What Is SebellaMore.com – Is ‘SebellaMore’ Scam or Legit Clothing Store?

By | March 9, 2019

Find Out What Is SebellaMore.com – The ‘SebellaMore’ Review.

Hello and welcome to our review on What Is SebellaMore.com found at www.sebellamore.com. Is SebellaMore com a scam, being fraudulent, deceptive, bogus and fake or Is ‘SebellaMore’ legit, real, safe, genuine? This ‘Sebella More’ Review is to potentially alert you to a scam. There are a few things we have found that do not look right at all. Those that believe they were defrauded are welcome to report them below in the comments section. 

So many times where fake shopping sites exist more of them are from China. We will be looking at critical website areas that may give us a clue as to whether they are trustworthy or not. Those that have not received any deliveries should make contact with your payment provider for a refund. 



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What Is SebellaMore.com About – ‘OK’ to Shop at or Not?

All legit and honest businesses do not appear to have a problem to leave their real world address, founder name, contact information. Where we see that a site has not done this then we have to start researching further to answer, in this case, What Is SebellaMore.com. We see that they have a Facebook Page with some comments, however, they do appear to be very unhelpful to their customers queries. Bad Sign already.




www.sebellamore.com review – fake or real?



  • Registration for their site was in 2018/12/21 and that registration is up same time in 2019. 1 or 2 years registration for a shopping site is very little time indeed. This is typical of a fake site, of which, seem to become more popular quicker due to the lies about ‘what’ they are selling (per quality) and the prices as well.
  • In some cases, however, we must always keep in mind that some sellers will register for short periods to see how their business grows. So in some cases 1 or 2  years registration is their starter/testing period where they have the option to renew their site.
  • The only business address left at WHOIS, where websites register online, is ‘HK’ – Hong Kong. Incomplete addresses is not a good sign and why would a legit site give so little info to their customers about their location. It could be that they do not want to be spammed. We must look to their site now for this info.
  • Incidentally, the founders name was NOT left when the site was registered.
  • So when we go to their site then we see that they have no real world address in their ‘CONTACT US’ section. Only a form to fill out for customer support. That is a worry for me. We have no founder name and now we have not business address. How can ‘I’ part with cash on a site with this much ‘mystery’ created by themselves?
  • Service@Sebellamore.com is their email support and that is in their ‘RETURN/EXCHANGE’ Page. Why it is not in their ‘CONTACT US’ section I find a little odd. There is still no address to be found even for returns.
  • We see in their FAQ’s section that they are saying that all of their apparel comes from top brands in China. Pretty hard to spot that, and so if they are so open about it in their FAQ’s, why have they not supplied exact address?






Final Thoughts.

They are charging a 15% cancellation fee. It seems they are charging once for shipping even though they say that it is free or 10% off orders over $79 – that is 3 contradictions found on the same idea! Bad sign. Prices are far-too-good-to-be-true and so, inc free shipping (apparently) how are they making a profit??

Scam or Legit? – What Are Your Thoughts On Them?

Your reports below will help others decide if they should shop on a site that has hidden all of its business information or not. Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing from you and other on What Is SebellaMore.com. 





4 thoughts on “What Is SebellaMore.com – Is ‘SebellaMore’ Scam or Legit Clothing Store?

  1. Kathi Geter

    Sebellamore is absolutely a SCAM. I have not been able to get a refund from them

    I’m not sure why they are allowed to be on Facebook or any other site soliciting consumers when in fact they do not and WILL NOT honor their own written policy of a refund. The clothing is so poorly made and cheap. An ordinary printed tee shirt faded blue ink onto my pocketbook!! stay away

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks Kathi for your report and you do have the option to put in for a refund. Thanks again Kathi for helping to warn others.

  2. Jessica

    Complete scam- still fighting to get money back with an ignorant ‘customer service’ team. horrible products, extensive waiting periods, and impossible returns/communication. Obviously they don’t want anyone to talk with them.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Jessica for taking the time to open up this forum regarding SebellaMore.com. Sorry you are now fighting to get your cash back and certainly wish you 100% success in this regard.

      You are welcome to come back here to let us know how this unfolds and thanks again Jessica for your customer review.


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