What Is Roawe.com – Is Roawe.com Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

By | November 11, 2018

What Is Roawe.com And Are They Genuine Or Fake E-Commerce Store?

Great work on finding this article on What Is Roawe.com. It will answer Is Roawe com dishonest, fake, fraudulent, crooked, scam or Is Roawe (https://www.roawe.com) genuine, safe, trustworthy, legit, good, honest and do they deliver what you order? This Roawe review is going to compile research sourced online to save you time, and ultimately, help you decide if it is worth the risk to order from them. I have personally reviewed fake online purchase stores such as HomeApShop.com, HobbiLaunch.com, Escapes Mall, FarmZily.com, CoolWallet.Club etc and I would like to take this opportunity to warn you about those sites – they are verified scams.

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What Is Roawe.com – Full Analysis of Their Trustworthiness.

As mentioned they are a women’s fashion store with high quality garments being advertised. That is a very important statement and especially – ‘high quality’ – and so let us find out if you are going to get ‘quality’ cloths for your money. But first, as with all investigations into websites, we begin with the founder.

The website https://www.roawe.com was registered online 2011/11/20 and registered online up until same date 2019. The time a site is registered online, when they have some way for the exchange of money either to themselves or to you, is a very important factor. Most scam sites will list their site online for 1 or 2 years – that is nearly always a bogus site when they are MEANT to be offering a real and legit business service. So, they passed the test on that monitoring factor.


Roawe.com Site

www.roawe.com under investigation.



Another deciding point is their address. Mysteriously they have simply put Denver, USA – that is obviously an incomplete address. There is no online contact support registered and unfortunately as well there is no founder name. No founder name, when a site is asking us to believe they are legit and to buy from them, is not a good sign of their legitimacy.

What if something goes wrong? Who is accountable? Customers Service Agents who don’t own the company? So that is a very worrying sign indeed, for when/if things go wrong with your order, there is plenty of chance that accountability is hard to place. Without that, there is no real enforcement for correction.

Contact Info On Their Site?

Bearing with the same issues, let us find out if they have legitimate contact information on their site like a real world business address.

I see two addresses at the bottom of their site on their Contact Page:-

IPAY LINKS Ltd, Unite G25 Water front Studios, 1 Dock Road, London, United Kingdon, E16 1AH. a Google search on that address turns up a Water Front Studios – that is a business center. Also, they are indeed beta.companieshouse.gov.uk registered. That is where UK business’s register their companies.

As well, that address shows up interesting information at this link HERE where I see their legally registered office is 46 Camden Road, London, NW1 9DR

If I am understanding what I am seeing in the link left above, even though no names were left at site registration, there is one name listed as Director of IPAYLINKS LTD. That name is a Mr Guogang Zhen. I will continue to look but I don’t see that name on their site, and really, there is no good reason for that as far as I can see.

Lastly on this topic of their real world address, the link above test.datalog.co.uk website, shows IPAYLINKS LTD address as UNKNOWN. Well, this is confusing to say the least!

I am sorry, but, I think I might have just turned up a fake site connected to their second address in their Contact Us section at Roawa.com. I can’t pass a rating on that site now, called timberland.shop, but I can say the addresses are identical. They appear to be using the Timberland branding name and really my ‘instinct’ to call that site a scam was triggered. That will have to wait until another day.

ScamAdviser.com puts them in the UNITED STATES! SiteJabber.com puts them at 702 North West Street, Wilmington, DE 19801, US. Email at service@roawe.com. There is a serious conflict about where in the world these guys are actually from. And that conflict arose from the addresses stated at their women’s fashion/apparel website. OK, let us move on, and just know that this is not normal to have such a conflict.




Fake Online Stores – What To Watch Out For.

Fake online stores will show you high end clothing for rock bottom prices. They will even through in Free Global Shipping. Some of Roawe’s cloths are half price, including shipping, I wonder how they make a profit as those advertised items do look expensive. You can compare quality and prices with any other online women’s fashion store and see the difference in prices. That is a worrying sign for sure.

Their Returns Policy lets us know we have 45 days to return items for a full refund or exchange, but soon you will see, this has not been some of their customers experience. You are not to return the item to the address on the parcel. They are to email you the right address, which to me, strikes me as very odd.

OK! HERE IS SOME NONSENSE RIGHT NOW! Buyer is responsible for shipping charges because their Return Policy Page says YOU BOUGHT THE WRONG ITEM, SIZE ETC! And yet, there are complaints their company sent out the wrong items to their customers and STILL telling customers to pay the shipping charges! What is then the solution when the company makes the mistake of sending out an incorrect order?

That is a very important slippery returns policy point to find. I am not impressed, and personally right now, I WOULD NOT GO NEAR THEM!! But that is only my opinion and should not be the final word on their site.



There are 19 Complaints at SiteJabber.com. That is not a lot when we consider the age of their site. It is vital now to state that even good companies will get complaints. However the complaints listed on that site are the worst kind and so I feel strongly you run the risk of being scammed for various reasons that will be listed now.

Paid item simply did not arrive.

Item arrived but it was too small. Could not return without paying for the shipping, EVEN THOUGH THE COMPANY WAS AT FAULT FOR SENDING THE WRONG ITEM! Small refund on the price and another shipped to customer. Again, item too small or low quality.

Stitching of such poor quality item is referred to as a ‘rag’.

All complaints warning others ‘DO NOT BUY‘ from them.

Item that arrived was not even close to the item advertised and ordered from their site.

Complaints that these goods are actually coming from China. That is at complete odds with all the addresses supplied and even found by other sites online.















Final Thoughts.

From the outset, given they are quite limited complaints about them, I was going to say ‘CAUTION’ but really its up to you if you want to run the risk. However, given the (1) unnecessary and highly irregular information surrounding their real world address – where they are (2) legally registered in the UK, but ScamAdvisor.com has (3) located their site in the USA and their (4) products are coming from China, and their (5) real address is UNKNOWN in reality for test.datalog.co.uk. Personally I am calling them a scam site! But also, the (6) horrific nature of the complaints as well, though limited, would be enough to put anyone off buying from them.

I mean their(7)  ignored some of their customers are receiving payment and no legit and honest company would do that. If you were scammed I hope you don’t leave me hanging here and actually do report them below.

(8) As Mentioned, their Second Address on Roawe’s Contact Us Page from Malta leads to a ‘TIMBERLAND.SHOP‘ website. You may go to that site and tell me what you think in the comments section. The addresses for these separate sites are identical and really that is another thing that has me worried we are dealing with scammers here.

(9) No product or inferior product sent even though customer paid.

However, if you disagree and your experience was positive then it is also vital you communicate that in the comments below. Where mistakes have been made then I am more than happy to rectify that. Given the research above the choice is yours, but if I was shopping online and came across their store and did some research, I would give them a miss.

Do you have questions on What Is Roawe.com? Perhaps you have some complaint or two? Or maybe you would like to give a positive review from your experience or someone else’s? You are welcome to leave all such comments below. Where positive reviews make it evident I have made a gross error in judgement, then I am happy to change the rating on this article. Thank you all for coming by and hope this research was helpful to you. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.




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