What Is ‘Shineonwe’ – Is Shineonwe.com Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | May 15, 2019

What Is ‘Shineonwe’ (shineonwe.com) and the ‘CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED’ Scam Connection.

‘Shineonwe’ – Shop for Boho Dresses, Casual Tops Online…’ this does sound like a legit slogan for your e-store. However, we have made an irrefutable scam connection by their ‘CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED’ name that can only cast suspicion on this site. What Is ‘Shineonwe’ about? Shineonwe.com is a new site and we see they are offering up to 50% discounts. Could this be too-good-to-be-true? Well, usually such prices are only a scam-enticement!

You may Google ‘CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED’ and you can see for yourself that there are other sources online claiming that to be part of a scam network. Where you find sites using that name in WHOIS, or on their websites, then use extreme caution. We are welcoming customer reviews about the site in question below in the comments also.






Shineonwe.com Review – Might Be A Scam!

Personally, I would love to be wrong all day long about all sites because then we would know which sites were legit. But the reality is Shineonwe is connected to a scam network. Does this make Shineonwe a scam? Possibly and more than likely probably. Below is our brief research to help you make up your own mind.

  • We begin to ask who the founder is, where are they really from, contact information like phone numbers and email addresses. We simply Google that information to see what else shows up. We always Start With Whois. On that site we can see attached site information when their site was first registered.
  • As said, they are new and registered in 2019/01/14 and only for 2 years. So it is common for legit businesses to register for years to come. This is because they know that it can take some years before becoming well established online and so earn good revenue. So 1 or 2 years screams of a hit-and-run site.
  • But there are times there are legit and honest founders registering for this small time frame to see how things go. In this event it would be very helpful if they could just state they are work from home e-business owners. In this instance they simply do not require to deliver a business address as it is not expected to reveal your home address, as that is just not safe.
  • No founder name registered with site and can not find one within their own sites content. It has to be said that there are next to know reports online about the site in question. They are new and so it is hoped you will take a moment to reveal what you know below in the comments for the safety of the online community.
  • WHOIS also shows us they are from Hong Kong. That is not a complete address and so that is never a good sign. We always expect, except as mentioned from work from home entrepreneurs, to see a legit business address. It is just a basic requirement so people know they are who they say they are.
  • We have an email address of service@shineonwe.com. Phone Number of (909) 394-9899. It appears there are no scam reports attached to this information. However, we did find a page that shows us the name of its owner, apparently. I do not know this site and so I can not attest to its accuracy. You may view that information at Nuwber.com. I will not state the persons name in case this is false information.
  • Fake sites tend to lie about their prices. Many times I see such sites offering up to 40%, 50% and far far higher. The pricing does appear to be quite random and very cheap. Then we can see that such sites offer further savings by a minimum spend, that is affordable, to entice further sales.
  • To round off the savings, they even offer free shipping globally, or after a minimum spend, and one has to ask how they are generating their revenue. Many times, so the cyber-crooks slogan goes, “you get what you pay for“.
  • That is only an admission that you are NOT getting what they are advertising. That is still a scam. Some people are happy enough with the quality from such sites, but really, you are only supporting a sites that are trying to ‘make normal’ dishonest advertising. The choice is of course up to you.





Final Thoughts.

Not Recommended but your customer reviews will ultimately set the record straight about this site. You are welcome to let us know what your experience has been. For me, no biz transparency / founder name, and so who are people giving their payment information to?

That is all for now on What Is Shineonwe (shineonwe.com) and looking forward to hearing from you all.




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