What Is ScamDoc.com – Is ‘ScamDoc’ Scam or Legit Trust Score Rating Site?

By | May 24, 2019

ScamDoc.com Reviewed! Is ‘ScamDoc’ A Trustworthy Rating Site?

You are very welcome to our review on ScamDoc.com and  nice work in finding out if you can trust that site or not. There are a few sites of this nature offering the service on how much trust we can give other sites. Please note, like bloggers who expose online scams, there is no site that can promise 100% ‘readings’ 100% of the time. ‘YOUR’ common sense must participate also.

Those that have views, experiences, stories concerning the site in question, are very welcome to leave your own reviews below in the comments. Do you find ‘Scam Doc’ useful and mostly accurate? Perhaps you followed their advice and they saved you your hard earned cash? We welcome all views once they are respectful.







ScamDoc.com User Review.

I have personally used ScamDoc.com on several occasions and found that they have ‘synced’ very well indeed with other sources online. This simply means I have not seen them make mistakes in calling sites ‘legit’ when they are a scam. We must understand such sites are looking to give a Trust Score of potentially MILLIONS OF SITES and so we must cut them a break when or if ever they are wrong.

Such sites offer the very best way to afford the rest of us how much trust we can give a site. I had an experience with ScamAdvisor.com once and my Trust Score was pretty low. ‘WHAT?!!’. I took it so personally 🙁 🙁 LOL. I contacted them and they were happy to raise to a respectable 89% Trust Score 🙂 .

Not so incidentally, ScamAdvisor has given ‘ScamDoc’ 100% Trust Score and that for me makes them 100% Genuine for me. Would you agree? Have you followed the rating score from either site, when trying to research websites, and actually feel foul of a site?

Well, I know I have made a few mistakes in my time exposing online scams, and believe me, it is very tough when you get it wrong. That is making a good site look like they are a scam. Very stressful to correct. Point being, mistakes happen, and the algorithms that govern their Trust Scores may not always get it right.

Also, it is just as easy to call a fake site ‘LEGIT’ and so you may cost others their hard earned cash. 

The fact they get it right far greater than what humans are capable of, per recent research I read recently, makes both of these sites an asset and a real protective shield to the online world.


What Is ScamDoc.com In Their Own Words.

ScamDoc uses a web service called ScamPredictor : it is an algorithm developed by HERETIC society

(founder of Signal-Arnaques) which uses an artificial intelligence classification system. Just enter an mail

or a website URL to get a detailed report with a trust score!

We can see when we land on their site that there is a list of recent ‘checks’ on websites and a rating score. This is an efficient and invaluable service, in my view. I personally have not once been steered wrong by that site in my own research. 





Final Thoughts.

Since there are few sites that have written about ScamDoc.com, then I thought this small research would be good to put your mind at ease. They are not up to any ‘trickery’ to waste your time but actually are doing a great job to help protect the online community. We need more like them! Of course, if you disagree then you are invited to let us know about that with some examples if possible. Thanks for coming by and looking forward to you comments below.



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