What Is Rena1ssance.com – Is Rena1ssance.com Scam or Legit? SCAM ALERT!

By | December 27, 2018

What Is Rena1ssance.com Actually About – The Truth Will Save You From Being Scammed.

Many people are asking What Is Rena1ssance.com (www.rena1ssance.com) and so questions like Is Renaissance com fake, scam, dishonest, bad, crooked or Is Rena1ssance good, legit, safe, trustworthy, honest, real? This Rena1ssance Review is a Scam Alert Warning NOT to buy from that site. You may have your payment details stolen for fraudulent purposes. Your order may not arrive or an inferior product may show up at your door step. Please Report Them Below This Article if you were scammed by that site.

Far too many fake shopping sites are coming from China its almost an epidemic from what I can see. That is an additional scam-monitoring point to consider and should warrant further research. This is  not to say all shopping  sites from China are fake. Many times they have potentially their own manufacturing ways of making shoddy, cheap, inferior and near worthless versions of what they advertise. They have many complaints online and they are only 3 months old! Always check for reviews on any site that is either new or when you never heard of them before.

Email on their site is Support@rena1ssance.com. Have you got a response from that email address.




What Is Rena1ssance.com Full Review – Get A Refund.

There are some key areas to look into when trying to ascertain if a site is trustworthy or not. That is going to be this sections topic. Real world address, contact info and who the founder is is key. Where these details are missing, for trustworthy sites don’t ‘forget’ or get these details wrong, then we can begin to make a case against Renaissance.


Rena1sssance.com Review

DON’T buy anything from www.rena1ssance.com!


Their site was registered online in 2018/08/28 and only for 1 year. That seemingly meaningless enough info is actually important. Why would a business, that wants us all believe they are legit, only register for 1 year online when they presumably have already invested a shed-load-of-cash into their real world biz? SO, 1 year is ludicrous and simply a sign of a deceptive site.

Their registered address is 14455. N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. That is an address that has many other sites using the same address! How can 100’s of other, or maybe even 1000’s, companies be using the same location to operate from? So we can see that, should you wish to Google that address, there are too many other sites claiming this as them. This is a sign of a scam network.

Phone Number is 1.4806242599. ScamWarners.com are warning people about that number. 

No email address and no Founder Name. Why would a legit site hide their founder so well? These people are cyber-crooks and they have intentionally hidden all those details so they can avoid the law when it is obvious they are scammers.

Having a quick look on their site I see an address of Yiwu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. No. 1341, Tongbao Road, Yusanli Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province. I have seen that address on their other sites as well.




Scam Signs Of A Fraudulent Shopping Store – How It Works And Your Refund.

Many scammers are operating very profitably by leveraging the superior power of Facebook’s and You-Tube’s (among other platforms) advertising features. This is very unfortunate for many falsely believe, because they see an ad on those platforms, that the advertiser must of been vetted and deemed safe. This is not true. They pay and display their ad to potentially 1000’s of people. ‘Clicks’ occur and illegal sales ensue. Facebook response to some people have been:- they do not violate Facebook’s policies. That is an insane response and I can’t seen how they can’t be legally pulled up on this for not doing enough to protect their own members.

Anyways, I say the above in every post now because there is a cataclysmic amount of complaints regarding people running into scammers on those sites, clearly, nothing is being done about it that I know of. This is why reporting them wherever you have the invite to do so is so important. We are each others best defense regarding online scams.


How These Fake Shopping Sites Operate – Know What To Look Out For.

1). Once people are unfortunate enough to land on a fake site then you naturally enough may buy something. These scammers now have your banking info and they might try to over charge or charge you several times. Please contact your bank/payment provider to get a refund. Take screen shots of EVERYTHING as proof of a scam to help strengthen your case.

2). Did you receive a receipt or tracking info? Typically, tracking info can be false. Not always but it is something to watch out for. Another thing is that the tracking info might disappear on you without warning or trace. Support may supply new info but that is a classic and profound scam sign right there. Regarding your receipt it is not uncommon not to get one. Where this happens then you have to know something is very wrong.

3). Support may speak to you very oddly by asking you to ‘understand’, ‘sympathize’ with them because your order is so late. Despite these sites saying your order will take a reasonable amount of time e.g. 1 – 15 days, you should brace yourself somewhere closer to 2 months or more. Don’t be surprised if Support simply ignores you.

4). Nothing turn up yet? This is quite normal for scam sites to send you nothing out. 

5). Was your order delivered? Was it what you paid for? Usually, when they do bother to send you out ‘something’, they will just send you out some cheap, inferior version of the product. Remember, they don’t have permission to sell the products on their site and their scam network is known for defrauding people.

6). Report Them Below and at the BBB.ORG and IC3. 


Scam Signs of Fraudulent Shopping E-Stores.

There are many different sites that are identical and pulling the same scam elsewhere online. SuperGoMall is but one of them and, if you go to that site, you will see ‘Rena1ssance’ as their sites ‘tab’ name.

  • They are from China per their other address on their site.
  • 2010 is when they try to say they registered online. We already know they started in 2018 just months ago. This is a common scam sign and you can check their date at WHOIS.
  • They do not own the rights of any product images.
  • NO owner name on their site. Now we don’t know who we are doing business with and so that is a bad sign indeed.
  • Multiple identical sites online. That is a scam network. Those that have stumbled on another one of these sites are welcome to report their FULL URL in the comments below – thank you in advance.
  • They refer to themselves as ‘QUIET LAVENDER’. What a mistake! That is because the cyber-crooks, when they copied and pasted the code from one of their old sites, for a new site and forgot to change that out for the actual present site name.
  • Their items are too cheap! I see a one 3D Kneading Head Massager that was $129.99 reduced to just $59.99. Another item was$0.00 to $159.99 – so, they used to give it away for free? That is a clumsy mistake but a very valuable scam sign for us. Anyways, they are too cheap and that is a good clue of a scam site by itself.




Do You Have A Rena1ssance.com Scam Report /  Reviews? You Are Welcome To Leave Those Reports Below This Article – Thank You.










Final Thoughts.

Watch out for VSTroll, SuperGoMall, InnovGoods etc. They are part of the same scam network and Renaissance is just another. I be very interested to hear from you guys regarding your experience. The more reviews that are positive/negative will help verify this articles research. For me, they are going into my site List of Internet Scammers.

That almost wraps up this article. Those with questions are welcome to ask below where I will answer all comments. Anyone reading this with additional data and or know of a scam site elsewhere, are welcome to contribute to this article by leaving that data below. Below is my #1 recommendation on how to earn online for those interested. For those not, no hard feelings 🙂 , as I like to help people have their questions answered.




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11 thoughts on “What Is Rena1ssance.com – Is Rena1ssance.com Scam or Legit? SCAM ALERT!

  1. dirinda hammerstedt

    i purchased a automatic lift seat in November, total charges $203.31, have tried to emial them no response, phone disconnected, am very upset and do not know what to do

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You only have to contact your payment provider Dirinda and tell them you were scammed. I wish you well with that and thank you kindly for your Rena1ssancce.com customer review.

  2. Dave schmidt

    I was taken for $150.00 and have had a few return emails telling me they were sorry but I’ve never recieved the product nor a refund. I don’t quite understand how these sites are still up and functioning? Don’t companies have to register their site with someone to be able to put it on the internet?

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Dave,

      Very sorry to hear about this.That is a lot of money to lose. Yes, companies do have to register, only problem is, there is no one at the ‘gate’ checking ID. In other words, it seems, that individuals do not need to verify their names or locations. I once applied for a loan online and I had to give them a copy of my passport etc. It was legit. But anyone can set up a site targeting the whole planet fraudulently for a few dollars and no security check!! Its bonkers! That problem with the net needs to be plugged for sure. Thank you kindly for your report, it is appreciated. Try applying for a refund and probably you may need to cancel your card.

    2. Erica

      Total scam total thief’s and really not cool I got scammed out of 150.00 too since November I’m trying to contact via email or phone everything is no good phone number don’t work email comes back as unable to send can’t get a refund and never received dam item

  3. Mary

    wow this is an eye opener in how to spot a scam site, there is a site I want to buy from at the moment but the goods are way below what I’d expect to pay so even though you make it look so easy I may have some questions for you on how to check if my shopping site is ok to shop from, eg how did you know it was from China?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mary,

      Most shopping scams are from China. I assume this until I see evidence it is from else where. Also, check their sites about us section, or contact us section, and if you see an address from that region that it may be the truth. But also, on their other sites, people may have said they got a shipping address from that region or I read it elsewhere.

      You can always land a URL here Mary and I be happy to take a look and get back to you. Thanks again Mary ~ Scam Witness.


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