Review – Is ‘RubiShops’ Scam or Legit? Our Short Review

By | June 2, 2019 Trustworthy and are they Connected to – Our ‘RubiShops’ Review. is a new e-store and yet we can see their prices could just be too-good-to-be-true? This article has some cause to call them a scam and not legit. I will hope to be wrong on this and so your real customer reviews are welcome here. We also see that their business info is limited and we do not even know the owners name.

These are bad signs to start. As mentioned, those with customer reviews are welcome to let us know your experience below in the comments. If you feel you were scammed then put in for a refund with your payment provider. Also, do make sure to look elsewhere online to see what others are saying about ‘RubiShops’ and never just accept only ours or anyone else’s alone… mistakes can happen.




 Customer Review Guide.

  • I have never landed on the site before until we received a comment on our Review and so this is how we have located their store. We are going to try again to find out who the owner is, business information, contact information and see what turns up. When we are not able to locate basic business information it could mean a scam for sure.
  • WHOIS says their site was registered in 2019/04/7 and this was done for just one year. So why it is necessary to only register for one year is not a good sign. We normally see businesses that are honest paying their domain fee’s for longer than this period as it can take some years before an income is good and therefore worthwhile running such an e-store.
  • We are not able to see a founders name when they paid their domain fee either and so why are they hiding who the owner is. We are not saying this site is a scam it the person running it is working from home, in which, they do not need to provide their own home address. That is a little dangerous.
  • But, it would be very helpful if such owners make clear this is the case and I see from experience they seldom do. This is not helping everyone else to know if we can trust your site or not or hopefully this trend will change, as it needs to, because scam artists are too good at impersonating such sites.
  • Right now I am very concerned they are selling a NetGear NightHawk M1 Router for just $49.99, and yet when we Google the price of this Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router, we find on the site of they are being sold for $360. That is HUGE SCAM SIGN… to say the least.
  • That is proof we could be dealing with a fake site. How can they make such a big loss on just that one items sale and for the rest of us to take them as legit?





Final Thoughts.

We hope this short review about has answered some of your questions. We also hope that many of you with customer reviews will take some time to make clear your own experiences. Looking online right now there is nearly nothing about his new site. So! Have a good rand’n’rave if they have scammed you and we respond to all comments in very good time. We are not recommending them for now and so will determine it after your own reports.














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8 thoughts on “ Review – Is ‘RubiShops’ Scam or Legit? Our Short Review

  1. eric

    Rubishops is a scam. They’re advertising a product I am the producer of, and I know they do not possess the product. They’re advertising it below the cost to produce it in volume.
    Definitely a criminal enterprise, which I’ve reported to the US Department of Justice.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Nice work Eric and thank you for reporting to us and helping to alert others. It is appreciated Eric.

  2. Chad

    Bought a seat cover and after 3 weeks have yet to revive it or any updates, after numerous emails for updates not a single one was answered. I’m currently trying to refund my order but have been left with no replies from the site

    0/10 do not trust it.

  3. Tama

    Has to be fake, Looking at some RV trailers for 800$ here the real retail is $18,000.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Good to know Tama and thank you for sharing that piece of information. Certainly RV’s going for $800 when they are usually priced at $18,000 is something to indicate a big scam. I would not of known those prices and so I am happy you have shared your valuable insight here. Much appreciated Tama.

  4. India Hynes

    They have one of our items on there and they are not a reseller of ours. I asked them to remove our product and so far no response. Prices are too good to be true! Buy from a TRUSTED RESELLER.
    Do not get scammed.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you India India Hynes and please feel welcome to leave your own link in this forum so people may shop online at a trusted e-store. Thank you for taking the time to help warn others as well.


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