What Is Rgbell.com – Is www.rgbell.com Scam or Legit – Review!

By | April 23, 2019

Find Out What Is Rbgell.com Here – Our www.rbgell.com Review.

You are welcome here to this review all about What Is Rbgell.com (www.rgbell.com). Is Rbgell com a scam, fraud and only a deceptive fake Ray Ban Store? So this is a scam alert folks. There are multiple copies of this site online and we do not recommend you risk your cash here. Even the founder never seems to refute any words said against their sites and only continue to manufacture more.

Those that have put in for an order are welcome to leave your customer reviews below in the comments. This will help warn others? Believe this is wrong? Then if you find that you had a good experience with this store – I would love to be wrong! Do let everyone know either ways as this is a forum dedicated solely to reporting on ‘Rbgell’.



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www.rbgell.com scam alert – there are copies online!




Rbgell.com Review – Here Is Why We Believe They Are Fake.

  • Do we see a founder name at Rbgell.com? Address or contact information that checks out to be real and owned by this site? We need to ask these questions and so we go to WHOIS. That is a site that stores the attached information about sites left by founders or their hosting providers.
  • However, we need not explain all these details here and so you can check that out for yourself. You may go to their site and see what we have observed time and time again before. No founder name. No address or contact information.
  • Where there so happens to be this info on some of their copies then always Google that information. Many times, where sites are fraudulent, they will have stolen the information of legit businesses. UK and USA are favored addresses to steal.
  • You will observe they are selling Ray Bans at a far too discounted a price. Too-good-to-be-true prices is nearly always a sign of a fake online store.
  • If you try to contact their support you may find that they are not professional or you are simply ignored. Where your order has taken months, and still nothing arrives, you should contact your payment provider.
  • Keep evidence of your order, if they send you any confirmation. Even if you find that your tracking information is false, keep that as proof of what they gave you.
  • Contacting your payment provider may also stop cyber-crooks from randomly charging your card for funds not approved by you.
  • I believe PayPal gives you about 180 days to put in for a refund. I read somewhere once that some card holders only have 60 days. Do not let any e-store use delaying tactics on you in perhaps some hopes you will overrun your refund time frame.
  • We can see least one other resource online exposing this site as not real and not trustworthy. They are rarely wrong in their warnings.




Final Thoughts.

So that concludes What Is Rbgell.com. There is little else to say other than you do run the risk of being defrauded if you trust this e-store. Those with reviews are welcome to let us know about them in the comments below. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers.

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