’s Chilled Out Zone – Because Getting Scammed Can Be Stressful.

By | January 18, 2020
Welcome to's Chilled Out Zone - Because Getting Scammed Can Be Stressful.

Welcome to’s Chilled Out Zone – Because Getting Scammed Can Be Stressful.

Welcome to’s Chill-Out Zone!

Hey, thanks for ‘clicking’ this section of my website. I created this section because there was a time I used to make videos with chilled and relaxing music with images to help myself sleep. While there are many fine videos on You-Tube for that many were missing that ‘something’ for me. And so I concocted my own that best resonated with me.

If it ain’t there – create it! So I did.


Moreover its just something to help you relax and breath deeply as we ponder the pure childish callousness of scammers leading our minds to a better more relaxed view point, thus, making mind-perspective clearer for our situations. Once that ‘steam’ inside our heads is ‘released’ of course we can think so much clearer and calmer.

You have my complete legal permission to reword, edit, upload any video works created by myself for I strongly believe that this world needs more sharing than your flipping payment details… so, feel free to monetize any of these videos. If anyone asks – present this section of my site as proof you have legal permission to do so 🙂 .

Herein lies my ‘gift’ to you and others, whoever you are, no matter what struggles you are going through in life, we are all in this crazy ‘life-boat’ called life before the eternal unknown hearkens us home – what or wherever that maybe, if such things are to be thought of as real or indeed is real.

Hang in there my friend – it will get better if you persist and keep on reaching for your goals in life, even if at this moment, is just to get that danging refund! LOL 🙂 .

Without further delay ‘click’ on the following videos to have some ‘me’ time for yourself while waiting on your Bank or PayPal to answer that damn phone.. I promise you one thing the music in the videos below will be a damn sight better then the rubbish they play when they have you on hold ~ Enjoy 🙂 :-





Welcome to’s Chilled Out Zone – Say ‘Hi’ in the Comments 🙂 .






That one is blissfully tranquil and I added softly trickling water sounds and soothing images to relax your mind into a lulling sleep. Great even for a coffee break to recharge your thoughts.








The one just above is a guided hypnosis sleep talk down. I added bin-aural beats, but I later learned that our brain resonates at 7.83 hertz, same as our ionosphere and so I guess its like sacred geometry but for frequencies, but someone said that messing with that frequency is not good for our brains. What do you think? 5G Anyone – 26000 hertz to stream one 4K Movie. Anyways, enjoy.








Personally, this is one of my favorites. You can’t leave until you listen to at least the first 5 seconds and it will get you energized. Great up beat music for doing chores around the house etc to get you going. Up beat feel good energy in this one.








This one above is a real ‘lullaby’ good night vibe and has passing images of universe in spectacular details and other thought provoking images. Do not play anything this relaxing while driving or anything that cause you to sleep when you are not ready to do so. Apply that to all the videos herein where they were designed to achieve this effect.








This one above has animations that are inspirational and relaxing. Soft piano music with a beautiful violin to ease your mind into relaxation. Takes effect almost immediately. Highly recommended if you are feeling stressed out or down about something.




Awww, I think that is it for now. Should I find more or make more I will add them here. Should you like this content, and you want more in this section dedicated to taking time out from all things scam related, then why not let everyone know in the comments.

If you found that one or more of the videos here helped you to relax then I would personally love to hear from you in the comments. Bookmark this web page so you have immediate access to our Chilled Out Zone at ~ anytime.









You Relaxed Yet – Even a Little? – 🙂 .

6 thoughts on “’s Chilled Out Zone – Because Getting Scammed Can Be Stressful.

  1. Dale Gray

    I ordered a Dewalt tool set , that was priced at $ 69.95 . From /20 volt max lithium ion cordless c Zbwhupnhh4p . And I received a pair of sun glasses. I have tried to get the order from them for months, they won’t give me my refund. So if the deal is too good to believe stay away from it. Thanks I hope this helps people keep their hard earned money.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      If you can take a pic of your purchase order page then submit that to your payment provider for a refund. Thanks for letting us know Dale.

      1. Mya Garcia

        Hello I ordered from “ “ about 2 weeks ago still haven’t received my consoles now I can’t find the website . I have proof of purchase now I just want my refund and need help . Looking at everyone reviews saying it was a scam 🙁

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hey Mya,

          How did you pay? So if you paid with your bank card then call your bank and alert them Mya. If you paid with PayPal then call them for a refund. Good luck Mya and feel welcome to let us know if you get your refund or not and thank you for your question.

  2. Richard

    Came across your page, great to be putting information out there so people dont get shamed.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Richard and I am happy you found our new section and hope you enjoy it 🙂 . Yes, it is better to empower people then to see them fall into scam traps. Thanks Richard as your comment and lovely words is very much appreciated.

      Feel welcome to come back anytime and also to share info about any site you maybe suspicious of. Thanks again Richard 🙂 .

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.


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