RoMoney.PW – Is RoMoney.PW Scam or Legit Paid to Click Site?

By | September 25, 2018

RoMoney. PW – The ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Fraud Since 2014.

I am 100% certain that Romoney. PW is a scam and not legit. Those asking What Is RoMoney PW, Is Ro Money PW fake, scam, crooked, dishonest or is RoMoney real, genuine, legit will find out in this RoMoney Review. The owners have set up 1470 of these sites, all identical to each other, since 2014 under ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ facade. You may check out LerMoney. XYZ, ZorMoney. Club, WorMoney. Club, FotMoney. Club, TuMoney. Club etc to see what I mean. They come in Russian, English and German and many of their sites go viral therefore causing a lot of fraud to occur.

While it would be a very chilly day in Hell before I would recommend RoMoney as Legitimate, there are excellent and trusted ways to earn money online, without being scammed. Those really seeking an online business opportunity can have a quick read of How to Get Started Online and for Free. Alternatively, you can just sign up to my #1 choice Wealthy Affiliate for your free lifetime starter account HERE. No cc to begin.


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RoMoney. PW Paid Advertising Viewing System Exposed – The Whole Truth!

RoMoney.PW Exposed!!!

I believe I have answered What Is RoMoney. PW by now for you to know they are not to be trusted. Let us now begin to find out owner and website credentials etc so you can see for yourself why I am calling them a scam site.

Their site was made on the 23/09/2018 with no founder name listed and fake address. That is per WHOIS and is clear irrefutable signs of identity cover-up! This is when the site is so exposed as a scam, and sign ups drop off, the founder(s) will just copy and paste that site while only changing the URL and site logo.

What work are they offering?

They offer you to join their site for free. All are welcome to be scammed. Once you are in they will not ask you to confirm your email. I signed up to one of their sites and I used a fake email. When they let me sign in, I knew right then it was a scam site. That is a good test for you to try if you are suspicious of a site being fake.

Once in then you will see that you must click on advertisements and do a code. Failure to complete the code results in no payment for that ad. Failure to watch ad til the end of the specified time results in no payment for that ad.

Daily Earnings.

People can clearly see they are being offered about $300 a day for easy work and no qualifications or experience. That is simply not real and most websites online don’t make that in one month. Its hard to earn online, but when you know what you are doing, you can learn to make as much money as you want. Read HERE to find out how.

Referral Earnings and the $4800 a month myth.

They are saying you take half of your new sign ups money. That is nonsense and actually means that your sign ups will earn very little in comparison to you. So, you make $300 in one day, and your sign up makes $300 in same time period, so now that means you earn $450 in one day – come on now!!! Does that sound right to you?

Though they promise everyone 10c a click, you are supposedly taking 5c from your sign ups clicks, and so now where does the other 5c that is promised to all per click come from. Does it come from the scam founders? No, that would put them out of business if they were legit. Does it magic up out of thin air? No, because that is not possible. Already, you must see how much of a scam they are.

What Happens when you try to cash out?!!

This is the part that is the most dangerous.

Once you reach $300 then you are qualified to cash out. A form is to be filled but that is a dummy form and a bot will reach out and say you must wait a long time for some verification nonsense. Then you fill out another form and then they will ask you for $10, $20 or so as a processing fee to get your cash. Any site that asks for a processing fee is a scam site and that is a 100% signal you are wrapped up a fraud.

Should you pay then your account is blocked from you accessing it. It will remain active until the site shuts down so to give out the impression they have more members then what they actually have. It will also not alert all of your sign ups something is wrong. There is no forum so there is no place to leave complaints to help warn others. Please warn others below to help do your part in finding disgusting scam sites like RoMoney. However, I KNOW MOST OF YOU WON’T because its that kind of laziness that helps scammers get away with it… just saying.

40 Referrals!

Here is a kick in the rear end that you are dealing with scammers! At the point of cash out, they will tell you that you don’t qualify for your payments. They will say you must make 40 new sign ups to them first. You can look at their site and they don’t say this anywhere. Their Terms and Conditions is in Russian if you had bothered to even look – most don’t.  Once you make those sign ups, you still won’t get paid. That is only to boost their numbers and ensure they have more to scam before they chuck you away like a piece of dirt. The only way to make this right, on you, is if you report them here below this article.

When there are so many reports on a scam site, then too many people are warned and no about doubt, and this is how scam sites are shut down quicker because they have too little signing up to scam. So you see, I am not just asking for comments to make this article popular, I am asking for comments to stop more people from being scammed. This article is already popular as I know 100%%% it is going to land page 1 of Google, no doubt, where you found it!




Final Thoughts.

It really annoys me to see so many people being scammed. You may look through this websites comments and see some horrendous stories of people losing lots of money they needed to keep a rook over their heads and feed their kids. We are dealing with some pretty serious cases here. Facebook and Google are accept money from people, unknowingly from scammers, but they are not monitoring scam advertisements. This is not acceptabl eat all ! Since the core foundation of the Internet is not ensuring your safety, we must work together, to help protect each other. RoMoney is a dirt-scam-site! Stay clear.

Have some few questions on RoMoney. PW? I am happy to answer them below. Need advice regarding online business and how to earn a proper and legal wage online? You are welcome to ask me and I will help you. In the  mean, you can read all about Wealthy Affiliate to see if you can see real potential in being the next big thing online and earning money from it. Alternatively, as mentioned, get your free account HERE! Thank you all for coming here. Without your support, this site would be nothing!! So, thank you once again. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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  1. Beata

    Dziękuję bardzo za informację daliśmy się nabrać szkoda bo myśleśmy że pomoże spłacić nam długi.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Serdecznie zapraszamy. Cieszę się, że ten artykuł zaoszczędził ci trochę czasu i trochę pieniędzy na podróż, by zarobić online.

      Jeśli potrzebujesz pewnych zaleceń na temat legalnych sposobów – po prostu zapytaj i mogę ci w tym pomóc.

      Dziękuję bardzo za komentarz :-).

      ~ PhIlip (Scam Witness).


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