What Is Romperalo.com – Is ‘Romperalo’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

By | January 14, 2020

Romperalo.com Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Hello and welcome to our short review of Romperalo.com. Is www.romperalo.com genuine and legit or is ‘Romperalo’ a scam and therefore you should get a refund and cancel your card? Their address of 5 WARD LANE,FILER,ID 83328 is in use already by Outfityle.com Mageonc.com and so that is a bad sign. Those affected by any scam are welcome to let us now in our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2400+ and counting.

If you wish to upload your images of goods you may have received then use our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. We will do the editing for your reviews to make them presentable. Please ensure to leave the full URL of the site in question and also add as much details as possible. More details then the more chance of approving that post. You may also report in our comments as well. Lets begin now our review of ‘Romperalo’ and see comments for real customer reviews, if any right now.








Where Is Romperalo.com Located?

We are saying right now that Romperalo.com is a scam as they should not be using the same address as Outfityle.com and Mageonc.com which are both scams. We have reviewed them already. Their address of 5 WARD LANE,FILER,ID 83328 is not their address at all and we have already put out a warning about that address prior to this article. Who is the founder of ‘Romeralo’? Contact info? Age of site?


WHOIS.com shows us some info about any site and so we see that their www.romperalo.com site was registered on the 2019-12-16 for one year. Why set up an online business for one year when it costs and efforts, time to set up, is big enough and so that is suspicious by itself.

Fake sites will tend to set up for one or two years and then run off with profits while leaving their unsuspecting customers without orders, and down their cash. Put in for a refund and cancel your card immediately if you fell for any scam online.

Furthermore, they have chosen not to reveal who their founder is and not is another problem I have with their site. How are we expected to trust any e-store when they are not open about their business information. Lacking biz info is a huge scam sign and generally speaking you should probably shop elsewhere wherever you notice this.

Their business address in WHOIS is not theirs and is an address I have seen far too many times listed for a vast array of other websites.

Their Facebook Icon simply reloads the page and that is a link that had to be put there intentionally and so more reasons to stay clear of that site. A company without any social media is suspicious by itself.

Nothing on their site is legit regarding where they are from. It is an address for a farm house and nowhere do we see ‘Romeralo’, ‘Mageonc’ or ‘Outfityle’ – all saying they own that address and from there. We have proven this to be lies three times now and so wherever find the address of 5 WARD LANE,FILER,ID 83328 then know you are most likely on a scam site.




Final Thoughts.

Romeralo.com is a scam. Far too many things wrong here. We do not even know the name of the person who is taking in peoples personal info like their payment info. For me, I could not risk my payment info with no legit info and no name. Far too risky! It is of course up to you and so do let us all know what your experience has been, if any, regarding any of those sites.




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5 thoughts on “What Is Romperalo.com – Is ‘Romperalo’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

  1. Karen

    I ordered a bathroom fan in January, I received a fake Louis Vitan wallet instead. I should’ve checked out this site, but i figured since it’s affiliated through Amazon it would be legitimate. I’m going to contact Amazon about taking their site down from their third party affiliations. It’s obvious now since I tried sending two e-mails to their site with no response that I’m never seeing my 60.00 fan that i ordered.

    1. Karen

      To WHom It May Concern,

      I just posted a reply about Romperalo, please don’t post my last name. I’d appreciate it.

    2. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Karen for your report here today and I believe your report is going to assist others in determining for themselves if they can trust ‘Romperalo’ or not.

      Thanks again Karen.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  2. Shanna

    Unfortunately i did not research this site romperalo.com before making 3 purchases which low and behold i have yet to receive. When attempting to return and get a refund I am told that the product has already shipped. Yet I am still waiting for the tracking information.


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