What Is ReTops.com – Is ReTops.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | March 12, 2019

Find Out What Is ReTops.com – The ‘ReTops’ Review.

Here is our review on What iS ReTops.com located at www.retops.com. Is ReTops com a scam, fraud, bogus, fake or Is ‘ReTops’ legit, safe, real, genuine and completely trustworthy? This www ReTops com Review will present our research for your own consideration. We can say that they appear to have other sites like Hynstund.com, FrgShops, Funiey.com, MyKedd.com and KeddShop.com. Those sites are suspiciously linked by the same email address of sale@topsevice4u.com.

Those with customer reviews are welcome to place them below in the comments. Questions are welcome as well as this is a forum concerning anyone of the listed sites. Many fake shops online and so many are hailing from China. Typically where unwary customers hand over their card payment details to fake sites then random charges may occur. If anything is delivered then it could be shoddy, inferior, not what you ordered etc.

Let us find out if ‘ReTops’ is a site we can trust or not.




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What Is ReTops.com About – Good and Safe or Another Scam E-Store?

Many of their sites look identical while others look completely different. OnlineThreatAlerts website did a report on Frgshops and said they maybe a untrustworthy website. I say this because ‘Frgshops’ has the same (exact same!) email address as ReTops.com. So, What Is ReTops.com anyways? Potentially, we may not be able to recommend them.




www.retops.com scam?



To begin to find out the truth on this site we need some information that is usually freely available from legit and genuine sites. This includes the founders name, business address, contact information and the date of their sites registration online. Where this info is missing then is a cause for some concern.

WHOIS is our first port-of-call and we can see that the date of registration was in 2019/01/11 and registration is for 1 year. They have recently undated their sites registration and so they maybe have been around for at least 1 year prior to last update.

Their business address is not their own and that is only a one-word address which incidentally has the effect of hiding their real location. That is intentional and I have even seen this done with legit sites. This maybe that the founder does not want to be found. They have simply supplied ‘CN’ (China) and that is all.

However, it may also be a way for cyber-crooks to defraud without being found out by the authorities. Also, there is no founder name listed when the site was registered.

We have to go to their website and we can see the email address of sale@topservice4u.com, and as said, that is already in use by several other seemingly separate website business entities. How can many different websites be using the same email address when clearly it can only be one unique one per business?

And also, if one of their site that was using that same email address has been declared an untrustworthy online store, what does that say about the rest of those sites using the same email address?

Boiled down:- this is why we can not recommend ReTops.com!

There is clear evidence that ownership may indeed be the same as the already reported online bad site, and so, that should be enough to answer your own questions on whether to trust them or not.




ReTops.com Scam Signs.

  • Their ‘CONTACT US’ page you would expect to see address(es) of their real physical location, phone number or two for customer support. That is not present and all we have is that email address and a form to contact them by. They say if no response in a long time, then check your spam folder. Not very reassuring…
  • The social share icons below bottom of their site do not work. The Facebook Icon simply links back to their sites home page. Professional online businesses would not let that go and correct it immediately. Since they have been online since the date already given then they have had plenty of time to fix this.
  • Their site, like their FAQ’s and ‘CONTACT US’ sections, are word-for-word identical to some of their other sites.
  • You should go ahead now and Google their email address of sale@topservice4u.com and you will see many other websites using it. That is not a good sign and typical of scam sites or a scam network.
  • It takes some considerable time to begin to make any earnings online. That is a fact born out by my own experience and many others. How then can they be making so much profit, with only 4 months online as as business, to be giving out up to and maybe over 50% Discounts on their goods?!
  • Too-good-to-be-true-prices is usually a glaring sign of a fake site! One sewing machine seems to be priced right as we Googled it. Another they have under-priced by several hundreds and so they can not justify selling some of their items for so cheap.
  • There are no Trust Seals on their site i.e. McAffee Trust Seal etc to let us know they have been approved as a legit vendor.





Final Thoughts.

We are not recommending that site at this moment. Where we get many bad reports on them then we will reference them in our List of Internet Scammers. Those with reports, customer reviews, complaints or positive reviews, are welcome to place those below in the comments.

That is all for now on What Is ReTops.com and looking forward to your comments below. 




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