a dispute to my bank and hope to hear back from them with a positive response. So angry that this happened; especially when I was really looking forward to giving it to my aunt as a gift.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Dee,

      They don’t know what shame is – I don’t believe they have the capacity for it. Thank you Dee for helping to expose Sleepious – I am very grateful for your comment. Now, that is yet another report on that site to help warn others.

  15. Angela Hanel

    I ordered a quilt from Sleepious on 11/23. I sent multiple emails asking were my order is with no response. I have also reported them to the better business bureau. I’m really disappointed this gift was for my son who currently has no comforter on his bed and will now have to wait till after the holidays to get one. “Bruce is a scum”.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Angela,

      Sorry to hear this. Heartless indeed when you know its for your son. You can put in a dispute with your payment provider. Once refunded you may obviously then buy your son a comforter.

      I really don’t know what else to say. I have kids of my own and so I can relate to your report about Sleepious. The fact that you have commented here as well will give beneficial results of helping others avoid their scam site. For that, I am very grateful for your comment Angela. It is very much appreciated 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.

  16. Melissa

    Sleepious is a scam. Ordered 1 blanket. Charged twice. They only refunded 80% of the overcharge for the 2nd blanket. I contacted them again, no response and no blanket. I did use PayPal. Dispute was filled. I was refunded by PayPal. I only use PayPal when ordering ANYTHING. Exactly for this reason. Thank you Paypal.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Melissa,

      Thank you for reporting your experience with Sleepious. Also, nice work on getting your refund as some were rejected if reports on my site are anything to go by.

  17. Sheryl Ayers

    Appears that I’ve been scammed by sleepious also. I’ve been trying to give them the benefit of doubt, but after reading these reviews I’m contacting my bank now to dispute the charges. The “FedEx” tracking number they gave me last week to try and pacify me is not even a FedEx tracking number. I’m curious if they are giving the same tracking number to everyone lol. I’m also going to be contacting Facebook about their liability for promoting scammers. Thank you for publishing this information to help other consumers. I just hope the next person reads these reviews PRIOR to ordering.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Sheryl,

      Thank you Sheryl for letting everyone know about your experience with Sleepious. They are indeed very fraudulent! You are welcome and it was only a pleasure to expose them for what they do.

  18. Leonard Gregoire

    Well, I ordered 3 different quilt from sleepious.com, my PayPal was debited the same day as order was placed (11/10/2018) As of December 5th, NO Product !? I Emailed them about ETA of products, I recieved a response with a Tracking Number, looked up number, it said “Shipped on 11/15, In Transit” after I googled the company name (Hind Sight) I read your article !? I will be putting in a dispute of the charges with PayPal as soon as I’m finished here. Thanks for the heads up on the Scam.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Leonard,

      I wish you luck with your refund as many people have got one successfully. Thank you very much as well taking the time to land a comment on this article about Sleepious. It is much appreciated ~ Scam Witness.

  19. Aschton

    Yesterday, I left a comment about my own experience with sleepious.com.

    Today, I received the quilt I ordered.
    It’s exactly as pictured and of good quality.
    They never updated my order, sent tracking, or replied to my contact inquiry – but I’m pleased with the product.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Aschton,

      OK, I am glad your experience with Sleepious is resolved to your satisfaction. I think this is the first comment that has said something good about any of these sites that are connected online. Thanks again Aschton – glad you got your ordered product 🙂 .

  20. Aschton

    I have ordered online for YEARS. Never had an issue, but have now been scammed 2x since Sept.
    Most recently from Sleepious.com.
    Placed an order on Nov 7.
    Received confirmation of order.
    Welcome and Thank You from owner *Bruce*.
    2 other emails from him.
    No product – no update – no tracking.
    Contacted Customer Service – generic *we’re looking into it * reply.
    Lesson learned, I guess.

    The other scam – was an actual brick and mortar business, with good reviews until Sept.
    Apparently, they went out of business, but their website is still up and running and taking orders and payments – but not filling them or refunding.

    Don’t understand why these people get away wity these things.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Aschton,

      They are very good at hiding their identity! That is how they are getting away with their scam site. They have others as well and so do report any similar sites here should you come across them. Thanks for stopping by and reporting on Sleepious and how they scammed you.

      What is the name of the other website that defrauded you? If they are still up and running I would love to expose them. Thanks.

      1. Susan Hoffman

        I have heard from one lady that owns a quilt shop. These bums have stolen the name of her shop and pictures from it to use has a front and make them look legit. It is entirely possible that they stole the name of a reliable business that has closed and are trading on the name.

        1. Scam Witness

          Great to hear from you again Susan :-).

          Its typical alright that scammers will use closed down biz addresses and pass them off as their own. All we have to get in the habit of doing, is searching for reviews on any site online, and also Google any info they have submitted about themselves. If what they say, and what shows up, contradicts – then you should probably just run for the hills.

          Pass on my apologies that they are lazy people online stealing the talent of others to earn for themselves. Its quite sad really – .

          That lady is more than welcome to report the site that is doing that to her business name and I will be happy to expose the whole situation for all to know.

          Thanks again Susan for your response – it really is appreciated :-0 ~ Scam Witness.

  21. Ja Carpenter

    Yeah… Sleepious got me!
    I first ordered from Hobbilaunch.com and I’m now dealing with my CC to dispute the charges. Once I realized Hobbilaunch was going to miss the date I wanted to give the gift, I ordered from Sleepious (similar product)
    After emailing Sleepious, I was sent a FedEx tracking that hasn’t scanned into a facility yet (11 days ago)
    Yesterday I began the dispute claim with my bank.. Hopefully they’ll both be resolved soon and the scam sites will be shut down..
    Philip.. Thanks for running this site and exposing those that are stealing from all of us..

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Ja Carpenter,

      Thank you so much for reporting on HobbiLaunch and Sleepious. I highly suspect they are being run by the same scammers.

      I very much appreciate your thanks as well, it really does mean a lot to receive your comment here, and certainly only encourages myself to work harder to expose such sites. Thank You Ja 🙂 .

      The more reports on these sites that come through in good time, the quicker these sites will shut themselves down. Where would-be customers once could have bought from them, are now being warned against them, and so that is money being saved from cyber-crooks.

      Thanks again Ja and I’d be interested to know the end result of your dispute goes should you have the time ~ Scam Witness.

  22. Mark Burgess

    Sleepious.com is a complete scam. Items ordered on a so called special last month. Since that time, I have emailed them several times for an ETA, with nothing but a receipt email or one indicating they will look into it. Otherwise, it is a complete scam up to this point. I should have done due diligence. Stay clear of this company.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you very much Mark for your Sleepious.com Scam Report. I don’t expect they will send you out anything. If they do it may well be an inferior item to what was advertised. Thank you for taking the time here to help expose Sleepious, Much appreciate 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.

  23. Anne-Marie Morin

    Hi, me again 🙂
    Looks like Amelia-quilt.com is in the same scam network. Haven’t bought from them, but template is exactly the same as Sleepious.com
    Thanks for you site, very helpful.
    Now, how do we stop these people from advertising in the first place ? I’m gonna raise a stink with Facebook. They should be liable at this point with so many ads and so much income they are getting from the scam. FB needs to remove the pages, close the ad accounts, and stop profiting from this scam.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Anne-Mari – really great to hear from you again 🙂 .

      I have since wrote about AmeliaQuilt.com which you can view HERE if you like. Thanks to you there are two more scam sites, by the same unknown person or people, will lose significant illegal earnings. Since the internet at large does not appear to have a solution to letting illegal sites occupy online space, such reports are paramount, for the defense of the online community.

      Have you ever thought about exposing them yourself online? I say you would be very good indeed 🙂 .

      Certainly go to Facebook and see what they say. How to stop them is the big question and definitely action needs to be taken by the Giants of the net like You-Tube, Facebook and search engines a like. Problem is, there millions of sites online so no one has the man power to look at them all, and also, it takes time for online reports to surface about scam sites. Usually, when reports do surface many have already been scammed.

      So this is why reporting to any online scam busting site about your experiences is very important.

      Nice Work Anne-Marie and I thanked you as well in the post about AmeliaQuilt as well.

      Hope to hear from you again, and also, any response from Facebook?


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