What Is RejoiceBuy.com – Is RejoiceBuy.com Scam or Legit? SCAM ALERT!

By | January 6, 2019

What Is RejoiceBuy.com About – Report Them Here!

This quick review on What Is RejoiceBuy.com is a warning. Is RejoiceBuy com at www.rejoicebuy.com fake, dishonest, scam, crooked, fraudulent or Is RejoiceBuy good, genuine, legit, real, safe, honest, trustworthy? This Rejoice Buy Review will break down quickly why they are not to be trusted and what to do if you were scammed. Please take a few moments to report below this article your experience with that fake site to help warn others. Do you think RejoiceBuy is Real? Let’s find out more below.

Many bad and dishonest shopping websites are from China. That is something that we must be vigilant against but of course not all e-commerce stores from that region are fake. Many times it is observed such sites are able to produce highly inferior products, cheap goods, perhaps counterfeit items. Those that receive their orders may notice their order is a lesser quality version to what was advertised. And so you were still scammed because such goods are not even close in value to what you paid for them. 

Such other fake online shopping stores to watch out for are Poisly.com, VsTroll, InnovStylish, SetComing, Rena1ssance, Morderneo, InnovGoods, GoSuperMall, LivingGoods.Shop, YeezyShop.Site, NextDealShop.com, CamPreme, Julsia.com, GigiBlanket.com among many other fake sites. As you can see by those reviews that we are expert in exposing online scams. But also, we are proficient in showing others how to earn online for life. Those interested in a free start up online may have a quick read about How To Start Up Online For Free with Wealthy Affiliate. To save you some reading then you may get your Free Life Time Account Here to begin. No cc to start. Let us now continue with this RejoiceBuy Review.






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In Truth What Is RejoiceBuy.com And The Scam Signs To Warn Us.

We have already covered What Is RejoiceBuy.com – they are fake and only want to steal your banking information and cash. Once again please do report them below this article in the comments section. The more complaints they get the sooner they will be forced out of their illegal online business, or at the very least, the less people will fall for their scam. Thank You. Let us now begin to find out who the owner is, contact information and where they come from.


RejoiceBuy.com Review

Don’t buy from www.rejoicebuy.com!


‘Rejoice Buy’ registered online in 2018/12/06. Ethical businesses may already have made expected big investments in their real business before going live online. Those sites that only register for 1 or 2 years are following a pattern of scam site behavior. Why? Why would a business with so much already invested be a skint-flint when spending small cash on their sites registration? Well, legit and honest businesses register for much longer usually, and so they have only put their site up for just 1 year. Scam Sign 1.

All sites in the e-commerce trade are expected to put up their actual business address. This is however not being enforced and so scammers can put up no address, incomplete addresses or a fake address. The site in question has put up Grefenwohr, DE – that is Germany. So, we can see that is an incomplete address. Scam Sign 2.

No email, contact phone or fax and no founder name. When sites are designed only to defraud, cyber-crooks will expertly hide their online identity. The reasons is so they can anonymously rip people off for their sites duration and run off with all the  cash. Usually it seems they may never get caught. Scam Signs 3, 4 and 5.



Website Scam Signs.

Let us now take a very good look at their actual website since we have already covered, and can plainly see, they have hidden of their attached site data.

Their email listed on their site is customer_service@jdonline.info – that is clearly a different name to their actual site. Scam Sign 6.

Phone Number is 989 787 2724. Interestingly ‘989’ is the area code for Michigan. But we have already seen that they have registered from Germany! Moreover, there is already a site warning people against RejoiceBuy. Scam Sign 7.

Bottom of their site, and something I almost missed, is they have 2006 to 2019. That is obviously a lie. They are registered only since the date provided by WHOIS from 2018. This is only to give the impression they are an old site to garner your trust. Scam Sign 8.

Address on their site is QUANDIES LIMITED, 2.27 Romer House, Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE. Scam Sign 9.


We have an address attached to their sites registration from German.

We have a phone number on their site from Michigan. 

And now they have put up an address on their site from England! Multiple addresses is a sign that your order maybe coming from outside of your country of residence.

But also, please beware, that Lewisham address is attached to what has to be 1000’s of other online companies websites. And so we see that is favored, with other scam addresses, by cyber-crooks. Needless to say where ever you see that address you may just want to look for reviews or even give them a miss altogether.

Bottom of their website, where you see their social share icons, well – just hover over those icons, look to your bottom left and read the address that shows up. They are all linking to their own home page. That is another common scam warning. Scam Sign 10.

Soon as you land on their site, they have failed to update their promotions, as they are still stuck in the Black Friday mode. Obviously, that is long over. Scam Sign 11.

In their About Us section they say, Welcome to ShopChief. Seriously? That tells me the scammers have copied and pasted the source code and started a new site with it. But they forgot to swap out the name of their old site for the new one. That is common. Scam Sign 12.






Do You Have A RejoiceBuy.com Scam Report / Reviews? You Are Welcome To Leave Your Reviews / Scam Reports In The Comments Below – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

Too many scam signs to trust them. They are using a known scammers address and already there are other site(s) warning others about them. They are being put into my sites List of Internet Scammers for good. Don’t forget to report them below and elsewhere online where you are invited to do so.

Those that have questions are welcome to ask below where I will always respond to you personally. People with additional information like return address or addresses where your order has come from are welcome to leave that below. Customer service names are also being sought out to help find who we are dealing with. Thank you all for trust us in your own research to answer What Is RejoiceBuy.com and very much looking forward to your comments to come below.


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16 thoughts on “What Is RejoiceBuy.com – Is RejoiceBuy.com Scam or Legit? SCAM ALERT!

  1. Kathy

    I ordered the folding treadmill 3.16.2019 and have not received it. Rejoice buy or mreebuy.com. Same phone number as you have listed (989) 787-2724. Paid $69. Looks like I got scammed. Thanks for the info.

    1. Scam Witness

      Thank you kindly Kathy for your scam report on RejoiceBuy.com. We see that you have mentioned Mreebuy.com as well. Thank you for sharing what you know.

      Place a refund with your payment provider if this situation persists.

  2. Bev

    I ordered the portable treadmill from rejoicebuy January 5th. I have yet to hear from them on when I would receive my merchandise. Now I know there’s no such place.
    I will report to my method of payment to get my money refunded, I hope!
    Thanks for the information!

    1. Scam Witness

      You are welcome Bev and I wish you the very best of luck to get your refund. You are welcome to let us know how that goes. Thanks again Bev.

  3. Sandy

    I also ordered the folded excerise equipment, on 1/4/19. Paid $69.00, I’ve tried to contact them but keep getting the 404 error message. I will call my credit card company today, to see what I can do. Thank you for posting about this fraudulent .company.

  4. Tshambi

    I ordered a travel treadmill for $69 from a Facebook
    ad they changed me $75 plus took an additional $2.49 for a processing fee and when I went to check the website to track my with the 2nd email sent with tracking number I got the 404 error message saying the site does not exist. In a single mother and cant afford to be scammed

    1. Marla k

      I ordered on 01/0519 the
      Folding fitness equiptment for 69.90
      And was still waiting to hear from them about the delivery and how I should track it
      Now I know I will never hear from them

  5. Jane Galase

    I never received my item that i ordered. Yes, it was weird cause i got in the mail a ray ban glasses which i never ordered. WTH???

    1. Scam Witness

      Put in for a refund Jane as they are a scam site. They sent you a lesser monetary value item then what you paid for. Thanks for reporting on RejoiceBuy.com.

  6. Chris

    I saw a post from “Madeline” on Facebook. It directed me to rejoice buy dot com. They offered an arcade machine for $60. I purchased it and based on the earlier comment and post I’ve realized this is a scam. I too received a fake pair of ray ban sunglasses. This is just awful.

    1. Scam Witness

      Thank you Chris for letting us know about your Experience with RejoiceBuy.com. They are not a legit site and I warn all not to buy from the. Put in for a refund.

  7. Tom

    They had an add on facebook for a motorcycle helmet that had rear view camera built in plus Bluetooth that would cost over $200.00 bit instead was charging 70’ish dollars. So when i ordered for it, I ended up with a pair of some ray ban glasses that run over $100.00 even though they are ugly as hell. Lesson learned they they are a scam because the website no longer exists.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tom,

      They took that one down very fast! Thank you kindly for your report here Tom. Try to get a refund as soon as you can.


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