What Is ShopingLily.com – Is ShopingLily.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 22, 2019

Find Out Here In This #1 Review On What Is ShopingLily.com – SCAM ALERT!

Good job here on finding out What Is ShopingLily.com at www.shopinglily.com. Is ShopingLily com fake, scam, fraudulent, crooked or Is ShopingLily good, safe, legit, genuine, real? This ShopingLily Review is to help alert all that they are a fraudulent site that that maybe stealing your cash, for sub-par goods, and personal banking details. Their other sites to watch out for as well are OnlineBookGoods.icuMoreRate.com, BalmllJucy.com,  Neoiu.com, Coolerones.com, ShopMyBest.comMyLoveGoods.com, ForYouthSome.com, InovGoods.com, Conglide.com, NuxtFit.com,1SuperShop.com,  RTRindingete.com,MjKiu.com, ActionSallyhy.com Easious.com,OnsuathyMealle.comMorderneo.com,   Skying.icu,SetComing.com, InnovStylish.com, SuperGoMall.com VsTroll.com and LucuryBuy.com, also there are 100’s of them online.

Those that were scammed are welcome to report them below. Also do report them at the bbb.org and IC3. The more reports that exist about them online the sooner they will all have to shut down for good, therefore, saving many people much money. Typically such dishonest sites are coming out of China. That is where their entire scam network is coming from. The above links are all the reviews of the sites that we have found or were reported to scamwitness.com. Please keep on alerting us to these sites and we will expose on page 1 for all to know.




#1 ShopingLily.com Review – Scam Reports Needed.

There are very few sites online that has extensively covered this particular scam network then scamwitness.com. And still, I know, there are so many others that it maybe impossible to find them all. Their sites many times shut down even after months of being online. Please report them to your payment provider and get a refund while those sites are still online. Let us now take a quick look into why they are completely and utterly fraudulent.


ShopingLily.com Review

Don’t shop at www.shopinglily.com!


Their was created and registered online 2019/01/07 and they have done this for only 1 year online. Why would a site that is selling such good quality items decide to exist online for so little time. This is not the usual way that legit selling sites register for such a small amount of time. Also the are now already following the well known scam pattern of setting up a site for 1 to 2 years, defraud countless people for free cash, and the skulk away in the night like thieves with good peoples money. The orders they may send out are nothing but an insult to the cash you paid for it. You have been warned.

Their address I have listed in their other reviews and it is 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255, Phoenix, AZ, US. That address is bogus and they have illegally given a false address. How do I know this for sure? Because there are 1000’s of other sites online using the EXACT SAME ADDRESS!! So where you find that as a businesses address then please run for the hills and leap to the moon to get a way from such sites, or, just go to Amazon…

Phone Number of +1.3478727726 is being used on other sites. These sites typically belong to the owners that own ShopingLily. Always Google phone numbers, email addresses, any addresses sites leave for your viewing because often there are scam reports connected to such information. The reason for that is because they tend to use the same details for so many of their sites, which I can’t understand, because they are making it too easy for scam busting sites like this one to find them. Additionally, that number does not work, and if by some miracle it does, they will never get back to you.

As always there is no Founder Name or customer support email address left on their sites registration. So we have to assume it was either one of the X-Men or Google is being haunted by a Ghost. Or, there needs to be some kind of enforcement agency online to demand verification from sites that either offer work from home jobs or sell stuff online. So the hosting providers are very, very, very happy to take fee’s and not do to their jobs to help protect the population on the net.

Additionally, you can always report them to their host provider and so see PrivacyGuardian.org.




www.ShopingLily.com Scam Signs.

  • There are 100’s of this diabolically malicious sites floating around everywhere online. You may have connected with them on Facebook, Instagram, You-Tube ad etc. Where ever you found them then those platforms simply could not care less or so it seems. They don’t take any action that I am aware of and they have not been helpful at all when people complain about scam companies using their platform to target people for illegal purposes. But still, at least the platforms and the scammers are getting rich. Who cares about the rest of us, the rest of us without which, these social media platforms would be nothing. Nice gratitude.


  • So, undisclosed multiple sites is a clear cut sign of a scam network. I mean why would they not tell their members about all their other sites? Each site of theirs has its own wave of traffic, traffic that is obvlious to all their other identical sites, and so these cyber-crooks are making a fortune online and no one is doing a thing about it. Your reports is the only way to stamp out these scam sites before too many people lose their cash.


  • Their copyright date on their is a not true. 2010 to 2019 is a pure lie because you can find out for yourself on WHOIS their real date of their sites registration. They lie on this point for the reason to make you think they are an old and trusted site. Older sites seem to automatically garner trust and that leads to more sales. Unfortunately it does convince people to make that purchase.


  • They have the same wording, similar to identical image products on their site. Images are not their own and you will either get a shoddy, inferior version of the products or they will send you out nothing at all. Also, if you see a tracking number, that miraculously turns out to be legit, see the weight of the item. If too small relative to your order then they are sending you out an empty envelope, bubble wrapped parcel with nothing in it or something so small to only produce that tracking info. This nonsense usually happens when you apply for your refund. 


  • Reductions in prices is complete make-believe and you would never get such high quality items at that price. SO in the real world they are only taking your cash and send you out nothing, or something so worthless, they still have made a fortune from your order. 


  • You may peruse all the articles in the list above and you will see the same old number for most of them on their sites. That number is 1 626 456 6688. That is a bogus number and you won’t get through to them. It seems there is no way to contact them unless they provide you with such details after you make your purchase.


  • Despite when they tell you when they will charge you, you may find that they take payment very fast. Even they may not give you a receipt or calculate for taxes. These are bad signs indeed.


  • Their About Us Section is the same as some of their other sites. They have completely erased the old spiel they use to spout to less content. You will notice it is generic and wholly unhelpful. That is only to give a semblance of ‘content’ on their site. Nothing about them is real except that they are a scam site.





Want to Help Shut Them Down With Your Own ShopingLily.com Scam Report? Feel Free To Lambast Them In The Comments To Help Warn Others – Thank You Kindly.













Final Thoughts.

If you still have confusion on whether they are scam or legit then I advise you read the article again. They have been online years as a scam network and they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. They will take your cash for inferior, cheap, shoddy products for which you would have paid way too much for. Contact your bank for a refund and to cancel your card. Also, please spare a moment as well to help warn others below as well – thank you to those that will to help make our Internet a safer place for all.

That is all on What Is ShoingLily.com and hope it has answered all of your questions. All owner data is hidden and that is enough to call any selling site a scam. Name me one legit site that hides all that info? And so you see we can’t be dealing with legit people. Those with questions, extra info or other reports on other sites, are welcome to place all that in the comments below. Take care for now and hope to hear from you and others in the comments below.


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