What Is Rudapper.com? – Is ‘Rudapper’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | November 9, 2019

Is Rudapper.com an Untrustworthy Online Store?

Querying for a Rudapper.com Review? What is www.rudapper.com anyways? Is ‘Rudapper’ safe and legit or fake and a scam? This short review is going to answer why ‘Rudapper’ is a scam and if you gave them your payment information you should alert your payment provider immediately. We will do a background check, list their scam signs, and then you will 100% complete on why Rudapper.com is a fraud.

Those that were scammed by ‘Rudapper’ are welcome to complain about them in the comments. Your reviews / reports / questions will shed more light on what is really going on. You can also list your complaint in our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. I am also in the business of detailing to people how to earn online from home for the long term. If you are interested in this then why not check out our review on Ways to Earn from Home for Beginners – Free Stat Up.



do not login into www.rudapper.com!




Rudapper.com Website Exposed.

  1. So Rudapper.com is nothing but a cruddy scam. We will now list out why we are saying this. There are far too many fake online stores right now as we come closer to the Xmas Holidays. Beware of social media ads as they do not appear to have the means to stop you from bumping into an online scam. If you are suspicious do not share, like or comment on their stuff. Simply look out for reviews, check out the comments on their social media page for complaints, before giving ‘Rudapper’, or any site, your payment information.
  2. When was ‘Rudapper’ registered online? We go to WHOIS for this information where legit founders leave their name, email, possibly phone number for their business and certainly their business address for customers. We see first that their site was registered on 2019/08/5 and this was done for just a year.
  3. Short business registrations online is indicative of a hit-and-run site. Typically we expect to see legit businesses register closer to five years or beyond. The first 1 year and yes even 2 years is the time required to build your online store business. This is true for the real world as it is true for the online world. NO difference.
  4. However, these fake sites become very popular very fast due to the sharing, commenting, liking etc, on scam social media accounts from scam ads. This happens because scammers are very convincing about their prices and so people believe they can get high end gear for deep discounted prices.
  5. Maybe in a charity shop but certainly not online typically. If we want to split hairs, there are of course promotions on sites that are legit but mostly fake stores employ this tactic all the time.
  6. Speaking of social media, I see their social sharing icons to Facebook and Twitter only open a page for you to share their fake content to try to steal cash from friends and family in your networks. Do not share anything from that site as it is equivalent of sharing a virus with those you care about.
  7. Within their sites registration details the founder has the free choice of leaving their real name etc. They have not done so and that is always a bad sign. Of course, if they had, then ‘Johnny-Law’ would be on their case.
  8. NO business address or any means of contact via email etc. More bad news. We know for a fact that only scammers will hide all of this information from their customers, and really you have to ask the common sense question, why would a brand name store looking to make sales leading to profits inhibit their customers forms of contact? Surely this is only going to lead to a loss of revenue? So this makes no sense as you can plainly see.
  9. However, there is an address but that address is being used by too many other sites to mention. It belongs to their hosting provider and I have no way of knowing how many times people have opted to use it when they registered their site, but when you consider that there could be millions of people using that particular hosting provider (Domains by Proxy, LLC), then you will have a scale of how many people are using that address.
  10. Looking on their site we can see their email address is whao7159@gmail.com which links perfectly back to their site. Good sign for sure. Typically can be very lazy and use the same email address for multiple fake stores. I believe they are running other websites as well and so o beware of any similarities between as, a lot of times, these fake sites can be identical.
  11. Their Phone number of +86 13548262014 also links back to their site. Their business address however is a problem. It is linking to a shopping mall called ‘Beiguo Shopping Mall’. Clearly, we can see if we Google their address of 181 Zhongshan East Road, Chang’an District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, 050031 China, you will see the first result giving us that information.
  12. So fake sites will routinely steal the legit information of other businesses and pass them off as their own. They know most people are too blinded by their too-good-to-be-true-prices to even think about researching such information which would find you some glaring scam signs.
  13. That address also links to a scam-warning already online in the last few hours. This is a new scam site and already they have worked hard to up their traffic leading to scam-sales. Always looking for reviews guys. If you can not find any on a site you suspect then you are welcome to always ask us in the comments. We will research them, and if legit and not overly exposed already in Google, then I will be happy to do just that to help warn others.
  14. Now, always seek their ‘ABOUT US’ section on any site you are not sure of. One of the hottest scam-busting tips I can show you is this:- Copy and Paste the first paragraph, not including any site name that may be there, and paste it into Google. We did just that and found a site called 3DMLifeStyle.com using that same content.
  15. It is word-for-word and exactly the same ‘ABOUT US’ section on both the websites. So this confirms what I suspected and now we have the proof they are running multiple scam sites. They do not mention these sites on either site and so that is a cover up. Why would a business not try to move their visitors to another site of theirs leading potentially to more sales?




Things You Need to Watch Out for with Fake Online Stores.

HomeApShop Site Exposed.

So their business transparency is a total bust. They have only made huge attempts to cover up who they are. They are from China, and unfortunately, that is enough to put me off as well as I do not know whom I am giving my payment information to.

Most fake stores online are from China and so that is bad news for legit e-store owners from this region. The problem is so bad that it is considered a scam sign if any store pops up from this region. 

Payment was taken from your card very fast?

This is very unprofessional when you see a site taking cash from your card way ahead of delivery time. Do watch out they did not overcharge you, or another company has charged you instead, and do let us know if this has happened with the exact charging company name or the exact URL you may encounter involving their scam network.

They did not charge you for taxes?

How can a company not charge people for taxes on their purchases? So is paying that? I guarantee it is not the scammers behind Rudapper.com. I even seen many sites say they pay for the taxes. That sounds fine but when you consider they could have many customers then that idea becomes too unreal. That would only eat into their profits and put them out of business.

No Receipt?!

That is enough to know a site is a scam. All legit outlets online and in the real world automatically send you an e-receipt to your email as proof of purchase. So why then do we find so many scam sites failing to do this as it only alerts their customers their fake?

Delivery Time is running into months?

This is all too common when you order anything from fake sites that are from China in particular. It should never take more than 2 weeks to receive your goods anywhere in the world as humanities logistics is pretty efficient in this manner. 

Long delivery times is a classic scam sign that you should beware of. Make legit attempts to contact the company to try to resolve this situation. It is important you record such attempts for your payment provoder so you will not have to do this when you are asked to. Just upload the evidence and let your payment provider do their jobs.

Customer Service is Rude and or Speaks with Broken English – Any Swearing?

We all know some customer agents are probably better off doing something else because some can be really impatient and crap at their jobs. However, we you find rudeness is as standard with a company, that is a huge scam sign. No legit company would allow their staff to ruin their reputation like this.

I have read also a few reports where swearing was involved from scam sites customer service agents to their customers. NO one ever is trained to swear at customers in any way and that is another scam sign if you encountered this. 

Broken English, while I am not being rude as I can only speak one language myself, is a sign that a company may not be from the region sometimes they pretend to be from. Classically, fake sites from China and elsewhere, have and continue to make sites that look very UK, USA etc. 

Actually, that is only to give the impression of their fake location, and if you look close enough, you will see they are not from such regions. This is only to give them more trust and a sense of legitimacy to lead to more sales. Always check in WHOIS, Google their sites info, look for reviews etc, before parting with your payment info.

Different Company Name Charges Your Card?

It was only late last night I responded to a comment on my site whereby a man made a purchase on a site. Then he was charged to his card by a completely different company to the tune of $202. Scammers will or tend to sell on any valuable information, such as your payment info, emails, names, address of your home and anything of that nature for quick and easy profits – actually, many thousands of dollars for some of their lists.

Your Order ARRVES but It Is NOT What You Ordered?

So this is how scam companies actually make their living. They will steal the images of legit products, from various legit brand owners, and then pass them onto their site as their own.

Always look out for affiliation endorsements in order to know you can trust a site. Seeing images of ‘Adidas’ etc, does not mean Adidas endorses that site. In particular, if you feel a site is shoddy, and they are selling Adidas, Nike, Expensive looking jewelry etc, the you have to wonder why would a global brand damage their own brand image by allowing a shoddy site to sell their products?

You know those fancy restaurants where they call mash and peas can call it Pitit Pois? Where they are playing opera music, have the finest of cloths for their tables, their cutlery is sparkling – why all this for some mash and peas? 🙂 .

Its all about presentation!! If your in a restaurant that looks like the Ritz, then your food will appear more satisfying and just more worth the cash your are paying for it. Especially in recollection, your review would be glowing.

You will seem to enjoy the whole experience more and you will pay more and probably order the slightly more expensive bottle of wine. It works.

So this is what I am on about. No legit site is going to let a shoddy site deliver their brand name products as it would make them look very bad.





Final Thoughts.

I really hope you understand what I was trying to say about the ‘restaurant’ thing LOL. Anyways, Rudapper.com is only a scam site. We hope many of you will leave your own reviews below to help warn others. There simply is no transparency for me to trust ever to hand over my payment information to them. Check out our List of Internet Scammers and Latest Alerts Below where indicated.





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10 thoughts on “What Is Rudapper.com? – Is ‘Rudapper’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. Eileen

    Thank you so much for your report. Too bad I did not do the research before hand!! I was desperately looking for an LoL doll for my granddaughter for Christmas. This particular one seems to be the “hot” item this Christmas. Obviously that’s the one she picked. Amazon has been saying they will be getting it in. Awww, but when? So my friend did some research and came up with this Rudapper! I was so excited, I did not do any research. Taken in too the low price since funds are low as well.
    Now, here comes Sunday evening and I get a call from my credit card company saying there is a peculiar charge on my account. And they wonder if I had made it? It was much more than I had paid for the doll. But, of course it was from them! Luckily the card company caught it and is going to return my money and giving me a new card!! I pray they do not get into my other finances! I am very , very upset with myself for not checking! I guess we all get burned from something in life! I hope I can spare someone else!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ellen,

      Thank you for sharing what you know about Rudapper.com and only wish you did not have to experience this. The prices when too cheap is definitely something to watch out for among other things.

      Thanks again Ellen and I am glad your card company had your back in this situation.

      1. Carl the Great

        Rudapper and Shopkud are both the same sites claiming to be selling 65 dollar 50cc dirt bikes and 75 dollar 6 Piece Dewalt tool sets with 2 batteries and a charger 1st off on the 65 dollar 50cc dirt bike just the shipping alone would be about that and as far as the 6 piece Dewalt set with 2 batteries and a charger i mean unless its made out of Legos using AAA batteries then i could see tje 75 dollar price tag but its almost 2020 how is this stuff still going on Today??? i could see this happening 20 years ago but in todays world ,,Kinda makes ya wonder who is really pulling the strings bcoz to me it sounds like this could be handled a little better by now but there is more involved in this then we will ever know and its just sad plain and simple

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Carl,

          First of all thank you kindly for your report about Rudapper.com. They are indeed a scam site for sure, no doubt.

          When someone wants to register their website they can get a subdomain mysite.siterubix.com – anything in between the dot com is a subdomain and they are free to get. In this even the hosting providers information covers up all info about potential scammers.

          Now if you want to get your own dot com then you must supply your own information about your location, name etc. However, for less than $20, you can pay for privacy on these things. Once paid, once again, your hosting providers information is used ergo covers up identity of potential scam sites.

          There is no software that demands leaves their real names, business location, emails and phone numbers and just no means to verify this info.

          This the problem. Hosting Providers are raking in millions while failing to provide adequate safety measures for the online community.

          Scam Ads!

          Heres where social media networks take payment for advertising potential scam sites. Yet again, they are far too pre-occupied with raking in millions of dollars, than for protecting people from scam sites.

          So its all corrupt. Due to this corruption 38% – at least that amount – of ads you will ever see in your life will be from scam advertisers. They are wholly protected online for some strange reason.

          Sure, they can get a court order to seize such sites but they would have to do untold financial damage before that is even thought about, in my experience of exposing a few particular online scam networks that run without any restrictions and taker all the illegal liberties out there.

          If this greed continues there WILL come a day where no one is going to believe any ad except maybe Amazon etc but even at that there are online reports of scammers breaching all areas of the Internet. I for one have never purchased anything online as I find it too risky.

          Even nowadays PayPal are refunding customers because of some scam sites, then when it comes to another customer with the same complaint, they do not refund. Their behavior I do not trust either for why would you give one customer a refund and another not a refund when you know all about the same offending site? GREED!!!

          Thanks again Carl and I hope that has shed some light on the loop-holes online and this is garnered from my own experience exposing online scams. Thanks again Carl and hope to hear back from you sometime soon. Regards, Philip, Scam Witness.

  2. Kellie

    I had a suspicion about this website when I tried to order a Grooming Table and the PayPal button was not working. I emailed them, never responded, tried it again, the next day the PayPal button is gone, only can use Visa or Mastercard! Then found this site warning people, so thankfully did not order anything.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kellie,

      Whoa! That really was close Kellie 🙂 – Yikes!, Very Happy you spared a moment to inform us about your experience with Rudapper. This article is getting high volume visitorship right now and so, that is near-400 people today potentially had their cash saved, or at least, informed better regarding Rudapper.com.

      Thanks again Kellie and hope to hear from you again sometime.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  3. Tony

    What? there a scam!!! Thanks for this information . I will be more vigilant in the future.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Yes! You are very welcome Tony and thank you for showing us such kind support by leaving a comment. It is always appreciated and it helps enormously to alert others and also it helps Google know scamwitness.com is doing its job to help others to avoid online scams.

      Much appreciated Tony and thanks again for your comment. ~ Philip, ~ Scam Witness.


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