What Is ShopMyPods.com – Is ShopMyPODS.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 14, 2019

Find Out What Is ShopMyPods.com – The ‘ShopMyPods (‘MyPods’) Review.

Welcome to this quick review on What Is ShopMyPods.com found at www.shopmypods.com. Maybe also referred to as ‘MyPods’. Is ShopMyPods com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive and no good or Is ShopMyPods legit, real, genuine and safe to buy from? This Shop My Pods Review could very well be a warning. I am worrie already because their prices are ridiculously too low. That is a huge scam sign, but lets find out more, before deciding on that. Those that believe they were scammed, if any, are welcome to leave their own reviews below this article.

So, many fake shopping sites are streaming out of China where cheap, shoddy, inferior goods are exchanged for peoples hard earned cash. Typically, what you receive has little resemblance ot what they are advertising. But also, people who shop on sites that may not be good run the risk of have your card details stolen and misused, and also, may be at risk of receiving counterfeit and even stolen goods. Contact your payment provider for a refund and perhaps also to cancel your card, if you believe you were defrauded.





MyShopPods.com Review – Safe or Not?

Let us find out for sure before you make those purchases on MyShopPods.com (MyPods). To get some clarity we must do our own research on their site. Legit sites will have excellent transparency for real world address of their business, owner name is a must, contact info and also their registration date. Where we find no info, info that is clearly wrong, or conflicts of dates, info belonging to other sites, then we have to be careful and do more research.



Possible scam alert for www.shopmypods.com!


  • Registration date was in 2018/08/23 and and for just 1 year they have decided to set up their e-store. Well, 1 year is no time at all for any  biz (real world or otherwise) and is a sign of what scammers do. 1 or 2 years is all bad sites will set up for to defraud and then run off with all the earnings. Many times these sites just shut down without warning. That is dishonest sites in general.
  • When they submitted their site for registration then I see they are using an address that I nearly see daily other sites using. How can so many online companies be claiming the same 14455. N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, US address? That is impossible. And so the effect of that address is hiding their real location. Never a good sign.
  • No founder name and there is also no email present. Let us now go to their site for this kind of info if there is anything left there of that nature.
  • Helpmypods@gmail.com appears to be the only form of contact they have. I had to scan their Terms and Conditions just to find it at the very bottom of their page. No physical address that is clear to find. No owner name evident unless tucked away somewhere that is too hard to find. No phone number apparent. These are all extraordinary signs of deceptive behavior. Right now, if a friend of mine asked me if that site is safe, I would have to tell them no. Play safe – stay clear.
  • No legit sites hide all of that information because there is no reason to do that. That is only to hide 100% everything about you and your site, and where we see such a lack of transparency, then we have to wonder why.





‘MyPods’ or  ‘ShopMyPods’ Scam Signs.

Cloaked identity is a glaring warning sign that something may indeed be very wrong here. That alone is enough to put me right off of them. There was a complaints submitted to scamwitness.com about ‘MyPods’ (shopmypods.com) and is how we are now on to them. Plesae, in future, all are welcome to REPORT ONLINE SCAMS HERE but be sure to leave full URL so to avoid any potential confusion. And of course leave such complaints on this or any other article at our site. Thank You.

Nearly forgot (hehe) please see Comment 94 on another of our articles where ‘MyPods’ has been reported to us for non-delivery of goods after payment was received. I really do not see much complaints on them so far. We have to check out their social media tentacles to see if there are complaints there. That link by the way will open in a new article so you may come back here.

So we see that their sites name is different to their sites URL address. That is pretty with legit sites but not with fake sites. It is another thing that stood out to me as odd.

THE PRICES! Reductions from $177.35 plummeted to just $35.45! How are they making any profit with such a discount? Well, too-good-to-be-true-prices is nearly always a sign of a scam. This is how bad sites will become so popular so fast online because people fall for it, so it seems. Once people start sharing and inviting people to their site then Google thinks they are relevant and popular and so the traffic-doors swing wide open quickly. 

Their generosity continues to exceed all expectations when I see that they are delivering globally for free today. So, the Government of China give out heavy subsidies to businesses who export. This is a clue to their location if indeed they are not charging anything for delivery.

Today’s date is Feb 14th and yet still I see they have not changed their holidays promotions. That is very strange and tells me that they are not even updating their site anymore.

NO founder name. No phone number for customer service. Returns address will probably be sent to you by email and so do let us know if you have that info. I am anticipating as well that your address on any deliveries maybe from China and returns Address is Israel? – Just a guess. 

Oh, Scam Alert! They are using images to make us believe they are McAffee, Norton, VeriSign, Google Trusted Score, and also BBB Accredited. Nothing has come up for them being accredited with such a prestigious body as the BBB.ORG. So – NOW WE CAN 100% DEEM THEM TO BE DECEPTIVE A SCAM

So when we click on those images they link to nowhere. A page should open for each to let us know they have been inspected and approved. This is to assure people that our payment info is safe and secure and they are a real and trusted vendor. Not so in this case and is a major scam sign. 

Once you try to check out then we see a clock to pressure us into a sale. That is common with fake sites and have not seen this with legit sites.

When we first land on their site we see some kind of side-slide-in offering us a discount. It also has a spinning wheel on it. I am always worried when that happens because there is a scam network that is using that same trick on all of their sites. Just another thing I found odd and worrisome.

At the last step before paying, it said $39.99 and then it changed back to the original price. That is not right. Stay away from the site in question. Also I see that they have linked to my personal Facebook messenger and now they are going to be spamming me with their discount codes forever However, I could not find them on Facebook and so that is odd as well.






Final Thoughts.

OK, that will do it. I am convinced they are not a trustworthy site. Of course, no one expects you to take my word for it as it is only my personal opinion, and so you must continue your research elsewhere if you believe I have erred here. As well, never take anyone site as the Final Word on anything. Verify all ‘facts’for yourself and then see if that makes sense. 

There is too much wrong with the site just reviewed. All owner and company data is hidden expertly online. They don’t even possess a customer phone number. Have attributes from least one other major scam network we have worked hard to expose. Prices are too cheap compared to their starter price including free global shipping – how are they profiting with such reductions.

They are a scam. I would love to hear from you and others in the comments about your experiences with that site. Did you get your order? Nothing arrive after 2/3/4 months? If so, make contact with them and take pics of all communications. You will need that as evidence for a refund. 

That is it on What Is ShopMyPods.com  (‘MyPods’) and look forward to hearing you all in the comments below.



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4 thoughts on “What Is ShopMyPods.com – Is ShopMyPODS.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Shannon Hube

    Purchased mine before Christmas and never received them or any replies to my numerous emails and all comments on their sites have been blocked or deleted
    tried to do a fraud with the bank and they said there was nothing they could do.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Very sorry to read about this Shannon and so perhaps report this site, and your payment provider who seem to be at a loss to help you regain illegally acquisitioned funds, at the BBB.org. Also, go to WHOIS and type in the ‘ShopMyPods.com’ and scroll down until you see the following:-

      Registrar Abuse Contact Email: email@godaddy.com
      Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4806242505

      You may email directly the hosting provider / registrar and give them all the extraneous details you wish. The more people that complain about these companies to the hosting providers the more sites can be shut down thus denying a greater number of these instances from occurring.

      Report also at ScamAdviser.com, OnlineThreatAlerts, RippOff.com, http://www.ic3.gov/ , https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us and so I am sure your complaint must be heeded by someone. Otherwise we might as well hand over the Internet to the scammers.

      I sincerely hope this helps Shannon and you are welcome to up date us about anything regarding your course of action and its outcomes, if any. Take care and thanks again Shannon for reporting this despicable situation to us.

  2. Mailani

    I was a sucker. Thought this would be an awesome gift for my daughter. I placed my order on November 28th and still haven’t received it. I was in email contact with a Melissa…..but who knows. We corresponded a few times, then nothing. I just went into my emails, looked at my original order and pressed the “my order” button to see my tracking…low and behold, poof! GONE! The link is gone.

    I will be filing a claim with my bank for fraud, but I’m not even sure if $37.95 is worth the hassle. These are the things I teach my children not to do, and I went and did it. Lesson learned.

    I hope this helps anyone who finds themselves in the same situation.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Mailani for your ShopMyPods.com Customer Review. I know it will help others to make others aware of this site. Much appreciated Mailani 🙂 .


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