What Is SalesDee.com – Is SalesDee.cmo Scam or Legit? SCAM ALERT!

By | January 2, 2019

What Is SalesDee.com at www.salesdee.com. – Beware of ‘SalesDee’.

This quick review is intended to answer What Is SalesDee.com found at www.salesdee.com. Is SalesDee com good, legit, honest, real, safe, genuine, trustworthy or Is SalesDee scam, fraudulent, bad, dishonest, untrustworthy and a sham? Our Sales Dee Review is a warning to all not to buy from their site. There are copies of it online as well. Simply put, they are an e-commerce fraud where no deliveries occur for your cash, or, you receive an inferior, cheap, possibly counterfeit products. Please do report them below this article to help alert others if you were scammed by them.

Many fake e-commerce sites are coming from China and is a point to help alert you. Of course not all shopping sites from there are fake. Many of these bad sites are quite sophisticated and also many have a manufacturing facility to produce shoddy products. The images on their site may not be owned by them and commonly they are just stolen. Where people believe they are buying e.g. HD ULTRA SONY FOR $80 – clearly, that is too cheap but you maybe sent a wholly inferior product or nothing at all.

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What Is SalesDee.com About – Short Review To Help Warn You.

So far you have the answer you came here for on What Is SalesDee.com. They are fake and only designed to defraud all those that make purchases. They are a new site and already there are scam reports about them. That is fast work and tells me the scammers are expert at driving traffic to their site. To help prove to you why I am calling them a scam we begin looking up info on them. We need clear and concise information about their founder, location of their business and legit contact info. Where this data is excluded from the public then we should be cautious and do more research.


SalesDee.com Review

Don’t buy anything from www.salesdee.com!


2018/12/10 was when they registered online. They have done so for 1 year and that is a sign of a deceptive site. This is a pattern of scam sites to go online for 1 or 2 years and then run off with illegal earnings. And if all of their info is hidden then that is by design to avoid authorities tracking them down. However, many complaints online will then attract the likes of the BBB and IC3 whom I am sure will make it their business to put these scammers out of work! So, once again, do report them below to help make the net a safe place.

Their address is 198 E. Highland Ave. STE F104 PMB# 233, Phoenix, AZ, USA. That is an address that is being used by many other sites. How can a site claim the same address as other businesses? Clearly, something is drastically wrong here. You can prove this to yourself by Googling that address to see the results for yourself.

Quite shockingly there is no founder name registered. How a hosting provider approves such sites with such limited data is beyond understanding, and maybe some would say – common sense. They are providing the means to reach unlimited people across the world without being forced to provide such vital info, info if legit, I wager would significantly cut down the amount of online scams drastically.

No email or contact information registered with their site either. That is all too much for me to even begin to trust them. Often times scammers will trip themselves up by leaving a completely different address on their site. The address is typically from the USA or UK and so telling me that is their hunting ground.

The address left is all the proof I need to call them a scam site. That address is used by potentially 1000’s of other online scams and so how can so many be using the same address? Clearly they can’t. That address is 2.27 Romer House, Lewisham High Street, London England, SE13 6EE.

Phone Number is 852 66282369. However, ‘852’ – is that not the country dialing code for Hong Kong? Just Googled that and so +852 is the dialing code to Hong Kong. So, that is a piece of evidence tracking to potentially their real location.

Support@cjpus.com is a notorious scamming email and that returns plenty of complaints regarding it in Google also. These are all bad signs of a deceptive site. Not a good start. They have least 2 addresses and that is a sign that your goods could be being delivered from outside your country.



Operations Of A Fake E-Commerce Sites – Scam Signs.

Here we can take a look at a possibly typical experience that may sound familiar to you if you have had dealings with them. Then we will lay out some scam signs that I can see on their site. These scam signs, once you can recognize them, will alert you to any fake shopping scam online.

But first, beware of social media advertisements. All platforms are unwittingly helping scammers reach vast numbers of unwary customers. See Amelia Cotton Quilt Company as a prime example of how Facebook’s advertising services were used to scam people. Facebook appears not to bear any responsibility for people clicking on ads on their platform and then such people get scammed. They say that so-and-so Facebook ad, page, group etc is not violating their policies. When I first read that online I was shocked! 

1). By whatever means you came to their site then you may have made a purchase. In this case you must contact your payment provider and get them to do their own investigation. This will help you get a refund. 

2). Did you notice a few things unusual about your order? After payment, you may find that your cash was taken much faster then was promised. Do watch your account to see if they have been charging you several times or a recurring monthly fee of some nature. But also see that did not overcharge you in the first place.

3). Online purchases are naturally going to get you a receipt and so if you find that you don’t receive one then that is another sign of a scam.

4). Taxes are naturally worked into all of our purchases. However cyber-crooks don’t do this sometimes and so another clue something is wrong.

5). Also, verify that the tracking information provided by them are actually real and legit. So many times cyber-crooks will give you false information of this kind.

6). Expect to wait way beyond the time they promised. Expect closer to around 2 months instead. 

7). When you start asking many questions about your late order then Support may start to act a little strange. They may plead with you to be patient, they may ask you to sympathize with them and also for your understanding.

These are not correct statements to be made to customers by any trusted and legit company. In the end you may just be ignored no matter how many times you email them or they may just keep on sending you the same email response or have a bot to respond to you instead.

8). Did you receive your order? Those that do receive a parcel in the post then will probably still be very disappointed. Potentially you will not get what you ordered and be something completely different. Furthermore it is not uncommon for scammers to send you out an empty envelope.

9). Whatever they send it won’t be close to what you paid for the item. This is still then a pure scam and you should report them as much as possible online.

10). Sadly, the worst that can happen is that nothing shows up and you are down your cash. Once again, contact your payment provider for a full refund.


Scam Signs.

There are definitely multiple copies of this site online. Quick-Mall.com along with JoyMeet.com is just another 2 of their network. Have you found others? Report their EXACT URL below and we will be happy to expose them.

  • Has a notorious scamming business address known by scam busting sites as not legit. 
  • Phone number attached to other online companies.
  • Free Shipping on all items. That is odd because their prices are already insanely low. So they are losing all of their profits at this rate.
  • Privacy Policy Page is extremely hard to read. This is intentional to put you off reading it.
  • No Founder name attached anywhere online to their own site.
  • Google snippet in searches shows they have intentionally told Google not to highlight a snippet of their site in the search results. This could be seen not to show up for certain keywords that could trigger their site under terms like ‘scam’.




Do You Have A SalesDee.com Scam Report / Reviews? You Are Very Welcome To Place Your Scam Reports And Or Reviews Below In The Comments Below This Article – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

They are not trustworthy as they will take your cash for you order delivered or nothing delivered. If you get something or your cash then it will be a wrong item or just so inferior that it may not be fit to use. One thing is for sure, for those that do get a parcel, that it will not be worthy anywhere close to what you paid for it. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

That is just about it for this article. This forum is now open to all of your questions, opinions, scam reports, reviews, opinions etc. I will respond to all comments personally. Those with additional data are welcome to report such sites below as well and state why they are not legit. 


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