What Is Rugey.com – Is Rugey.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 29, 2019

Find Out What Is Rugey.com Here – Fake or Real? – Warning!

There is a ton of people online asking What Is Rugey.com found at www.rugey.com. Is Rugey com a scam, crooked, fraudulent, fake, bad or Is Rugey legit, good, honest, safe, real and genuine? This www Rugey com Review could very well be a Scam Alert Warning! We have found a number of worrying signs that they could indeed be a scam site. Those that were undoubtedly scammed are welcome to leave your own Rugey Reviews below to help warn others. Let us find out more below.

Many times fake shopping sites are hailing from China and they are doing so in unprecedented numbers. Many times the addresses given are UK or USA, but when we look at their WHOIS registration, there is no address, an incomplete address or a false address i.e. they have stolen others legit business details. And so that is one vital scam-trick to watch out for. Also, are there prices sustainable for their own business growth or are their prices just too-good-to-be-true



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What Is Rugey.com All About? – Maybe a Scam Site!

So, there are a number of concerns to address about Rugey.com. What Is It Really? Who is the Founder of Rugey? Where are they located and is there legit contact information? Where we can not answer these questions then we must be very careful handing over payment information. Those that have may need to contact their bank for a refund and to cancel your card, if they turn out to be a malicious site. 



Is Rugey a bad site?


Let us now begin with their site registration. Fake sites will typically set up for 1 or 2 years. In this time they will defraud many people and then take off with the illegal earnings. Most seem to never get caught unless they are particularly damaging to various local economies. We can see at WHOIS that they registered in 2017/06/13 and did so until same date in 2020. So 1 or 2 years, they are fitting the well trodden scam pattern set by many fake sites in the past.

Ontario, CA is the only info they left as an address. That is clearly an incomplete address and really only scammers do this. Do you know of a legit company that does not leave a real and legit contact address? And so already they have hidden their real location and so it would be easy already for me to say not to trust them.

I do not see a founder name listed or a customer email support. All very bad signs.

Heading to their site there is an address of 28940 Avenue Paine, Valencia, CA, 91355. So now they are from Valencia instead of Ontario? Conflicting and multiple addresses is a sign that your order could be coming from outside of your country. So, why two addresses? Very suspicious.

You can go ahead now and Google that address above. You will see a site called HobbyTron.com using the same information as their own address. So now it seems they have either stolen a legit online companies information, or they are running multiple online scams.




Rugey Scam Signs.

  1. They are on Facebook with many likes and many people ‘talking’ about them. Oddly enough, they have put Rugey.Store – top left of their page. That site is not online. So, they have listed their own website and now that is just confusing AND a scam sign.
  2. Address on their site is not theirs because it belongs to someone else’s company or they are running many least one other site. Where we see that a company has not disclosed their other sites, then that further makes them more untrustworthy.
  3. There is a 75% mark down on the prices! That is HUGE!! They either are so successful financially online to afford taking those losses or they are a fake site. Which is it? I believe they are too-good-to-be-true and they are continuing to follow scam patter so prevalent with fake shopping sites.
  4. Support@rugey.com. So they have no problem providing an address, email and phone number of 1-646-7129363. Why could they not have listed such info at their sites resit registration? Another scam sign.
  5. OH!! Just noticed they are lying about their own sites age online! They were registered in 2017 – we already covered that. However, they are saying that they have been online since 2010 and are endorsed by various global brands. So, we have disproved their age already, but, they have not provided any proof of these so called ‘endorsements’. Honest sites will have a whole section showcasing such endorsements as that would clearly make people safe dealing with them. This is evidently not the case with ‘Rugey’.
  6. Their ‘ABOUT‘ section states they have two fulfillment centers in United States and in Canada and operating in North America. So, they have not provided any addresses of these places, no images, and so now we are left taking the word of a website with no founder name! I don’t think so.
  7. Various online reports are complaints about people losing their cash to this site. One report states that 2 items were bought and nothing delivered. SO that clearly is fraud.
  8. Near the bottom of the home page you will see a slide show of toys. They are all marked at $39.99 down to $19.95 – why are they all marked at the exact same prices?!












Final Thoughts.

Trusted sites do not hide their real location. They also provide proof of any endorsements stated on their own site. They are using someone else’s address or they are running that site as well. I will be looking into HobbyTron as well. Their prices are far too-good-to-be-true. I do not believe I have made a mistake by calling them a scam. So, those that disagree are welcome to correct the verdict in this article stating why. Those that were defrauded are asked to please leave your reviews and scam reports below to help warn others. For me, I would not buy from that site, and they are going into my sites List Of Internet Scammers.


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And so that concludes What Is Rugey.com. I hope it has saved you some cash, if not, then you should know to contact your bank and get it resolved that way. All are welcome to comment below to open up this discussion on Rugey. Looking forward to hearing from you and others sound-off in the comments below.



6 thoughts on “What Is Rugey.com – Is Rugey.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Jo Anne Banks

    I just ran across the box that I received an “Induction Crystal Ball” in last Christmas for my granddaughter. These people have a very poor customer service department. I contacted them several times last year that the toy would not fly as it was suppose to. Each time I contacted them, it was weeks before I would get a reply and the reply would never address my problem. I had a very disappointed granddaughter (and so was grandma!) because the idea behind the toy was exciting.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I am very sorry to read about your grand daughter and yourself. These are the hardest of comments to read as we get them from time to time. Per your comment this was last year and I am wondering did you not try for a refund before now? Seems you would have a good case. Thanks Jo Anne Banks for caring enough to help warn others and again I really am sorry for you and your grand daughter.

  2. Ash

    Yes, total scam. Purchased over 100.00 start of December, its now march and nothing. The phone number listed is only a recording so u cant speak to anyone. They did email me back blaming the shipping company and said they re shipped it. But that was 2 months ago and UPS said they still havent recieved the package so rugey is obviously lying. Dont buy here please

  3. Michael

    Thanks for the information Phil, keeping us safe one post at a time.

    I hadn’t even heard of Rugey, but now I am well aware thanks to you, so I will now have the good sense to stay away should the need arise.



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