What Is Sleepious.co – Is Sleepious.co Scam or Legit? – 100% SCAM ALERT!

By | December 23, 2018

What Is Sleepious.co About? Cloned From A KnowN Scam Site – Report Them In The Comments Below.

Wise move to look up reviews to find out What Is Sleepious.co at www.sleepious.co. Is Sleepious co fake, scam, dishonest, crooked, untrustworthy bad or Is Sleepious good, trusted, legit, honest, genuine, real, safe? This Sleepious Review wants to hear about Your Inevitable Scam Reports. They are part of a large fake quilt selling scam network that has swooped across the States leading up to the holidays. 100’s of scam reports on them. The site in question is a pure clone. You will either:- not get your Quilt, or, get a dirt-cheap-print!

These fake-quilt-selling-cyber-crooks have angered many and so now the BBB.org are trying to hunt them down. Going by many names on Facebook and else where as Amelia Cotton Quilt Company, Bella Quilt, Amelia Cotton, Weirdo Stuff, Kathleen Quilt, Umovietee, Ema Cotton, Cotton Blanket, Ara Cotton, Elsie Quilt, Elsie May Quilt, Ducha, Joyce Quilt, USA Craft, Amelia Quilt, Printable Company Limited

We have already reviewed the original site and so you may read that Sleepious.com Review Here. Since there is so much information now gathered at scamwitness.com about this fake quilt network, you may wish to read about the scam network as a whole, in What Is Amelia Cotton Quilt Company Review. That will list you all the known sites. However ,I believe I may have found more then what is being reported elsewhere and so you can view the full update there. 

For those interested, this article is going to take the site in question on its own merits to show you the signs of a fake shopping scam site.




What Is Sleepious.co Really Doing – Don’t Be ‘Sleepious’ About Their Quilts, Their All Fake!

You already have the questioN answered on What Is Sleepious.co which can be found at www.sleepious.co. Do not underestimate this articles warning. Sleepious is a very poisonous scam network! They present the most beautiful quilts to quilt lovers thereby tempting many to buy them at $60. Problem is, the original designers of these quilts sell them for a minimum of $750 per quilt! Now we can see how a hand-made quilt, where the materials can exceed $200 including 50 or more hours work, can not be real


Sleepious.co Review

DON’T buy anything from www.sleepious.co!


There other sites to watch out for are listed in the reviews above, where there are even more reviews from the same network, and so do comment if any of those have scammed you as well. For now we are going to try to find out the owner(s) of this network plus other site attached info.

The ‘co’ version of Sleepious was registered online in 2018/12/13. That is 10 days ago (see date of this article) and so they have been located early. The more that report them the quicker they will have to shut down. Remember, these guys are being chased by some of the most powerful sites online. Your reports is only going to highlight the far reaching and damaging effects of their site and so you can’t undervalue your report.

Their address is PANAMA, PA. An incomplete address is always a bad sign. The address their network has pretending to be working out of was 2050 Hazel Ave NE, Salem, OR 97301, United States. The BBB.ORG proved that was a residential area. Even they have tried to make contact on several occasions and unfortunately there has been no response. 

They also found out two principal names attached to the whole scam network. They are Scarlett O’Quin and Glen Baines. Have you had any dealings with these people? Perhaps you were talking to ‘Bruce’? His a name reported by several people as part of customer service.

There is no email or phone number attached to their sites registration. However, there is ‘some’ such info on their site.

Their Email Address is Customer@Sleepious.com – that is clearly the ‘dot com’ version and so that is a huge tell-tale. As mentioned the dot com version has already been proven a scam and you can check that review out above for scam reports on them.

In their ABOUT US section you will see the same wording as they have for their old site that is still running. Most of their sites have closed down now and even made the news in the states. Please help this article, because as mentioned, they are 10 Tens Old and already have Negative Reviews! I have seen what they are capable of and any shares of this article will go along way to prevent even more damage to people during the holidays.




The Scam Signs and How This Fake Quilt Operation Is Executed.

No matter what a fake site is selling, they are fall into the one or more points below. Some of these points you need to read in order to safe guard your banking info. Quickly, contact your payment provider and put in for a refund. You are going to have to anyways when you see the state of the ‘Quilt‘ you will get! That is, if you get anything at all.

1). Many complaints that these quilt-scammers have found a safe home on Facebook and elsewhere online. Many have clicked onto those Facebook ads and have been scammed. Facebook has replied by saying that those ads or pages/groups (whatever) do not violate Facebook’s policies. What do you guys think about that? Do you think its right that their members make FB millions in revenue just to be treated like that?! I would LOVE (LOVE!!!) to hear what you have to say on it in the comments below.

2). When you paid for your order did you notice if they took the payment fast? Did they take for tax as well? Probably they will or would have charged sooner then they promised. Possible as well they didn’t bother to take tax on the item. Those are too very good signs of a scam.

3). Delivery Is Late and Support may string you along for two months and even more. They may give you a reasonable global delivery slot but they will seldom if ever meet that deadline.

4). Support may become unhelpful asking you to ‘sympathize’ and ‘understand’ their difficulties with getting your order to you. That is not the right way to talk to customers and so its a good sign something is wrong. Check your emails and see if the English is broken or not. Eventually you will probably just be ignored.

5). Those that do receive something then *don’t expect it to be one of those quilts! Do expect a cheap cloth with very cheap looking print on it. Expect spelling errors and very bad color.

6). For too many people nothing will arrive. That is the worst case scenario. 


My Favorite Part – Scam Signs!

Here we are going to take a quick look at their site and pull it apart to see if it all makes sense. There are common Scam Signs among fake shopping sites, that if you can recall only a few, that will surely be enough to help you in the future. 

  • Getting the obvious out of the way first, they have no listed Founder Name – though the BBB seems to have two contact names, as covered.
  • NO REAL WORLD ADDRESS! Supplied Address Is Incomplete.
  • Quilt Images Are Stolen!! Go to their Home Page, take a really good look at those Quilts? Can you see something very peculiar about those images? I’d be interested to know how many actually saw this scam sign – The Images Are Photo Shopped!
  • Look how all the Quilts right hand corners (as you view the image) is curled/looped precisely the same way! Look all the way along the edges and you will see they are all the same curls and shapes. This tells me those images are Photo Shopped.
  • ACTUALLY! If I am being honest – a nice gentle man in the comments pointed that out to ‘me’ on a separate post! 🙂 .
  • Same About Us Section as their Dot Com sister-site.
  • Email Support has wrong domain extension.
  • Their site is nothing but a copied and pasted site. 100% Identical almost! Multiple sites serve to off-set illegal earning losses when old sites shut down. That is the point of having more then 1 site to defraud people with.
  • No Contact Number.




Do You Have A Sleepious.co Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Share That In The Comments Below – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

There is additional data in the links laid out in this article for those interested. You may leave your complaints with the BBB as well because those are the guys going after this Scam Network. Given they have many sites scamming people, founders tried to hide themselves and intentionally not to disclose anything about their site location, contact info etc (not mentioning the 100’s of complaints online and reported to scamwitness.com) – they are fake and fraudulent! They are going into my sites List Of Internet Scammers.

Seek a refund from your payment provider! I hope this article really helps anyone who is wondering to buy or has already been scammed. Please report and share if you have the time, and besides, it is free to spread the truth about online scams – ‘YOU’ might just save someone from losing their cash 🙂 .


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