What Is RoyalCoinCompany.com? Scam or Legit – $’s Not Guaranteed!

By | August 1, 2018

Royal Coin Company

What Is RoyalCoinCompany.com and a Word to the Wise.

Here we will quickly answer what is RoyalCoinCompany.com if you are thinking of investing with them. We will also answer is RoyalCoinCompany just another scam? Is Royal Coin Company trusted and safe? I have compiled this RoyalCoinCompany Review to help my readers understand their chances of earning with their offer. They are a new company online and they do appear to offer huge returns per time and investment. They describe themselves as an “automatic online investment platform, team of professional traders focusing mainly on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies“. Let us find out more.


What you will get from this article:-

Whether it is safe or not to investment with the Royal Coin Company.



Topics Covered:-

  • Site Owner Identification and Location.
  • What they Offer.
  • Why we are concerned of a possible illegal online company.
  • Our Final Thoughts/Conclusion.

*I am not a member of the company we are about to review and this article is based on my opinion. All are advised to do further research should they disagree what is presented here.


Company:- https://royalcoincompany.com.

Founder:- John Pandiyan.

Scam/Legit:- See ‘Final Thoughts’ on our opinion.





What Is RoyalCoinCompany.com’s Founder Identity and their Service.


The founder of Royal Coin Company is registered as John Pandiyan. I Googled that name and there is no trace of a connection to the site under review.

The site was created 25/07/2018 and is registered to stay online until the same date in 2019. Real job offers will normally last longer if they are a legit site.

Their website is based in India, according to their sites registration records on WHOIS.

At this moment, I have yet to find a concrete connection between founder and site. Let us carry on for now.


What is their service?


High Yield Investment Program, which basically means, you invest some money and get a relatively huge return. Sounds nice but usually alerts me to something ‘fishy’.

Members are to sign up and then place their investments. They have four plans and those are as follows:-


Plan 1 after 1 day.

Minimum Deposit:- $10.

Max Deposit:- $50,000!

Returns:- 115%!

That is your money back and then some.

Plan 2 after 2 days.

Minimum Deposit:- $10.

Max Deposit:- $50,000!

Returns:- 140!

Plan 3 after 4 days.

Minimum Deposit:- $10.

Max Deposit:- $50,000!

Returns:- 200%!

Plan 4 after 8 days.

Minimum Deposit:- $10.

Max Deposit:- $50,000!

Returns:- 525%!


You may have noticed that the min and max deposits do not increase as your returns increase.

It seems the longer you wait then the more returns you can make. A little unusual but not enough to lose our minds over just yet by calling it a scam. However, it does seem very generous to return so much money to investors because they waited 8 days for returns. This has to be questioned before you even begin to consider losing $10 and even up to $50,000!

That really is all they offer, a way to make quick money far in excess then what is normal to earn! Some indeed do make a profit from such HYIP Programs but, I did say – ‘some’…



The Undefendable Truth and Inherent Flaws of their Program.

Is it Real?

This program cracks under slight scrutiny to be legit.

HYIP’s are older than the Internet itself! This is nothing new but somehow many do fall victim to such programs. The whole business model is solely premised on new sign ups.

For instance, ‘You’ sign up and pay your min deposit or more and then wait for your money. What happens next is another person signs up and then they pay. A few more do the same and it continues. Should enough people have signed up then you are supposed to get your promised ROI (return on investment). This is an illegal business model and in fact is just a Ponzi Scheme in disguise!

Royal Coin Company does run a referral program for a 6% referral commission. Some people who invest will actually be successful. This is the promise and the allure and why many do run to such schemes. The only time that it is wise to invest (if you must) is the first two weeks. After that, its anyone’s guess if you will ever see a penny in profits.

It is now very easy to see how, when new sign ups become a thing of the past, that such illegal companies are in constant debt to ever-increasing new member. I mean, what if the whole planet signed up – where are you going to get new people to pay the one’s who were promised their returns? This is the inherent flaw, and since the owners know this, the undefendable truth part of their operations.

Alas, when sign ups come near to a halt or stop completely, the site owners will just take the money and shut down their operations online. This of course will leave the vast majority of members out-of-pocket. I know most members who sign up and invest know the risks and are willing to take them, surprisingly, there are many who are shocked when this happens. Please do your own research before joining any company online, especially ones, that require investment before a free trial period.



Final Thoughts.

Well, they are indeed an illegal company that will just take most of their members money as dictated by their inherently flawed business model. To this end we have zero choice but to call them a flagrant scam! Should you be so tempted that you must, we suggest, you only invest what you can afford to lose. However, we never advise to go near such schemes based on the historical data that most (over 90%) of members will lose all of their monies. Be warned.

Ultimately, you might be one of the lucky ones to get 525% returns on your investment but the chances are very slim. We don’t believe it is a safe venture at all for anyone to undertake as it is only a flip of a coin chance to succeed, especially, those that go all in and invest to the max deposit!


That is all we have time for today regarding this particular online company. While we can not promote them as legit we do have suggestions that are honest. You may sign up to our proven trusted and legit companies free account HERE to see how to make money from your website. This company has been online since 2005 and are called Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for stopping by in your own research to know What Is RoyalCoinCompany.com and we sincerely hope it helps you in your own decision. Take care guys.

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