What Is RoseFacts.com – Is ‘RoseFacts’ Scam or Legit Ladies Fashion Store?

By | April 14, 2019

Find Out What Is RoseFacts.com about – Our ‘RoseFacts’ Review.

RoseFacts.com is a new site and we some scam signs that have us worried. Is www.RoseFacts.com fraudulent, a scam, another deceptive Chines E-store? Or, Is ‘RoseFacts’ safe, trustworthy, legit and honest? This Review of ‘Rose Facts’ see’s pics of models with their heads chopped off in the images. Why? Most of the price reductions are close to or over 50%. Why so cheap? How are they making cash if they are so generous?

So, we have some questions that are needing some answers. Those with their own reviews are welcome to comment on that site below in the comments. We welcome any review you have about any site online. We will always look into them for you. 




Is www.rosefacts.com a scam??




RoseFacts.com Review – Should We Be Worried?

In this RoseFacts.com Review we will try to fully answer What Is RoseFacts com about. We begin as we begin with all site reviews. We look to find out about the founder, contact info and business location address. Where this data is missing or false then that is a bad sign. Honest businesses typically do not have a problem with providing this.

Registration for this site was in 2019/01/18. 12 month is the registration date. That is very short amount of time to begin your business with. Some might say that is significant of a hit-and-run site. Others may see it as a founder giving themselves 1 year just to see how things go. Low-key scam sign, in our view.

They have failed to provide a full address in WHOIS and we can only see they are from China. Yet, their site is all priced in Dollars – why?

Their address on their site is A231,4thFloor,LongwangzhuangRoad,TongzhouDistrict,Beijing(BeijingJinchaoHotelCo.,Ltd.). Note the messy manner if which they have displayed this address. 

Email of service@rosefacts.com. They have a number of 15626104446 . Since they only have the word ‘number’ next to it then it is raw data i.e. undefined data. I have to assume that is their company registration number or perhaps contact number.


‘RoseFacts’ Scam Signs.

Most of their prices seem to be around 50% or over off discounts. That is very high. They are a new site and so we find it suspicious a new can afford to be this generous. I saw an ad on TV recently. It was for a store I never heard of before for out doors goods.

I Googled that store and they have been online since 1999! Point is, they were only able to offer a 15% discount. Clearly, a business being in business for 20 years, and an e-store online for only a few months – we can see the problem regarding the discounts. They appear to be too high.

Why have they partially or fully cut off the head of every model in their images? Many consider that to be a very good scam sign. So sites that do this then very least look for reviews as there appears to be no real reason for this.

No founder name listed for their site. We must know whom we are dealing with when we are giving over our payment information online. Without a clearly identified person or team of people where are we to go to if something goes wrong? 

Those are the scam signs that has us very suspicious of their site.



Final Thoughts.

We are not recommending that site currently. Should many good reports come through then we will change that. If many bad reports then we will put them in our List of Internet Scammers. We will try to update that List at least once a week.

That is all on What Is RoseFacts.com and very much looking forward to read about your experiences. I respond to all comments and usually very fast. This is not the kind of site that simply ignores its readers. Thanks for coming by.

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6 thoughts on “What Is RoseFacts.com – Is ‘RoseFacts’ Scam or Legit Ladies Fashion Store?

  1. Sarah Shaw

    I am trying to return my order as well. No one will return my emails and there is no address to ship it back to. I spent 110 dollars. Anyone have any advise?
    The quality is horrible and everything is tiny.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      If they have delivered to you not what was advertised then you have a case with your payment provider, I imagine. Sorry to hear this Sarah and thank you for reporting on RoseFacts.com to us.

  2. Leah

    Oder # Rf-3719
    This is an out rage I ordered items from your company ,and is nothing like what you show in the picture ,the quality of the material is absurd. If this does not get resolved as far as my money returned I will go to every social media I know and also I will report you to the Better Business Bureau and go to the new station because I spent over $69.00 And I could have gone to Forever 21 ,where I usually go and their quality of outfits are amazing. So for you to provide me what you provided me is a scam flat scam!!! Please provide me with what I need to ship these horable items back to get my money !!!! This is the email I sent to Rosefacts Do not buy !!! Scam scam scam !!!


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I am glad you let them have it Leah and thank you for reporting them here as well. You are welcome to share this article to help spread the word.

  3. Joyce Ardizzone

    I have had a terrible experience and will never shop there again.
    I rec’d the top didn’t fit, too small – I emailed rosefacts for a return address no one ever got back to m e,
    so there was one address on the package I sent it to them for a refund. weeks later I received it back return
    to sender. Never heard from them sent 3 emails.
    Very disappointed. maybe it is a scam, when they don’t want to give you a return address

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Joyce,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us all. Given the situation as you describe it is difficult to see how a legit company could behave like this.

      Perhaps contacting your payment provider for a refund might be in order? Thanks again Joyce and you are welcome to let us know how this situation resolves.


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