Sexploitation Email Scam Warning From Delta Police – New Threat!

By | April 13, 2019

Read About Sexploitation Scam Warning From Delta Police Here.

Delta Police are warning residents about a threat coming through peoples emails. These emails are trying to extort cash out of people whom may have visited adult sites. This Sexploitation Scam Warning from Delta Police Force is a new threat and we will give some tips on how to deal with it.

Those that have received this vicious email, or maybe you got a text message instead, are welcome to report your experience below in the comments. The more that report on this new email scam the more will be able to avoid its trap.







Sexploitation Scam Emails – A Warning From Delta Police To Residents.

There are some Delta residents that have received emails detailing how cyber-crooks have their password. The story goes that the recent adult site they may have visited has been breached by a virus / malware whereby their password was collected by crooks.

Apparently, this malware allowed unscrupulous criminals to record people while they were on such a site. I do not see proof of this capability but that is what is being reported by

The scam turns nasty when they say they will make this video recording available to people residents might know i.e. send it to their contacts. 

This can be prevented if cash is given to these cyber-crooks by the means of Bitcoin.

Delta Police say that there has been password theft recently and it is likely your password may have been stolen. But people are not to panic even if you or a family member was on an adult site recently.

They advise that you are not to pay these cyber-crooks.

Perform a factory reset on your phone.

Change your password.

Don’t have the same password for all of your accounts online.

Further Steps To Secure Yourself Online.

Here is our advice. After spending much time online exposing online scams we believe we have some tips that you may find valuable after such an attack.

  • Change your passwords. But, be sure to have 9 passwords minimally across all of your accounts. Using the same password for all accounts will cripple your online security if a cyber-crook gets it.
  • Do not save your passwords to your device! That is a huge mistake. There are bots that crawl the web looking for saved passwords, sensitive info in general, that can be saved to your devices cache. Keep a real world notepad instead to avoid having your personal and sensitive information from being harvested by crooks.
  • Furthermore, these details are made easier to get if your browser is not updated regularly. Update your anti virus as well.
  • If you are wary of your cam being accessed while you are surfing then place a sticker, or something that serves the purpose, of concealing the camera. 
  • If you have indeed accessed an adult site recently, and get this email now or in the future, NEVER PAY! They will likely keep on asking you for more and more and more cash and it may never end if you pay once. Change your password and report these emails and delete.





Final Thoughts.

We left the source of this warning in the content above. Those who know of other email attacks of this or a similar nature are welcome to report them in the comments below. We will respond to all reports in good time.

That is all on about this Sexploitation Scam Warning from Delta Police. Look forward to hearing from you and others about your own experiences below.





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