Review – What Is / Is ‘LilyHouse’ Scam or Legit?

By | April 12, 2019

What Is about / What Is ‘LilyHouse’ – Our Review.

You are most welcome to this review on situated at What Is Is Shoeld com a scam, fake, fraudulent or Is ‘Shoeld’ safe, real, trustworthy and legit? This ‘Shoeld LilyHouse’ Review will try to save you some time by compiling all of the known research about them here. They are mysteriously referring to themselvse as ‘LilyHouse’ as well and so we will answer What Is ‘LilyHouse’.

Those with customer reviews about this site are welcome to leave your reports in the comments below. This will help to identity if this is scam or legit. We are going to be doing a background check to see if attached information checks out. If not, then we should use caution. Lets have a look…




is a scam? – Our Review Guide.

Registration date for began in 2018/06/14 and that is for 2 years they have registered for. That is not a long time for a business to start up. It can take years and so why thinks that is enough time is not a good sign. 12 or 24 months online can be indicative of a hit-and-run site.

  • Also it could be that the founder is waiting to see how successful their new business will be. And so, they can always renew is they think it is worth doing so.
  • Zheijan, CN – CHINA – is all they have submitted when they registered their site per WHOIS. That is clearly an incomplete address and so why must be asking why they would not submit a completed address. Only fake sites like to hide their real location.
  • We find no founder name and also there is no contact data submitted at domain registration. That is even more bad signs and so let us see if we can locate this data on their site.
  • We go to and see an email address of
  • In their ‘ABOUT US’ section we see an address of:-WOFUN COMPANY LIMITED, 95 High Street, Office B, Great Missenden, England, HP16 0AL.
  • We Googled the address and see other sites using that exact/precise business address. How can it be that other companies have the same address? That is a clear sign of a scam network. We see is also using that address, and that link, is our review about ‘VariedShoes‘ which we exposed as a scam a short while ago.
  • From that connection via their address, it is further proof, they are not a legit site. Why would a legit site be using a known scammers address for? You can Google that address yourself and you will see some scam report or two about it. All bad signs and that really is all we need to call them a  fake site and to warn you against them.




Final Thoughts.

There is too much missing business information that is alarming. Clearly, we have made connections to least one other scam site and that really is end-of-story about their legitimacy. 

They are a fake site and so if you handed over payment information to them I suggest you contact your payment provider, if nothing or shoddy goods / damaged goods, arrives to your door.

That is all on What Is So beware of as we believe they are no good. Please report what you know about them in the comments below this short review to help warn others. Thank you. They belong in our List of Internet Scammers.

List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!





10 thoughts on “ Review – What Is / Is ‘LilyHouse’ Scam or Legit?

  1. Holly Larsen

    Same situation as the others. Ordered April 19th, received tracking on April 25th, that was not valid. Had not received by May 19th. Emailes asking for an update. Got the email “Busy season … stuck at post office”. No more responses. Reached out through PayPal where another tracking number was provided showing it was delivered May 3rd…after my email where delivery was never mentioned. My time and date stamped Ring video proves otherwise. No delivery was made. Company is a total scam!!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Holly you know you can apply for a refund in this situation. I am sorry to read this and your comment is gratefully approved to help warn others about You are welcome to up date us anytime regarding your order and or refund claim. Thanks again Holly.

  2. Roslyn

    Shoeld is definitely a scam. I ordered from them on April 17, 2019 and it is May 24, 2019. I emailed them regarding the delay of receiving my product and was informing that this was a busy time, however, they gave me a tracking site called (which I guess scammers use to protray that your product is in route). The site says that my items has been delivered so I emailed shoeld and they said maybe the system isn’t updated. Any way, I am no longer looking for the product. I have just come to the conclusion that I’ve been scammed and will never order anything else online.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Roslyn for your Customer Review. You can put in for a refund if you have not indeed received what you have paid for. If you decide to do this, then we welcome you up date when it concludes – or – if you currently have questions then you are welcome to leave them here.

  3. Tracy

    I order from the on April 13, 2019. Got an email that my items had shipped on April 18,2019. It’s May 8th and I still haven’t received my items. I emailed LilyHouse and got a reply that I should email I did and got a reply to wait a couple of days because it’s the busy season. They also said my items were probably stuck at the post office. I feel like it’s a scam. It shouldn’t take this long to get items you order online.

  4. Madison Brown

    I was scammed by this company do not purchase anything from their website it’s a scam, and I have proof

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Very sorry to hear this Madison and thank you kindly for the very first scam report on It is appreciated. Maybe you should put in for a refund you are welcome to report on how that goes.


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