What Is ShopMyBest.com – Is ShopMyBest.com Scam or Legit? Scam Alert!

By | January 8, 2019

What Is ShopMyBest.com and Their Scam Networks Operations.

Great work on finding this post on What Is ShopMyBest.com located at www.shopmybest.com. Is ShopMyBest com good, safe, legit, real, genuine, trustworthy or Is ShopMyBest bad, crooked, dishonest, scam, fraudulent, crooked? This Shop My Best Review is a heads-up to NOT buy from them! They have many other identical sites such as GadJetMart, Posily.com, YouthForSome, Rena1ssance, InnovStylish, VsTroll, InnovGoods, SetComing, Morderneo, SuperGoMall with others online. Cyber-crooks are after free cash and your banking information. You should contact your payment provider and apply for a refund plus cancel your card. Those scammed are welcome to leave your scam reports below this article to help warn others – thank you very much.

It is common knowledge that most shopping site that most dishonest are from China and that is something we will look for with the site under question. Typically unwary customers will have to worry about unauthorized withdrawals from their account. Those that receive a package for their hard earned cash will or may notice the inferior quality of the order. Lesser quality versions, counterfeit products, shoddy and inferior goods is what they may receive and is how the scammers earn their profit.

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What Is ShopMyBest.com Review.

As said do avoid the other sites connected to the site in question, and to be clear, they are Poisly.com, GadJetMart, InnovStylish, Rena1ssance, YouthForSome, SuperGoMall, InnovGoods, Morderneo, VsTroll and any site that look like those ones. There are number of ways to find out if a site is good or not. We always begin with trying to finding ownership information, where they are in the world and also contact info. Where this information, that should be attached to their site as standard, then we should begin to dig even further.


ShopMyBest.com Review

Don’t buy from www.shopmybest.com!


1). The site above was registered online in 2018/12/18 and only up for 1 year. Ethical business would normally have made a good investment already on their real world biz and so to invest just 1 year does not make sense. That is what scam sites do and so they scam for 1 or 2 years and then they take down that domain, only to replace it, with others to maintain the flow of their illegal earnings. When they get loads of complaints online makes them to have to shut down their sites sooner.

2). Their real world location, per the person that registered the above site, is Anhuid, CN. That is China. Normally they may have a different address on their site, which where you see multiple addresses for an online business, is a sign that your order is coming from outside your own country.

3). The Phone Number they have on their website is very suspicious to say the least. It is connected with several other sites, and so we must ask ourselves, how can several other companies have the same contact number. And so we must know that is impossible and so we can say they are running a scam network, as was already known but just further proof of it, or with other sites they could be using other peoples data to hide their identity behind.

4). That number is 1 626 456 668.

5). No Founder Name is not attached to their site anywhere online which is a remarkable how they are allowed to register a site online without such vital information.

6). The About Us Section on their site is the same word-for-word as with many of their other sites. Sometimes even they will forget to change the old sites name and so that is another sign of a scam. This happens because when they copy and paste their old’s source code they will just not remember to look too carefully at their site. 

6). Bottom of their site, as with all the other of their fake sites, you can see they are saying they have been online since 2010. Simply go to WHOIS and you will see their true online registration date. That is done because they want yo to believe they are a relatively old site and so that is more than likely to make others trust them.

7). The Prices are Too Cheap!! There is no way a site that is  new can afford to take so much cash off of the original price. Then they want to say they are going to give free shipping above a lower level of expense to their unwary customers. 

8). Images are typically stolen when it comes to scam sites. So do not expect receive the advertised items on their site to be delivered to your door step. Expect only a lesser version of quality if you get anything at all.

9). will typically just lie to you from start to end. Tracking information is normally fake, if it is not, then you are probably seeing the tracking data of a much lower quality order. Also they may say to be patient and to sympathize with them because they are having difficulties with delivering your order.

10). Do watch your card that you are not being charged many times for your order. Sometimes cyber-crooks will try to charge you more than once for your order. Or they will try to charge you monthly for some kind of bogus monthly recurring charge. Simply dispute those charges with your payment provider for a refund.





Do You Have A ShopMyBest.com Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Leave Your Reports Below – Thank You.














Final Thoughts.

Sites that do not disclose the other sites they own, where they are in the e-commerce niche, is a point of deep concern. They are producing new identical sites on a worrying regular basis. Their prices are typically too low and hailing from China. Don’t fall for it and report them below. Right now they are going into scamwitness.com’s List of Internet Scammers.

Thank you for trusting this website in your research. Those that have more information regarding the sites mentioned above are welcome to leave that below. Any new sites not exposed here then you are welcome to leave that below as well. Thank you for stopping by and looking forward to all of your comments to come on What Is ShopMyBest.com.


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16 thoughts on “What Is ShopMyBest.com – Is ShopMyBest.com Scam or Legit? Scam Alert!

  1. Paul Napier

    I paid 89 dollars NZ for a barrel sauna only to receive a plastic bag. I’m down 139 dollars to these crooks and I hope Karma gets them before I do.

  2. Frank

    Purchased an item from an ad on Facebook. Never received an email, or any other correspondence. It’s been over a week. So far nothing on my credit card.

    1. Scam Witness

      Thank you Frank for your ShopMyBest.com Scam Report. Put in for a refund and I hope they decide in your favor. ~ Scam Witness.

        1. Scam Witness

          It is a pleasure and thank you also for visiting. It is absolutely nothing without people like you Frank that appreciate the daily effort. It is appreciated more than you may know 🙂 🙂 .

  3. Lisa

    I also purchased a $100 food recycler from this website and never received it. I’ve been trying to email them but there has been no reply.

  4. Ayushi

    Hey this is so true.. Everyone reading this please make sure that you don’t shop from shopmybest . I had ordered food recycler worth 69$ and now their website isn’t opening. I tried mailing them about my order. Literally no reply from past one month.

  5. mela

    Ow im waiting for my order and looked up the site it dosent open, the page is gone so i looked up this site and u say shopmybest is a scam, i feel ao bad not cheaking befor about it, wont b ordering again from the int. Thank you . .

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mela,

      Sorry to hear about this Mela and thank you kindly for reporting them here. Put in for a refund and hopefully it will work out for you Mela.

  6. Viviane Hardy

    Hi, I’m afraid I’ve been scammed by shopmybest, I feel stupid for not having checked out the company before hand, I am a pensioner and I love my garden when I saw a composting gadget advertised, I thought well that’ll be just what I need, it cost me over $100.au.
    When I went to track the article, It couldn’t , be found, it’s very sad there are so many crooks in this world ?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Viviane,

      Yes, very sad indeed. Sorry to hear about this Viviane and thank you for your scam report on ShopMyBest.

      1. Hilary Langley

        Hi there,
        I paid for the food recycling too on Shoy Best paid not too much but it still makes me angry.
        This is the first time this has happened so now very careful. I was so excited to think about having this composting and reusable waste too.
        Hilary Langley thank you!

        1. Scam Witness

          Sorry to hear this Hilary and thank you, and others here, for reporting on on these scammers. It really does help keep the net safer. 🙂 .

          1. Lersak inchai

            Hi !
            I also purchased a $79 food recycle from this website and 3weeks later ,They sent me a cheep usb cable from Hongkong .
            I already cancel my credit card ,that use for purchasing.

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