What Is SixtyNineBlock.com – Is SixtyNineBlock.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 16, 2019

SCAM ALERT – Find Out Here 1st What Is SixtyNineBlock.com!

Excellent researching to find this review on What Is SixtyNineBlock.com at www.sixytynineblock.com. Is SixtyNineBlock com bad, crooked, fraudulent, scam, dishonest or Is SixyNineBlock safe, genuine, legit, real, honest? This SixtyNine Block Review wants to alert you to Sixty Nine Block’s malicious intentions, but also, they maybe run by the same scammers that run Amelia Cotton Quilt Company, Allumad.com, Sleepious.com, GigiBlanket.com, Sleepious.co, CottonZilly.com, CottonColor.Net, AmeliaCotton10, LaLaLandy.Net, EmmaCotton09, CottonBlanket.Net, SkullnMore.com, KenShinArt, FarmZily, GeemaLand, NanaThread and HobbiLaunch. Please feel welcome to leave your scam reports in the comments below – than you.

For a complete overview of their fake quilt scam please see the Amelia Cotton Quilt Company review above. They are from China and steal the images for the real quilt makers who own the designs. People see the quality, pay $60/$69.99 for the quilt and then receive a ‘flimsy rag’, as some unwary customers have described. Others have received nothing. Clearly they have their own way to make cheap, shoddy, inferior versions of the items they advertise on their site. Usually they have some kind of sentimental story linking them to the USA. That could not be further from the truth!




All You Need To Know On What Is SixtyNineBlock.com – Fake Quilt Scam Continues into 2019!

Coming up to the holidays in 2018, scammers decided to make many sites promoting the same quilts that they simply did not own. We have been tracking them from the start. The bbb.org became inundated with scam reports of this network. It got so bad that this scam became aired on the news in the USA. 1000’S have been scammed by now with many complaining of a great number of things including no delivery. Most have sought a refund with very few reports that are positive.


SixtyNineBlock.com Review

Be Cautious Of www.SixtyNineBlock.com!


To be 100% and absolutely clearly, DO NOT go near HobbiLaunch, Amelia Cotton Quilt Company, Sleepious.co, Sleepious.com, Allumad.com, CottonColor.Net, CottonZilly, AmeliaCotton10, KenShinArt, SkullnMore.com, FarmZily, NanaThread, GeemaLand, EmmaCotton09, CottonBlanket.Net, GigiBlanket.com, AmeliaCotton10 and any site that looks like the ones depicted above and throughout the reviews listed at the start of this article.

*Those that believe they have found another one are welcome to leave their exact URL’s in the comments below. I will do my best to expose them to help others avoid this network.


Background Check.

Now we are going to be sure that they are part of the same scam network. I see that their quilts are high quality but the prices are too low. I also see other things that we will cover soon that don’t make sense. They registered their site 2019/01/08 and only until the 2020, same date. Why businesses think it is a good idea to promote your own products online for just one year makes no sense. That is only enough time to get a good or bad online reputation. And so that is common and a pattern fake sites follow. Even sometimes they will venture online for 2 years. Either ways, for an e-commerce business, it does not make any sense.

P.O. BOX 0823 03411 is their ‘address’ and actually no legit business would leave a P.O. Box as its main form of real location/contact.

They have submitted ‘PANAMA’ as their real location, but that is all, there is nothing else for their address. Basically that is clearly an incomplete address and there is no reason for that other than to hide where they are really from! Beware of any site that has their location set, inside WHOIS database, as ‘PANAMA!

Phone Number is +507.8365503. ‘507’ is the country code for Panama, so at least something is ‘gelling’.

No email attached to online registration. Most damning of all is that they have completely failed to leave a founder name! No honest business that is real and legit would forfeit the opportunity to make aware to everyone who owns the site. That is yet another scam sign that is typical of malicious sites. 

So, we have no real idea where they are from. No idea who the owner is. That is all intentional, so now they can scam to their heats content and earn loads of illegal earnings, and shut down when their online rep gets so bad that earnings are not their efforts. Please do report them below to tell the truth on their site!


Going to their website we will now see if they have left any real and legit information as to there whereabouts and real owner names, including contact data.


They have an address on their site, bottom part. It is 287 Evans Rd, Moultonborough, NH 03254, United States. Now we have a point to try to make contact but as said I do not believe that is their real location. Scammers will try to convince people, who glance on their ‘credentials’ and see a USA address, will help make most believe they maybe legit and so make a purchase. WHOIS is your go-to regarding conflicting data of this nature.

Email of cs@sixtynineblock.com already has a warning online about that email address. Anyone get a response on that email?

So now we have multiple addresses, made available by the same unknown cyber-crooks. Where such conflicts exist then do beware that is a sign that your order maybe coming from a country outside your region.

They have a CONTACT FORM that could just be a phishing form so do be careful inserting your full name and personal email address into that page. They should instead have a contact number, email and real world location address inserted there, given their e-commerce nature.



SixtyNineBlock Scam Signs.

Below is a few things that are common among fake sites. Since we have extensively covered this network for some time, we are going to finish up with the scam signs. 

1). Nearly identical to their other sites. Has a similar background story of coming from Texas and being a family of quilt makers. All bogus. 

2). The real owner names, are apparently, Judy and Russ Sabanek. Googling those names I find a site called keepsakequilting.com with those names attached. They have been online since 1996 and look safe and legit. And this is how scammers confuse people with legit sites for their own.

3). Images on their site are no doubt photo shopped. You only have to see the cat and how it is permanently positioned for all shots. Of course they could argue it is an ornament, but, the creases in the blankets are impossible to keep on reproducing in each image and so they are photo shopped.

4). Prices are too low! When you are talking about hand-made quilts then expect to pay top dollar! The price for 1 quilt, from the real owners starts at $750! It is $200 for raw materials and rest is for skill, time and labor. So how then can they afford to sell the same quilts for just $69.95 and even cheaper at just $49.95! FAR TOO LOW!!

5). Their production time is 2 weeks and 1 week for delivery. Actually, people have been left waiting exceeding two months with this scam network. Yes, they do deliver products (sometimes) but never exactly the advertised products! So you should most definitely begin your refund application as soon as you can.

6). Their About Us page is too similar to the aforementioned website i.e. keepsakequilting.com! Especially where they say they are “Americas Favorite Quilt Shop” – so they have robbed someone else’s website slogan.




Do You Have A SixtyNineBlock.com Scam Report? Feel Free To Leave Those Reports Below In The Comments To Help Warn Others- Thank You.













Final Thoughts.

We have shown that they are stealing the style of another site that they do not own. We find a residential address but also see they are from Panama. Check out the abundance of reviews above in the intro to this article to find out more, and even, possible owner names in the Amelia Cotton Quilt Company Review. Please do not forget to leave your own scam reports below before you go about getting your refund. The more online scam reports exist on a site then the quicker they will run-aground as a perceived legit going concern.

As mentioned, I have personally been tracking this scam network for sometime. I can see they are trying to make a come back from the overwhelming scam-success they had leading up to the holidays in 2018. I hope now, that I have done my job, that you all participate in keeping the net safe by doing yours. Your job, should you choose to accept it ( 🙂 ) , is simply to report your experiences below. After a while then we will all a good picture on their true intentions online. For me, they can not be trusted – I hope I am wrong and if so then they will be categorized here as legit.


Feel Free To Share This Article With Your Networks – Thank You Kindly.


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