What Is SheDrift.com – Is SheDrift.com Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | April 5, 2019

What Is SheDrift.com About – Our ‘SheDrift’ Review.

Welcome to our review on What Is SheDrift.com found at www.shedrift.com. Is SheDrift com a scam, fraudulent, malicious or Is ‘SheDrift’ genuine, trustworthy, legit, safe and real? This www SheDrift com we will quickly inform you about the most important details of our research. The phone number of +44020 3286 6639 is currently being used by multiple other sites.




Is www.shedrift.com a scam?



How can there be other companies be using the same phone number? And so and of course one company should have only 1 phone number. Some of the sites using this number have scam reports about them. You only have to Google that number and you will the results for yourself.

Some of the sites are Cheriein.com, Mokoku.com, DimpDress.com, Dresslim.com, Eavah.com and VeniDress.com. There maybe many others. Those that know of more sites are welcome to report them below in the comments.

Anyways, they registered ‘SheDrfit’ in 2018/09/26 and one year is all they have done so for. 1 year is little time for a business of any nature. That is typical of hit-and-run scam sites. At times, it could be founders are waiting to see if their new biz will take off and so have the option to renew their e-store.

Room 305, Unit 5, Building 5, HuMei Village, Jiangdong Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province is their business address located in their ‘CONTACT US’ section on their own site.

We Googled that site and we can see that there is another site using that exact same address. How can two companies be using that same exact address? So that is not right and a scam sign for sure.

That site is called ViciDress.com and so you can Google that yourself. 

Since we have already researched quite a few of these sites, using the same phone number, then we will leave it there.

That is all on What Is SheDrift.com and looking forward to your own reviews below to help others in their research. If there are many scam reports then I will list them in our List of Internet Scammers section of our site.


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