Review – What Is – Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | November 29, 2018 Exposed – Read Here Before Making Purchases At! is completely fraudulent not to be trusted. Those looking to find out What Is (, Is SenMok com fake, crooked, scam, dishonest, bad or Is SenMok good, genuine, real, legit, safe, honest and  good will find out in this SenMok Review. There are a number signs on their site that scream fake and scam to me. Below is my research to help you decide for yourself to make that purchase or not. Those worried about getting a refund should contact their bank, PayPal, and get them to investigate to see if you can get your cash back. Please do report them in the comments below if they scammed you – Thank You.

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Why You Need To Stay Clear Of was reported on this website as being a scam site. Once I landed at, I could see why! The prices!! Anyways, more on that later. There are other signs too that told me we are not dealing with legit people at all. So, that is my opinion on What Is SenMok. However, for those interested and still reading ( 🙂 ) the following is how I determine if an e-commerce store is legit or not.

Lets begin with some background information on their site. Site

don’t buy anything from!


The online registration date is the 2018/11/19 with 1 year shelf life online. 1 year, for a supposedly legit online business is simply not long enough, when it can take years for a real company to build up its trust and reputation. Anyways, the real world business address Capellania 31, Garza Garcia, 6620, MX (Mexico). There is no other address on their website. A quick Google Search of that address turns up holiday homes. So, it appears to be fake. 

There is nothing on their own website regarding legitimate forms of real world business address either. Even when you check their returns page there is not a returns address. All very unusual and not like a legit biz at all.

NO FOUNDER NAME IS ATTACHED TO SENMOK! Well, that is not quite true. There is a Salas Federico. That returns in Google a host of Federico Salas and no one matching as the owner of Sen Mok. So I have to surmise that name is also fake. Legit businesses are not shy about who their owners are.

Clearly, the person or people behind this site are expert in hiding their online identity to the world. The point of this cover up is so they can freely take all the earnings and disappear without legal action being taken against them. 




This Is How You Could Be Scammed.

Here I will lay out the number of ways they may try to scam you. All peoples experiences maybe different. However, since they are trying to sell people Electric Bikes and other motorized items, I will start with the most obvious and maybe the most probable outcome of buying from Sen Mok along with scam signs.

No Item Is Delivered!! – This is my best guess.

Their Prices are Too Low!!

I see items well over $1000 and reduced by $1000! That is no right and how can any business make money selling items that cheap. It is one sure sign of a fraud when you consider also that shipping may come free.

Once you make your purchase order, payment is extracted from your account immediately! Then you may see a Tracking Order Page. Sadly, that information may just be a fake page. Even up to 10 weeks people wait on their orders with some online fake sites just to discover they have been conned.

Inferior Product Delivered!

It is common for scam shopping sites to deliver a different item other than the one you thought you were buying. This way, the fake shopping site makes a profit because they sold you a lesser quality item, and this still makes them a fraudulent website and online business.

Support May Become Rude and Unhelpful!

At this point, IF you get any response from their support, they may just begin to ignore you forever. At times fake shopping sites will stall and tell you some ‘stories’ as to why your item as not arrived. 

Shipping Costs and Returns!

Should you return the item then you could have to foot the shipping costs. Even if they make the mistake they are telling their customers to pay for it, though Sen Mok does say, you will get a refund once they get the product but then they take the shipping fee. That is hardly what I call a ‘REFUND’. Besides, even if you do pay for the returns there is no guarantee you are getting any refund.

Click on their Social Share Icons bottom of their page and you will see they lead straight back to their own site. That is another sign of a fake site and no legit site would intentionally do this.

McAfee Verified and Trusted?

Absolutely Not! That is just another image for the ‘glancing-eye’ to give out fleeting sense of legitimacy. 

Their site Logo Reads ‘SCOOTER – that is completely at odds with their actual site URL. It is just another sign that we are not dealing with honest people. I mean, why would your web address say one thing and then your home page say something completely different to describe your site?

Were You Scammed By SenMok? Feel Free To Report Them Below In The Comments Area – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

While there are no obvious complaints online just yet, its only a matter of time, before many appear I imagine. Having exposed a number fake shopping sites now they do appear to be fake. There is no contact info or founder data on their site. Returns policy is something about ‘YOU’ paying for the shipping costs out of your refund – if you ever get one. But, you might. The Prices! They are far too low and it was the very first thing I noticed. From $1300 for an item down to just over $130 to buy now? NO, they are simply taking advantage of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales, and so that is how they tricking people out of money. Do report them below if you have encountered anything similar to your experience. 

That is just about it on and I hope it has answered some your queries. I am available to answer any questions so you are welcome, as said, to leave that in the comments where I will be happy to help. Thank you for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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