What Is RoyalSecurities.Biz – Is RoyalSecurities.Biz a Scam or Legit?

By | September 8, 2018

What Is RoyalSecurities.Biz and is it Smart to Invest with Them?

What Is RoyalSecurities.Biz? Is RoyalSecurities Biz fake, fraud, scam or is Royal Securities Biz good, legit, real, genuine and paying out? You are very welcome to this RoyalSecurities Review as I will uncover the owner, what they are offering and why they are not even a legally registered online company. They have made many statements alluding to legitimacy but they have not provided one shred of evidence to back it up. Their business model is one so shaky they could collapse at any moment in time. Below is my research to help you make up your own mind.

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What Is RoyalSecurities.Biz, RoyalSecurities.info and the Truth on their Operations.

RoyalSecurities.Biz HYIP Site

Now this article will begin to explain more on What Is RoyalSecurities.Biz. First, in our search for the truth about any site online, we must first do a thorough back ground check to find out the owner. All sites must register their sites online with legit address of their business, support email, contact number, and founder name. WHOIS shows me that the founder name is missing, their address is Panama <- well known scammer address -> and their site was created 06/09/2018. The founder is not even listed on their own website. I mentioned RoyalSecurities.info because I believe they could both belong to the same owner. Anyways, RoyalSecurities.info (created 09/09/2018) is another HYIP/Ponzi Scheme Scam, so you can consider this as a review of them both 

When there is a clear absence of such basic data then that is indicative of scam sites. The owner, when their site begins and continues to defraud many people over time, will just close down their site to avoid any further scrutiny by authorities. The whole purpose of their site is to generate funds from its members, of which, the site will keep most of it.

What is their offer?

Its really easy. They say they are trading in Forex, and how they are the “backbone of crypto currency” and all that nonsense. How can they be the backbone of crypto currency, which started in 2010, when their site was only registered today. Apparently, you invest with these guys and they will take that money and turn it into big profits for you. That is the gist of their sites offer.

OK, so they have been operating offline? Let us find out below.

UK Companies House Business Registered- Yes or No?

NO! RoyalSecurites say they are registered with Companies House in the UK. For those that don’t know, this is the UK’s way of receiving registrations and certifying legit businesses in their region. However, I researched the registration number provided by RoyalSecurities and another company came up instead. That companies name is called ‘FOREX OPERATIONS LTD‘ – NOT! – RoyalSecurities! They have not even bothered to put up a fake certification of company registration, which I assure you most sites would have, and so they say you can check it out yourself. So, I did as mentioned, and they are liars on that point and all other points on their site. I have 0 Trust for them and No Respect for what they are doing.

What are they really up to?

Everything they say about being professionals in the trading, Forex, Markets bla bla bla is a near word-for-word script I have read countless times online on other scams sites. They are simply operating from a pre-made HYIP template they bought for about $220. Cheap start up when you consider the max investment is $10,000!!

You sign up! You invest! You wait! And, hopefully, you will receive your returns plus initial investment.

Below is their investment levels:-

Plan 1.

Min is $10. Max is $300. Daily Profit is 2.4%.

Plan 2.

Min is $2000.000 and Max is the same. Daily Profit is 500%.


Min and Max Investment is 25000.00. Daily Profit is 1000% (LOL!)

Referral Commissions.

Earn 5% of referral commissions when your sign ups get duped into investing. Though, I doubt it very much you will ever see any profits from RoyalSecurities of any kind.

HYIP/Ponzi Schemes – What are They?

So, these are both illegal business models where ,historically speaking, the stats show that over 90% of people who take part in them just lose all of their investments. No one is investing into anything that is real like commodities, stocks, trading, Forex, Santa Claus, The Bunny Rabbit, The Tooth Fair – Nothing! The money is used to give to older investors. Most of that money is never split equally as the founder will keep most of all investments/donations.

Invest at your own risk but I heavily advise against it. My website has received many reports of having been scammed this way. One particular comment stands out as one of the worst cases of having be defrauded I have ever received.

You may view that comment below:-

Scam Report on BtcOnline.io

As you can see these kinds of sites really do not care about earning you any money online. Invest at your own risk and only what you can afford to lose.




Final Thoughts.

Thousands of these kinds of sites are being set up daily. It is actually impossible to report on them all. Such HYIP’s will say anything to get your to invest. The usual garble is as described above about being experienced team of investors with years of experience in their field. Can anyone here reading this provide one shred of evidence of their claims? I doubt it very much. Those who invest their money early stand a chance of earning something. Those that invest months down the line probably will just lose all of their money. The choice is yours and good luck if you decide to gamble!

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