What Is UIU.World – Is ‘UIU World’ Scam or Legit E-Store? – REVIEW!

By | April 9, 2019

Find Out What Is UIU.World About – Our ‘UIU World’ Review Scam Warning.

Very good work on finding this review on What Is UIU.World at www.uiu.world. Is UIU World fake, scam, fraudulent or Iss UIUWorld real, safe, legit and honest? This review is to alert you to that site. They are notorious scammers that have been setting up copies of these sites and very successfully defrauding people.

Those with complaints against them are welcome to report them in the comments below this article. The more complaints against this site then the quicker they will have no choice to shut it down, as they may lose too much earnings, to make it worthy their while. If you handed over payment information then  you definitely need to contact your bank quickly as possible.








UIU.World Review – Here’s Why They Are Fraudulent.

You are welcome to check out our other review called SoSoLuckyShop.com which is only another copy of UIU.World. We are happy to have caught this site so early in their online stint. Most of these sites only last 12 months, or lesser time. Fake sites are prone to disappearing when they get too many complaints against them. However, these cyber-crooks do not seem to care and carry on. 

Those that want to help save many from being defrauded are welcome, as already said, to report them below.

Registration for their site was in 2018/11/05 and one year is all they have registered for. How many businesses have you ever come across that intentionally registered for just one year? That is indicative of a hit-and-run site, and so if you looked them here, then you are probably having troubles with your order?

There is never any founder name listed in WHOIS or on their website. Any address they give, though they do indeed give one from China, is not real. 

Their contact phone for support is 18946357853. You can Google that number and you will see other sites using that number. Those other sites are copies. That is the quickest way I can prove to you they are not legit and  only scammers.

If we think about this, how can other companies be using the same customer support phone number for multiple sites? This makes no sense but it does only if we know they are a scam network. That number will never pick up to you.

Their email address is support@uiu.world and does link back to their site. At times, these sites may use the same email address for so many of their sites. This is a huge mistake and so always Google these pieces of information. Just remember:- one company = one phone number and email. Anything else is indicative of a scam.


Final Thoughts.

We have exposed these sites perhaps dozens of times before. We are not going any further into how cheap their products are or doing a search on their address. It is all fake and so there is just no point.

That is all on What Is UIU.World and hope you help to protect others online by leaving our own reports below. Thanks for coming by and looking forward to hearing from you and others below.

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