Rizett.com – Is Rizett.com Scam or Legit Investment Platform?

By | September 7, 2018

Rizett.com – Scam or Legit Investment Company? Full Truth Here.

With so little data at Rizett.com (www.rizett.com) I decided to investigate and ask some questions. Questions like, Is Rizett com a Scam? What Is Rizett? Is Rizett Legit? Is Rizett Genuine? Is Rizett fraudulent? Is Rizett a Ponzi Scheme? We will start off investigation the founder and where they are based. In this Rizett Review you will know without doubt if you can trust them or not and ultimately ifwhy they are a fraudulent site. Right now I believe them not to bet trustworthy and not a real investment platform. Below is my research for you to make up your own mind.

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Rizett.com Founder, Investment Plan and How 90% of Members will Walk away with Nothing.

Rizett.com Site

Rizett.com clearly displays luxurious cars and planes, symbols of the ‘high life’, implying you may get this rich to afford such things. That is a front for a more sinister side of their operations. The founder is not brave enough to put his or her’s own name to their work online.

Their site was created 05/09/2018 and so I am exposing them now just two days into their illegal operations – great chance now to shut them down earlier, as when such a site gets exposed many times over, this will result in no more new sign ups which means they will have to shut up shop. The address they supplied is a fake address as well. No ID info is located anywhere on their site. All good signs of a fake site.

What is their site about?

They are pretending to be a group of Forex Traders who somehow can generate profits like magic and able share those profits with their members with the help of your investment. They say they are also a registered company. There is no evidence online of either claim as I have looked. Even those companies that say they are registered in UK will put forward a fake company registration certificate.

Even if that certificate is real then just know those certs are pretty worthless as proof as any overseas enterprise, legit or otherwise, can purchase those certs for between £5 to £130. Ergo, it still does not mean they are located in the UK.

I read have the same old story of Ponzi Schemes saying this and actually I truly believe they are just buying HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) templates from the one site that comes with a prescript for content.

What are they Really?

Really, they are just some chancer’s who has sent up a site, saying some generic ‘blurb’ by using words like ‘Forex’, ‘Traders’ etc and also saying they have been doing this successfully for many years. Well, tell me Founder of Rizett.com:- How Can You Have Been Doing This For Years If Your Company Was Only Set Up In 05/09/2019? See date of this post. And we shall wait and see and expect not to get any replies, as always the way with obvious and blatant, illegal and thieving scam sites!!

How a Ponzi Scheme Works?

Those not paying attention ( 🙂 ) a Ponzi Scheme is where you invest some money. You are not investing to buy anything real though. That money is taken and is used to pay older investors. Then you wait for new investors. This is why Rizett is running their own affiliate program so that you will do all the leg work for them to get your money plus profits. In truth, some will get paid, most won’t! It is designed so that the founder will reap most of the money and actually get away with it for life, in most cases. So, if you have only 1 iota of sense in you, I will say stop making these cyber-crooks so rich!

What are my Chances of Earning by investing with Rizett?

First two weeks of any program that operates with this kind of illegal business model is the best time. I don’t advise  you do this but I am sure there are some who would like to know that. Sometimes, if you are lucky, there creator of these schemes will want to generate some more legit payment proofs and so will pay out to a few more. This is only to attract more investors to generate more profits for the site.

Who will get conned the most?!

The Newbies! Those first time people looking to make quick and easy cash online are most at risk from losing tons of real money. At first, you may receive a small return. This is only to tempt you to invest higher and higher and out of nowhere you will just be ignored. Your account be even be inaccessible as well.

The one’s that will earn the most are of course the Founder and those that got in nice and early.




Final Thoughts.

Rizett is not operating legally and so how can we expect them to be a legit operation? They have no evidence of prior experience or of being registered anywhere. They even classify themselves as a ‘HYIP’ in their FA’S setion, which as we already know, is a Ponzi Scheme and as said those are illegal. Do share this article if you have brought in family and friends to Rizett to inform them of the truth of their site.


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There maybe those that have questions on What is Rizett.com? Or those needing more info on How to Start Online for Free? You are all welcome to leave your questions, stories, opinions below and I will respond to you. DEFINITELY REPORT IF YOU SCAMMED by the site just written on. Thank you for choosing my site in your search and I am looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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