What Is SepSport.com – Is ‘SepSport’ Scam or Legit Shoe E-Store?

By | April 12, 2019

What Is SepSport.com about – Our ‘SepSport’ Review.

Hello and welcome to scamwitness.com as we ask in this review What Is SepSport.com. www.sepsport.com is a new site and we have previously linked them to a scam site called YGJP.com. Is SepSport com a fake, scam, fraudulent or Is ‘SepSport’ honest, good, trustworthy, real, safe and legit? This ‘Sep Sport’ Review is a scam alert. We have already researched the ‘YGJP’ site and so they are connected by the same email address, among other scam signs.

That email is connected when we type into Google ‘What Is SepSport.com’. We can see via the Google snippet the email clearly attached to their site. However, they must of have removed it as we can not locate it within their sites content. Those with reports, reviews, scam reports etc then you are welcome to report them below in the comments.



scam or legit

www.sepsport.com scam alert!


What Is SepSport.com Really About – Scam Warning.

This short review will now commence to show you why SepSport.com is not legit. We begin to seek out founder name, business and contact information. They registered online in 2018/12/06 and one year is all they have done this for. What business registers their domain for just a year? That is indicative of a hit-and-run site.

It could also mean that the founder just wants to see how they will perform in their first year before renewing. WHOIS does not detail the founder name of this site. We see an address of 96 Sawdust Trail, Nicolson, Georgia, 30565, US. Quick Google search of that address and it appears it is a residential property. What biz do we know that works out of a residential property?

We have another address, on their site, of:-




‘SepSport’ Scam Signs.

Connected to another scam site via the email address already mentioned above.

Prices are too-good-to-be-true.

Founder name is not located online.

Multiple addresses could be a sign that your order is coming from outside your country. I see savings of almost 50%. How can a new site be doing so well so quickly to be discounting nearly all of their products? That is a glaring scam sign to be ware of and usually always indicates an online shopping scam.


Final Thoughts.

We believe they are fake shoe store based on the above reasons. Those that have reviews are welcome to report them below. That is all on What Is SepSport.com. Looking forward to your comments. They are going into our websites List of Internet Scammers.

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