What Is SimpleLiner.com – Is SimpleLiner.com Scam or Legit? #1 Review!

By | January 23, 2019

Your Guide To What Is SimpleLiner.com.

This is a good news bad news review. Good news for you if you found this review before purchasing at www.SimpleLiner.com. Bad News if you have. What Is SimpleLiner.com anyways? They are a scam site. There are many others that look like them as well. Simply read this article called What Is Surprise.Shopping for a list of them. What gives them away, and how the connection was made, is all in their ‘About Us’ section i.e.”…we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference point to your UNIQUENESS…and to spread exactly that is our core mission:”. That page has been copied on to many other online scams.

This version is completely unlike all the others. It almost had me fooled until I saw the same verbiage only they use in their About Us Section. They are from China and that is a sticky point when it comes to online safety and purchasing. These cyber-crooks are after your cash but also your payment details. So be mindful of any charges incurring without your permission. Contact your payment provider and alert them. You may need to cancel your card. You should get a refund. Items delivered (if anything) maybe shoddy, counterfeit, inferior and too unlike what they are advertising. Worse still, they may not send you anything at all, or in order to produce a legit track code, may just send you out an empty envelope etc.


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Beware of www.SimpleLiner.com – SimpleLiner Review.

This article is not going to list their other fake sites and as you know you may view that in the link above provided. There are many complaints of no products, wrong products being delivered, cheap and shoddy items received. They are a new site and I expect them to be as damaging as all the others. We begin to break down their deception by seeking out contact information, ownership details and their location.


SimpleLiner.com Review

Beware of www.simpleliner.com!


  • 2018/12/09 is when they registered and done so for 1 year. Now, sites that register for so little time is suspicious because it takes about 1 year to get out there and established online. A scam site can go viral in a few months to even a few weeks because of their too-good-to-be-true prices on their goods. By the time scam reports emerge then they have already defrauded many people. This is why it is paramount you spare a moment to leave your own report below, if you have time. Anyways, 1 year is simply not long enough for a real business whom would of normally registered for some years.


  • So, more disappointing news, they have left an address but that address is used by many scammers often. There could be 1000’s of sites using that address, such is the frequency I see it. It is 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255, Phoenix, AZ, 85016, US. So don’t trust or at least be suspicious of sites with that address because it normally smells of a fake site.


  • Phone Number at their sites registration is another bit of information that is being actively used by other sites. I believe that number does not even work. It is +1.3478717726. So, yet again, where ever you see the address and that phone number online, stay clear and report them us.


  • NO founder name or contact email address either. This is all classic scam sign behavior. The reason they hide it is because they don’t want to be caught for ripping people off. Otherwise, there is no good reason why a legit BUSINESS would hide such data.





SimpleLiner Scam Signs.

  • So far, SimpleLiner has utterly failed in the truth department. Let us see what is on their site in this area. There is an address of Guangzhou Maihao Information Technology Co., Ltd, Room 401, No. 20-1, Lane 8, Fengxinqiao Street, Renhe Town, Bayun District, Guangzhou. So we have an address for The Peoples Republic Of China, but it looks like a hotel address. Not good enough and another scam sign.


  • Where you see multiple addresses is a sign that your order might just be coming to you outside of your country. In this case, they obviously are. I say this because their addresses keep on changing for their sites. One minute they are from the USA, Arizona, Now on their own site in their own words, they are saying they are actually from China. Geography is not my strong point, but even I know, they are not the same region on Earth!


  • Just noticed they have another number. That number is 15909584223. So do beware of that number where you see it. Google search on it has no complaints as of the date of this article. Give it time, is what I say.


  • As said, their About Us section is word for word identical to so many of their other sites. The only difference is they have calling themselves ‘SimpleLiner’, and incredibly, sometimes they call themselves by their own past scam sites names in this section. I have seen that many times and is a good place to check for such errors.


  • Their prices are a little too good for me and so be careful. They may charge you what seems like a great price for a high quality item, just to send you out something inferior, and so in this instance you may end up paying for something that maybe worth only a few dollars.


  • **I advise you now, if you are in the middle of a refund with PayPal or your bank, and scammers suddenly produce a tracking code that was previously invalid, please do not open whatever package they send out to you!! Take a picture of the address and all info on the package before opening, and then show the contents as pictures as well, to your payment provider. Sometimes, and sadly, this whole producing a fake tracking code to a legit one actually helps the scammers keep your cash. It is really terrible and so I thought I’d share this idea and I hope it works for you all if you find yourself in this situation.


  • Product images simply may not be theirs. One image did indeed link back to their own site. Another image linked elsewhere. So we already, from previous reviews, they are dishonest. We have written on this scam network close to 20 times, and in all that time, the owner of any of these sites has not commented once to deny a single word. That is proof enough for me. 


  • Their email address is support@simpleliner.com. Anyone get a response from that email? So, it is worthy researching all of this kind of information to see if they are connected to online scam reports etc. In this event, it is not.


  • However, Let me give you an example. I have simply gone to their about us section, right after the first instance of the word ‘simpleliner, I have highlighted to the end of that first paragraph, right clicked and then clicked on “Search Google for…”. Click on that and you will see yet another site with exact same wording except they have changed the sites name. All the same speech and it is a baby e-store. Actually, I see a full 2 pages worth of search returns in Google with this identical speech! They ALL belong to the same scam network because it is impossible for so many sites to coincidentally compose that roughly around the same time.


  • You can go to their Shipping Information page and you will see that they are labling themselves as from China again. OK, so they are partially truthful it seems. However, that is YET ANOTHER PAGE on their own site I have seen elsewhere – word for word almost. SO now we have two pieces of damning evidence connecting them to a huge scam network. Once again, check out the link at the start of this article and you can view them at your leisure. The research is done and so no point extending the point forever.




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Final Thoughts.

They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers because I am positive they are not real and legit. They have too many scam signs and resemble too much a well covered scam network by scamwitness.com. There is no information on their site that is reliable regarding their own location. No founder name either and some sections of their site can be found elsewhere online. Everything found out about this network was all done using Google. Nothing else. Always look for reviews. Where you can’t find any, look for the scam signs listed above. Where there are too many scam signs then just walk away. There are plenty of good stores online like Amazon to choose from instead. Please report them below.


Surprise.Shopping Review


*The above image is an example of how they normally look. And so if you see any like that as well please do report them below as many of them are doing damage right now. Thanks.


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That is all for now. Please stay tuned by bookmarking this webpage for more updates. This site is heavily moderated daily and so please no swearing. However, you are free otherwise to have a good old rant and rave in the comments and let off some steam. So feel welcome to sound-out against this scam network if they did indeed scam you. Looking forward to your comments on What Is SimpleLiner.com and, if not, then I am happy to be of service to you 🙂 . All the best for now.

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