‘SEYIER’ / ‘SEYIERS’ Reviews – Is Seyier.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | October 2, 2020



What Is ‘SEYIER’ AKA ‘SEYIERS’ – Our Seyier.com Reviews / Customer Reviews.

SEYIER‘ also known as ‘SEYIERS‘, situated at www.seyier.com, is a new online shop but we have found some scam signs that may indicate fraud. Our post will be very fast and we will give you the punchline on scam or legit at the very soon. Please report any e-store, website, you find that is untrustworthy to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 Section for review. This will help others avoid frauds.




www.seyier.com, a site name that appears to have no meaning about itself, was registered 2020-08-19 for a year. Not even is two years long enough in most cases to warrant this startup.

This is typically deemed to be suspicious when startups begin with low time frames. WHOIS.com shows us the person responsible for this site did not leave their name, no phone number, email is missing, and all in all, they have hidden their business info.

Going to their site we see their ‘ABOUT US’ section is a howling scam sign. It is the whole page that is the scam error! They have many e-stores, this scam network from China, with the exact copy of this section.

They are known as the ‘Uniqueness Scam Network’ and we have exposed many of their sites. So beware of any e-store with “we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that… is our core vision“.

I know the quote off by heart because I have seen countless times. For those interested, you may use oru search engine to your right and insert that quote. 

You will find many articles warning others about these scam e-stores. Moreover, Google the quote and you may find around thirty pages of online shops employing that same scam script.

That section also tells us nothing about the company behind this e-store and is highly fluffy and generic. That is not professional.

There are no names, images of anyone working there, no suppliers list, no addresses of the source of their goods. They typically steal the images of good vendors and pretend to sell them at reduced prices.

You certainly will not get what they are advertising!!! You will get nothing or you will get something very worthless and perhaps around $5.

They are part of the worst online shopping scam network we have ever encountered, and we are sure, there is none like them online presently.

You are advised to ring your payment adviser for a refund and cancel your card for a new one. Do not let these cyber-crooks dissuade you from this course of action as they are only trying to steal from you and others.

Of course, do nothing and see that we are correct in what we are saying.

The founder of these sites has never once messaged us to contradict a single word we have written on them. We have written countless thousands of words slamming their sites as scams.

The Marul Company Limited Hamilton House Mabledon Place London England WC1H 9BB is not where they are located. 

Why also have they got that address in the image for? Only scammers use images to place their address, which is of course fake, to put you and others off Googling their address. 

We have come across that address many times and not once has any of their stores been there. Only there to give a sense of legitimacy.

Bf59gj6oq@gmail.com is a free Gmail address and not a professional domain related address for their business. In fact, their email makes no sense, and it was a company name, then that is too suspicious because it clearly has nothing to do with their own domain and branding!

Huge scam sign to say the least.

Once again, use our site search engine to your right if you have loads of time to read all of our research on these scammers, or which ‘SEYIER’, ‘SEYIERS’, is but one more to their army of fake e-stores.




















list of scam websites.



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