What Is SavenOfferShop.com – Is ‘SavenOfferShop’ Scam or Legit?

By | February 24, 2019

Find Out What Is SavenOfferShop.com – The ‘SavenOfferShop’ Review.

This review on What Is SavenOfferShop.com at www.savenoffershop.com will answer your queries. Is SavenOfferShop com a scam, deceptive, fraudulent, fake or Is ‘SavenOfferShop’ legit, real, safe, genuine? This ‘Saven Offer Shop’ Review is a warning! Do not buy from that fake online e-store! They are not legit and only a fraudulent enterprise. Also, beware of MoFastShop, BestPushShop.com, BlessingDream.com, 9uppa which are run by the same cyber-crooks as www SavenOfferShop com. We have found may more…

Those that were scammed by any of those sites are welcome to report them below in the comments to help warn others. Contact your payment provider to seek out a refund and also to cancel your card. These scammers may now have your payment data and so cancelling your card will prevent them from randomly charging your card. Please do report them below, because time and time again, I have witnessed others being saved cash from everyone reporting on fake shopping sites. Thank You.



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SavenOfferShop.com Review Guide / Fake E-Stores Scam Network Grows.

SavenOfferShop.com, MoFastShop.com, 9uppa.com and BlessingDream.com are all scams by the same owners. In this ‘SavenOfferShop’ Review we will now show you why that shop is not trustworthy or genuine and only out to defraud. We begin by doing a background check and see if there is owner info, location address, contact data and also registration date. Honest selling sites make it their business to make this available to their customers. Where missing, then we cause for concern…



www.savenoffershop.com scam alert!


Registration date was in 2018/12/03 and 1 year is all they have gone online to make it in the retail sector. That is a negative sign of a hit-and-run site and so that is our first ‘sign’ something is not right. Why? Because typically shopping sites will tend to register for longer. 

They are using a proxy address and that address of 14455 Hayden Road is being used by too many other sites for them to claim that as theirs, and not be lying. 

Founder name is missing and really there is not a reason for this missing information. They want their visitors to trust them at face value where unwary customers could be handing over their payment information to them right now. That is not the way to do online business or otherwise.

We go to their site and see that they and I do not see an address for their business. No phone number and certainly no founder name. Only an email address of service@savenoffershop.com. They also refer to their customers as ‘my friend’. Over familiarity is unprofessional in a sales setting and a hall mark of how scammers talk.

We found their site, incidentally, because they showed up in Google for the email address of service@bestpushshop.com. Why would a site be using the same email address of another company? Makes no sense except to say they are all owned by the same cyber-crooks!

So, they have failed, just like their other sites, for such basic information that is easily left by honest sites. That is enough to NOT RECOMMEND THEM. 



‘SavenOfferShop’ Scam Signs.

Multiple copies of the same scam running right now. Any site that looks like them, with similar to identical speech as well, are all scams and should be avoided.

Prices are too-good-to-be-true and 50% and 60% discounts is not to be trusted from new sites, or sites you do not know, and so you should give such sites a miss.

Founder name, address of their business is unnecessarily missing!







Final Thoughts.

They are a scam and there is no doubt about that. There exist other sources online that agree with us and so not everyone can be lying about them. Please report them below to help get them shut down sooner. They are now going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. That is all on What Is SavenOfferShop.com and looking forward to your comments to come. 


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