What Is Senegence.com – Is www.Senegence.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 6, 2019

Find Out What Is Senegence.com about – The ‘Senegence’ Review.

You are welcome to discover more on What Is Senegence.com found at www.senegence.com. Is Senegence com a scam, pyramid scheme, deceptive, fraudulent or Is Senegence legit, safe, real, genuine and an excellent way to make money from home? This www Senegence com Review is going to answer just two questions:- Is it really just a scam and a waste of your time and money? Can we really leverage their products to master a full time income for life?! This is not a product review. This is not a member testimonial. This is a scam-check and a realistic look at how to leverage them to ‘YOUR’ benefit.

So many times MLM’s or Multi Level Marketing Companies have been blasted for being Pyramid Schemes. Those making such claims seem to fail to realize that you are speaking about companies that are legal and therefore there must be merit to this kind of business model. The good news is, there is definitely huge merit and potential to earn more money then you know what to do with. It is all about ‘reach’.


How far is ‘YOUR‘ online marketing skills getting you? 



How To Make Money Online






Senegence.com Review – What Is Senegence and Can You Make It Work – Fake or Real?

Right now we are going to run through to verify they are a safe and trustworthy company. All sites that we review go through the same quick check-up to verify for ourselves that we are dealing with a good company. We begin with the registration date, founder name, real world location and contact information. Scam sites will always fail this part and is a good way, from the very beginning, to know if a company is transparent and honest or being deceptive.



‘Senegence’ a good opportunity?


The registration of the aforementioned site was in 1997/04/02 and end date of that site is in 2019/04/03. That is a very good sign indeed. Fake sites will only ever set up online for 1 or 2 years. That not usually more. They will run their own racket for that time and then run off with all the cash. 

The Founder Name was not left at the moment of their sites registration which I find a little unusual. Even more so they did not leave an address or contact information. That is typical of scam sites but Senegence is not such a site. One of the reasons could be that they have omitted such information not to get spammed. I have seen this before with other legit and honest MLM’s such as TotalLifeChanges.com and WorldGN.com.

We must now go to their site to find that information. There are four addresses clearly laid out in their CONTACT US section for USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand accompanied by phone numbers and email addresses. That is excellent news and has now allayed all worries of them being deceptive and not transparent.

Remember:- businesses must always be very transparent on where they are located. That does not apply to bloggers. I say this because I have seen fierce debates online about this and there appears to be great confusion on this point. 

Founder, CEO and Chair Woman is Joni Rogers-Kante. That is all we need to say they are a very trustworthy organization and now I feel confident to recommend them. Let us now look at your chances of success with them – when you are left to your own devices or on minimal training.




The Senegence Opportunity – Is It Real For All Or Only For A Small Percent?

Many Multi Level Marketing Companies have stats that would make your eyes water! On the one hand we have very, very, very few members even making a full time income from selling for some MLM’s. Then we have a handful of people earning in excess of nearly or over 1 million a year. The rest, sometimes in the 80% and higher – hardly earn anything, if anything. Why is this? Why are people failing so dismally when these companies have already spent a not-so-small fortune on providing real opportunities for full time self employment from home?

Well, as said, it is all about being ‘Trained’. One word that is the difference between success and utter failure.


The Typical Complaints Are As Follows:-

*These complaints are not levied at the site in question, we will look at that in a moment, if there is any. These complaints are just typical of this kind of online work.


Purchasing high quality products that simply people are not able to sell. This leads into a very long road of acquiring products at your own cost. Once again, social media link sharing is fine, but it is only a minuscule part of the overall formula for success.


*The system to success is easy to explain, but there are a few things to learn and practice for long term success. But once you get it right a few times – there is no stopping you!


Not being able to make recruits! That is a biggie. Again, it all boils down to your own personal marketing reach.

Those are the two single most reported complaints I have seen over the last 1 or 2 years online about MLM’s. However, I do not blame the MLM’s for this anymore – I used to. No, people have to learn how to market products independent of the opportunity being presented to you.

Fortunately, there is a way.

Anyone can learn to make a website. Once made, then learn to do product reviews. One product review can pull in many 100’s to 1000’s of people a month to your site. When you place your affiliate links in your reviews then that leads to sales.

Those that have websites are trusted more and converts at a much higher rate then simply landing links all over social media all day long.




The ‘Secret Key’ To Success In Any MLM On Earth Is Here!

So long as the company you are with allows members to make a site and do product reviews on their products to gain a full time income quicker – this opportunity is for you. The best part is, it is free to start with two free websites for life from Wealthy Affiliate.


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I was just looking online for some average earnings proof with Senegence.com members. I found a place where a lady was able to pay her mortgage twice over and get a whole months worth of groceries, in her first month!!

That site is called LippyChic.com (great name by the way 🙂 ) and below is this ladies (Carrie) earnings testimonial. I have watched it and it is very impressive. 



That was a very interesting video and thank you to the aforementioned site for this.

So, did you notice anything different about the info just laid out above that you may not be doing right now to achieve online success?

This lady has a website! This lady is Trained In SEO <- Free Video Tutorial For All -> (Search Engine Optimization). Scary Term? No, just lots of convoluted marketers out there trying to make it sound ‘mysterious’ so as to charge you a small fortune for their own training packages on it. That Tutorial Link will take you inside Wealthy Affiliate and it really is free to view and also, you may pick up your 2 Free Websites from them as well to begin your own online success journey:-


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Are There ‘Senegence’ Complaints?

Probably, but even all good companies get complaints from time to time. Let us see what are the most common to see if running your own site could help you avoid those pitfalls.

The word ‘burned’  seems to crop up regarding their LipSense Lipstick. Three complaints right off the bat about that product from SiteJabber Review Site

One complaint saying that the products are over priced and poor customer service.


*The reason for the burning after applying the Lipstick is because of dry lips, it seems. Apply the balm and gloss as directed and this feeling will stop in a day or two. 


Some complaints that the stock keeps on running out.

So, are they a Pyramid Scheme? They sell their own products and therefore they can never be called this. Pyramid Scheme is when you sign up, pay cash for products, and then expect to earn from your down-line. NO products in exchange for your cash with promises of earnings is a Pyramid Scheme. That is not the case here.

These are unfortunate complaints, but like I said, even good companies get complaints and so it does not make them a scam


What Has Your Experience Been With Them?


Feel free to have your say about the company in question. Would you recommend them? Perhaps Not? Do leave a few words on your experience with Senegence.





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So, we know that they are a legit company and do have products with a Global Demand. We also know how anyone can use the two free websites above, the Free SEO Training, and also many other free sign bonuses from Wealthy Affiliate for your free lifetime account, you and everyone else NOW HAVE the tools you need to make a real success for you and your families financial future. That is all on What Is Senegence.com and looking forward to all of your comments to come – SOUND-OFF IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!


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2 thoughts on “What Is Senegence.com – Is www.Senegence.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Carrie Willard

    I appreciate the write up and for including my video. It’s actually an older one. I’m still with the company and very happy with the income I earn each month while being able to stay home with my kids. Yes, it does require WORK! Funny that some people think that earning income with a blog is a scam simply because they don’t understand it or aren’t willing to do the work it requires. Good for you for providing this info!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Carrie,

      Yes, its great to have the products Carrie but the real work is actually getting visitors to your recommendations. That does require training and effort and time.

      I really appreciate your comment Carrie, just wish this article ranked better, but I know it will rise in time.

      Thanks again and I wish you all the best in your own continued success. ~ Philip.


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