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This is How Work in Refund and Recovery Could Make YOU an International Mule.

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Hello and welcome to Refund-Recovery Scams.

There are many online job scams that entice you to work from home.  This one is no different.

On the surface it seems a legit work from opportunity as it seems very simple to do this particular job.  It really is just trying to find and track late or lost FedEx and or UPS letters, parcels, boxes.  The money is meant to be very good also.

How Does This Particular Refund-Recovery

Home Business Con-Job Work.


Its really simple.  You see a job posting online some where like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram etc. No experience is required with no low entry levels i.e. next to no educational qualifications are necessary.

They say that you will need their State Of The Art Software which you will receive online training and support for. The software is to help you locate lost parcels, boxes and letters.  Sounds fair enough!

They will say that they have their own software that is so ‘user friendly’ that anyone can learn  to operate the parcel tracking software in a mater of hours.  One can become extremely efficient in the use of this software appealingly quick.

They say you have to pay for the software and – this is where they sting you!

This refund and recovery scam will sink into your savings!

The whole job is helping FedEx and UPS find their lost postal disasters by locating them and redirecting to their correct shipping vessel, using, the software sold to you.


Shippers Deny this and say its completely and utterly bogus -stay clear!

You will pay excellent hard earned money for the ‘software’ but the job is not a real work from home opportunity, I am sorry to say!

Watch this short video to quickly Learn How to Recognize Online Job Scams.

Where Do I Find Legitimate Online Work From Home Opportunities?

if you dream it you can do it.



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  1. Tina

    What about Five Winds Asset Management and QW Lianora Swiss Consulting?Is it also a scam?
    Thank you for your answer!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tina,

      They appear to be some sort of binary options investment company, which is a little out of my niche, however I would be careful. They have links to other known scam opportunities such as Questra World, Questra Holdings and Atlantic Global Asset Management.

      As of November 2017 the FSMA (Financial Services and Marketing Authority) in Belgium warned against them saying they were not licenses in any country. The company sells some kind of investment packages with returns that are not real and actually, if they were real, would be unsustainable.

      It certainly appears they are a ponzi scheme (payments from new members to pay older members without any real product or service is a ponzi scheme) and thus are illegal. By their own business, as of the date given in response to you, are/were a ponzi scheme – and ponzi schemes do not change their structure as that is how they run their opportunity in my experience of researching them.

      I strongly recommend you do not invest with them and good job on doing some research first. What prompted you to be suspicious of them in the first place Tina if you don’t mind me asking?

      Hope this helps 🙂 .




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