What Is SkullnMore.com – Is Skull N More Scam or Legit?

By | December 8, 2018

Heads-Up On What Is SkullnMore.com – Scam Alert!

Beware of www.skullnmore.com! What Is SkullnMore.com really about? Is Skullnmore com fake, scam, dishonest, bad, crooked or Is SkullnMore safe, real, legit, genuine, good? This Skull N More Review will help to set you wise to the scamming antics of that site. They have other sites online, pulling the same fake quilt trick on people, and they are HobbiLaunch, AmeliaCotton10.com, AmeliaQuilt.com, FarmZily, Sleepious, GeemaLand, CottonBlanket.Net, KenShinArt and others that look like them. Please report them below in the comments of this website of you were scammed by any of those fraudulent sites. Thank you.

These fake quilt sites are setting up more and more sites as the holidays approach. They are simply stealing the image designs from real and respected quilt makers online. Then they post those designs as their own. Now they want to sell you those design quilts for a mere $50 – or thereabouts. Folks, those quilts mark-up over $700!! So, you will only receive a very cheap looking quality print that will be less in value for what you actually paid for it. Some customers have thrown them out.





What Is Skull N More (SkullnMore.com) And Why To Stay Clear Of Them.

You already know the answer on What Is SkullnMore.com, they are fake and scam. However, the rest of this article is for those that want to know more on What Is Skull N More in general. We begin with the founder to see if that person has left any trace of themselves online. Note, it is common for scammers to leave no trace of themselves, so, I am not expect much here.


SkullnMore.com Scam

don’t buy anything from www.skullnmore.com!

They registered SkullNMore.com in 2017/11/06 to last for 2 years online. Most of their other sites only registered for 1 year. Founder Name is not presently listed and is a worrying sign of itself. Address for their business is not listed, and the address on their site (when they list one), is never theirs. No contact info that I can see. That is full ID expertly hidden from view. 

Scammers will always try to hide themselves online while trying to scam people. The reason is obvious and so they evade questions from the authorities. They can shut down at any time while they run off with their illegal earnings. THEY ARE ILLEGAL BECAUSE THEY ARE SELLING SUB QUALITY ITEMS other than what is being advertised to their customers.




Their Scam  – What To Watch Out For.

Very Quickly, here is how they will try to scam their customers.

  • They have their sites floating around on Facebook capturing peoples attention with the professional and high quality item s they are advertising. However, those designs are not theirs. So, they have no right to be trying to pass them off as their own. What is really going on is they are printing off low quality designs, on poor quality cloth, and charging around $50 for them. 
  • These designs, if you bought 1 from the real designers of these products, would set you back around $700 – its more, just can’t recall exact price.
  • Once you place your order then you will see payment extracted very fast from your account.  
  • Two months is the waiting time for them to make your product and ship it to  you.
  • Expect delays and probably expect your shipping/tracking info to vanish at times.
  • Support will not be helpful and turn very vague very quickly. They will probably ask you for understanding in their situation to try to get your product to your door.
  • Should you receive an item, then its probable, you will not like it. Many are complaining of low quality ‘rags’ that they would not even give away. – Seek a REFUND immediately.
  • The price you paid for that product far exceeds its actual worth. To that extent then you have been scammed. 
  • Many of their scam sites are on Facebook. They are renaming those sites after they become bad with their reputation online. Or they will simply redirect those sites to new URL’s. And so we can see why it is beneficial for them to have multiple sites. When one has to be taken down then they still have a source of income with their other sites.


Were You Scammed By SkullnMore.com? Please Report Them In The Comments Below To Help Warn Others – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

Most people simply will not get the product they paid for to their door steps. They are running network of sites pretending to own the designs of other peoples quilt works. These items, if bought from real seller, are over $700 to buy – not $50! Their sites have multiple locations but they seem to be shipping out from China originally, and I believe that is their real base of operations. Skull N More is going into my List of Internet Scammers Section – where it will stay.

I hope that has given you clarity on What Is SkullnMore.com. Those still with questions are welcome to ask below in the comments where you will always get a response. For anyone that has stumbled on another of their fake sites, it would be appreciated, if you could leave their full URL in the comments below as well. Beware also of ZeloraFit, NokEast, Auate.com, Phoneiei, Choies, FairySeson etc as those are scams as well.


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8 thoughts on “What Is SkullnMore.com – Is Skull N More Scam or Legit?

  1. Nuno Lemos

    I had a problem with jinnie store some days ago. I protested with PayPal to get my money back. They contacted jinnie store and the response came from a support email from skullnmore. They are the same trash.
    Complete fraude.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Our JinnieStore.com Review is Here and so thanks Nuno there is now a connection. Thanks again Nuno and I responded to your last report on that linked article. Your time and comments are greatly appreciated 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  2. Hannah

    They are also Jinnie Store at jinniestore.com/ or facebook.com/jinniestore/

    I ordered a Heritage period table display (jinniestore.com/product/heritage-periodic-table-display/) and never received the item. The Paypal charge showed that the payment went to Paypal *SkullnMore. I am now disputing the payment through my credit card company as well as Paypal.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Hannah,

      You definitely commented on the correct website Hannah because we exposed the whole wave of the scam network when they kicked off late 2018 leading up to the holidays.

      We exposed SkullnMore back then and so we know they are fraudulent 100% You can read our SkullNMore Review Here if you wish.

      Recently, I came across JinnieStore on Facebook. They looked suspiciously familiar and suspected they were the same scam network but could not prove it, not until your comment Hanah. You may read our JinnieStore Review Here.

      Two more we have located are Jacozy.Net and Japcozy.com. Those are linked reviews.

      For anyone interested, the full list of their fake quilt network has been listed many times on our site, but the up dated one is in the ‘Japcozy’ Review.

      I am very sorry to hear about your experience Hanna. I wish you well also with your refund and you are welcome to come back here to let us know how that goes.

      Your comment has now helped us link these sites together as the same scam network. That really is invaluable information, because we have already proved past fake quilt sites, and so others reading this will see the connection and will know now to stay clear of all of these quilt sites.

      Thanks again Hannah for taking the time to share what you know. It is appreciated 🙂 .

  3. Linda

    Yes. Amelia Quilts was the company I ordered 2 quilts from Dec 4, 2018 & still NO quilts!! Just emails from Ecrafta personnel that my order is being processed!

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Linda,

      Sorry to hear this Linda. SkullnMore is part of a Huge Scam Network! HUGE!! Thank you for kindly for reporting on one of their money-grubbing sites called SkullnMore.com. It truly is appreciated. Consider if you will a refund from your payment provider. ~ Scam Witness.


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